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  1. Another year and the Dreamcast still continues to be my favorite console.
  2. I agree, on iOS I've never had a problem with Apple Music, never.
  3. The Mac app is so bad. It logs me out all the time and then decides it doesn’t want me to login anymore. A friend of mine gave me a Spotify login on his family account and I’ve been using that on my Mac.
  4. That’s good to read. Hopefully I don’t have to wait long to stream it at home, I won’t be going to the theaters anytime soon around here.
  5. Anthony Taylor is a twat. Didn’t even properly watch the VAR. The ball bounced off James’s thigh into the arm. Just another instance of Taylor screwing over Chelsea.
  6. Wow what a transfer window and it’s still not done. Ronaldo going back to United with the phone call from SAF. Will be interesting to see how well he does back in the Prem, there’s a lot of miles on those legs.
  7. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go back to Barcelona after a break. I’m sure PSG will try to drive a dump truck of cash to him. Maybe him and Messi will reunite in Miami.
  8. Rumors are out today about Arsenal reaching out to Conte’s people. I doubt he’d even consider going to work for the Kroenkes. Conte wants control and guaranteed investments, those are something the Kroenkes will never commit to.
  9. Oh I loved the app and her going to China.
  10. Go big or go home. Hopefully it’s more than just eye candy. anyone else watch Nora From Queens? If not go watch Season 1 and then start Season 2. Hilarious stuff. we binged Physical and The White Lotus this past weekend. Excellent on both. Rose Byrne was so good in Physical. The White Lotus was excellent. The cast was great, the stories of each of the guest were interesting, and then there is some beautiful scenery.
  11. How, just how, is Ted Lasso so consistently good. They fucking nailed the Christmas Special. I loved Roy taking his niece around looking for a dentist on Christmas Day instead of sexy Christmas, hell it was going to be a Very Sexy Christmas. And the fact that Rebecca doesn’t really go to a fancy Christmas party but does what she does, just a tear jerker. And the team dinner Higgins threw, LOVED those scenes. After we watched it my wife started putting out the fall decorations.
  12. Levy has to force Kane to stay. He’s got years left on that contract and it’s not like Spurs need the money.
  13. Yes there is, and it’s great. Brian what an open to the season for your lot.
  14. Also 4K Football is making me keep my damn YouTube TV sub that I got just for the Olympics. It’s beautiful.
  15. We looked good at times yesterday. I’m really interested to see how Lukaku works out. Timo plays better when he’s got a big striker next to him to pull off defenders. It’s so great to see fans back in the stadiums and hear the songs and cheering.
  16. Please let this mean there’s at least a thought of more JSR in the minds of the power that be at Sega.
  17. I think you are spot on about them only wanting big spenders. The parks are overcrowded, no one wants to want 2 hours for a ride, and it’s making those big spenders grumpy and not wanting to come back.
  18. I have the stainless. My first watch was aluminum and I scratched the hell out of the screen. The improved glass on the stainless is worth it for me. I also go multiple years before I upgrade my watch, unlike my phone.
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