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  1. I bought an Oculus Quest upon release and have been amazed by the graphics it is able to push. They’re definitely taking a loss on that hardware. BRB gotta get back to playing Beat Saber in the front yard.
  2. I’m glad Nintendo is taking their time on Animal Crossing. That will be a game I will be playing for a looong time.
  3. Made sure my preorder was fully paid off at Gamestop. I don't do midnight launches much, but for Elder Scrolls, fuck yeah. PC version, btw. Not the nutso CE version... My girlfriend would leave me, lol. I have an i3 540 and GTX460... Pretty sure I can do high or Ultra.
  4. Hahah... a coworker got the 4S so I immediately grabbed it and told it "Open the Pod Bay Doors, Siri" SIRI: "I'm Afraid I can't Do That" "Are you Happy now?"
  5. Tempted to pick this up at midnight tonight. Want the PC version, damnit.... but I'll just get 360 and wait till next year's Steam sale where it will be $6.49 ;-D
  6. I'm torn also... my 3GS is just fine though and I really don't want to be tied into a 2-year when the iPhone 5 JESUS PHONE is released next year. Can't believe they just announced a phone without 4G though. Seriously? Not even Faux-G. I do think that AT&T's LTE network would implode if that happened this year though. Balls of flames. Pew!
  7. Sooo... it's all over. No "and just one more thing". iPhone 4S is it. -Same design as iPhone 4. -Same retina display -World phone (GSM/HSPA hybid [this is gonna way cut down on their SQUs) -A5 Dual Core processor from iPad 2 -8mp camera with 1080p video -Siri Voice Assistant $199 16GB $299 32GB $399 64GB iPhone 4 is now $99 iPhone 3GS is now free with contract.
  8. I concur with what someone said above about the www.lcvg.com/forum link. I can get on any forum that lives in a subdomain at work (DVDtalk & CAG mostly) but LCVG aludes me as it filters in the 'Gaming' category. Any way to either get the forum moved to a subdomain or fool my workplace into thinking it's work-related? heh. Probably not.
  9. I really hope this runs decently on my GTX460. Otherwise, upgrade time, lol.
  10. LOL @ the beginning when he asks the crowd to put away their cameras. That would never work at a nerd convention like QuakeCon unless you took them at the door. Speaking of QuakeCon... I mean to go up there every year and always get sidetracked, doh. Heh.
  11. You could also root the Nook color and just download the Kindle app from Android Market onto your Apps screen without even messing with the base OS. It's easy. Been there, done that. Probably easier than converting every time you want to read something
  12. Haha, nice touch. Perhaps the Death Star plans are included as a theme inside him.
  13. I wish the white Kinect would have had a glowing red retina. That could've made a neat Portal 2 SE console!
  14. Ha. That looks like it would be perfect in a kids' room though. I'd buy that if I had a kid. Dig the white Kinect though. Still not buying it however, lol. I still have my firetruck (err... blood?) red Resident Evil 5 console. Lurve.
  15. My poor Freddy Kruegar lost 2 of his fingers in an unfortunate shelving incident. But I do believe Michael Myers is in good shape, heh. I've also got Leatherface, Ash, Edward Scissorhands. I'll have to look in storage and see if I can find it. Might either sell some or dump gf, undecided.
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