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  1. Here's something irritating that I discovered: The battery packs for XB1 controllers don't fit. Well, the covers don't anyway. The holes are located in a different location. 😑
  2. I don't see any free trial, but it does include Watch Dogs: Legion.
  3. FWIW, I did not have that issue. I ordered early on Oct 1st.
  4. I saw an allegedly incomplete cut back in January, and it was fantastic. Can't wait to see how it's changed...
  5. Yeah, I've gotten as far as unlocking Tony and am playing through his missions now. I need to get done working this week, and put some time in... Great game so far...
  6. And I don’t feel a lick of guilt, either.
  7. I'm gonna play through once with color and english audio (the dub is pretty good,) then again in Kurosawa mode.
  8. I'm pretty early in the game, but I am loving it. Just gorgeous. One thing that throws me is that Khotun Khan is being played by the guy that was a high school gym teacher on Glee...
  9. Yeah, you might find somone at ResetERA or CAG with an Nivida promo code for it. I've seen those change hands for about $30. May require trickery if you don't have an Nvida RTX card.
  10. Meh. I have no interest in a non-VR Superhot experience. I'm a spoiled, whiny, baby, I know.
  11. Seconded. Every scene in "Blindspot" that she's in, she's all I see...
  12. That seems to be a big problem for some people. I have not had a chance to play it (to be honest, I still haven't finished the first one, and I definitely want to do that before starting 2 (I'm a bad person, I know)) I see the game getting positively annihilated in "The Last Jedi" fashion on MetaCritic. Sad, because I like things that take me places I don't expect to go. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the game.
  13. Best of all worlds for guys like Ninja and Shroud. Pocket the Microsoft millions and re-negotiate with Twitch or whomever. Good for them.
  14. I loved RiME while I was playing it and then that ending broke me.
  15. No email from Oculus, here, either. I *did* get an email from poor, sad-ass Stadia offering me $10 off my first game....
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