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  1. I only have the Queen remaining. I finished ravens, chests, armor sets, etc. I've had a blast with this game and played the crap out of it. I'm no better at the fighting, but I really liked the story, the set pieces, and the subtle connections back to other games. I also really likes the way they explained all of the writing on the walls that tell you where to climb throughout. I thought that was a nice twist. The Queen will complete my trophies. I've never collected all the trophies for a game before, on any system. Can't wait for the next one installment. As for the queen, at level 8 with a resurrection stone, I can consistently get her down to about 3 health squares left. I know I can turn the difficulty down, but I'm really hoping I don't have to.
  2. Boogie, I'm on XBox One. Are you all on PS4?
  3. I have been playing Destiny and am at Light 26. I don't think I have a lot of you on my friend's list anymore (I still have Calvin, but I haven't been able to play with him either), but I'd love to have more people to play with. Would any of you mind if I add you back? I'm interested in doing Vault of Glass and would love to play with some of you again.
  4. So I bought an XBox One a few weeks ago and I just got into Destiny. I'm quite far behind all of you, but I'd love to play. I see a few names I recognize from way back in the day. My gamer tag is still three eyed crow. If I've fallen off your friends list, I'd love to get re-added if you don't mind playing with a low-level n00b. Hope you have all been well. Maybe I'll see you online!
  5. I see a few folks that I remember still kicking around the forum. Personally, I know I've been away for a long time. I wanted to check back in to see if anyone is still playing WoW? I've been playing Mists since release. I've got a priest at 90, and then I leveled a monk to 90 as well. My monk is on a backwater PvP server. This presents some opportunities, particulary the fact that there is little competition for rare mobs. I have killed the horde rares in the Dominance area a number of times and even though my DPS is not very good and it takes a few tries, I'm not normally interrupted. I've also been gathering up world rares as few folks seem to be going after them. I'm in a guild that is level 25 and offers all the perks, but there are few active members and no organized events. I'd love to get into challenge modes, but my gear isn't great, and with no one to play with I have no desire to really work on it. Are any of you active? Do you have a good guild? I might be interested in a server transfer if the case is compelling enough. Currently I'm playing Alliance side. Hope you've all been well.
  6. Haven't checked in here in a long time... Hope you guys have all been well? I've been playing this off and on for the last week. I just finished Assasin's: Creed Brotherhood and then moved to this and I've had a hard time getting over the Wii's graphics. This game would have been amazing on better hardware. I'm playing with 480p and Component cables and I just can't get rid of the jaggies all over the place. I've enjoyed the way that motion controls have added new layers to the puzzles. It's nice to play a Zelda game that has some new components and twists to it. For those of you playing/done with it, I've only just unlocked my third beacon light, so I'm not far into it at all. Having a great time though.
  7. I'll have to try to check this out at PAX. I also saw that Schilling's 38 Studios is going to show off some of their new RPG at a panel discussion...
  8. I tried to figure out who would be at PAX East 2010 and never managed to get together with any of you during the conference. Who's going this year? Any interest in getting together?
  9. I came to this thread because I kept seeing this Magic Dirt Hooligan and had no idea who it was... now I know it's good old Madden Disk breaking Dean. Dean! If I'd only known, we'd be best Halo buds again. I'll be looking to crash your party.
  10. I am down for some Halo Reach. I cross posted in the discussion thread, but here's the deal: because I am a bastard and don't play multi on Live as much as I play WoW, I appear to be missing some of you on my friends list. I want to play with you guys, and I know you miss hearing me make fun of your mom for no reason. Send me friend invites, game invites, and join my party. Or I'll join yours. Just don't make me play alone anymore... Please... Plus I die a lot. If you put me on the other team, it will work out to your benefit.
  11. One more thing: because I am a lazy slacker who apparently doesn't multi enough in other games, I seem to have lost many of you from my friends list. Either that, or I've not kept up with tag changes. I want to play with you guys! Mother jokes are always funnier with the ones you love. Please send me an invite and don't hesitate to crash my parties. At the very least, my negative K/D ration will improve your ranking in Rumble Pit. I am Three Eyed Crow. Don't all rush to friend me at once.
  12. I finished the campaign over the weekend and had a blast with it. I thought they did a good job with the character development. You're a spartan on a new team with a job to do. You're not going to go have a little party together with hugs and kisses and family photo albums. You get to know your team through their accomplishments and battlefield expertise. The missions play well, build tension, and don't drag. I'll agree with some of the other commenters that the multi is really well balanced. You might not be the greatest player, but the shields/hit system mean that the middle is a little lower than it felt in other Halo games. I'm not a pro gamer, but I feel like I consistently out-perform the bottom more often than I used to. Firefight is fun, but I don't understand the scoring. I played through a heroic game the other night with a friend and two randoms and par was 50000. We had 15k. ?? Overall, this was exactly what I expected. A fun, well-balanced Halo with some awesome polish. The balance is pitch-perfect, the small tweaks like Radar triangles/circles and radar jamming when you're near someone with active camo are nice little additions. I've really enjoyed observing all the small ways they've improved things. And the multi maps are a lot of fun. They're different, with their own strengths and weaknesses, but they feel similar enough to past maps that you have an innate sense of how to get around and where your favorite weapon might be found. I'm having a blast with Reach. Glad to hear everyone else have positive things to say too.
  13. I've played through a few of the campaign missions and have enjoyed them so far. I like how they've mixed things up by adding different types of objectives. Early in the game you play one where lava rises every five minutes so you have to constantly move your guys back and forth to avoid it. In another early mission, you have to attack trains and blow them up before they run off the map. That mission was tough and I've not yet beat it. I did play one match against the computer and I got my ass handed to me. I don't don't know any build orders, never mind optimized ones. Apparently the computer knows how to take advantage of that... I've not played any matches online yet. I'd prefer to let the AI kick my ass. Personally, one of the sweetest things is being able to seamlessly chat across Blizzard games. Being in WoW and seeing when your friends log in to SC so you can join them is pretty hot.
  14. What a shitty way to start the day. Hope you get home early.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ytCEuuW2_A
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