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  1. greenmky


    Just started using it. You can find me mainly playing Guild Wars and Battle For Middle Earth' date=' but I got my hands on UT2004 for $10 so I may play that some too :D[/quote']


    Oooh I heard about the offer for the discounted DVD edition. Good for you. It's an amazing amount of content.

  2. Sorry if there's been a thread about this before. Couldn't find any.




    Does anyone use this program? It facilitates online play with friends by having in-game IM capabilities so friends can invite you from one game into another by sending you a message, it has a stats recorder, displays your hours played, has a built in download manager, etc.


    It can be helpful to arrange some spontaneous online play without having to arrange the whole thing and is a pretty nifty little program. Lets you save your recently visited and favourite servers so you can log onto them.


    There are a lot of supported games, even the BF2 demo is supported.


    My username is icecrown.

  3. W00t!! Just finished the UT2004 single player ladder. Damn, the fight in the final match against Xan in a 1 on 1 DM is tough as hell. Toughest finale I've seen for a while. The guy plays like real UT players because he tries to hog all the shield upgrades and the invisibility upgrade and throws everything at you. Really powerful bot. Managed to beat him eventually after about 15 tries.

  4. C'mon now, you didn't really expect Nintendo to sell all their previous original IP games as part of this Revolution backwards-compatibility when they've been re-releasing all these original IP games with every new platform.


    Frankly I don't see the problem if they're priced at a reasonable 5-10$, but something extravagant would probably be a retarded move. Or they could couple these games with other Revolution games that you buy for instance, or in secret levels in games or something.

  5. Mainly because I'm a PC gamer, I missed out on a lot of great console games, and from the reviews, these are what I feel bad about missing:


    1) God of War

    2) Devil May Cry 3

    3) Ninja Gaiden

    4) Halo 2

    5) Tekken 5

    6) Resident Evil 4

    7) Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker


    There are quite a few PC games I missed because I only got into gaming early last year, but I have some of them but haven't played them yet, and others I might get for the cultural knowledge:


    1) Starcraft

    2) Warcraft II

    3) Diablo II

    4) Warlords Battlecry

    5) Rise of Nations

    6) Max Payne

    7) Serious Sam: The Second Encounter


    I recently went on an old-game buying binge and got a few of the old(er) games. I got and played Half-life and the Opposing Force expansion, and I got Max Payne 2, Halo PC, Age of Mythology (not really old but I had missed out on it all this time), Diablo II, Warcraft II + expansion, Starcraft + expansion, MoHAA, Tiberian Sun + expansion.

  6. It does?!?!? It runs great on mine. 1600x1200 with everything turned on. I wouldn't call my pc high end though.. amd3500+ geforce 6800Gtoc 1 gig ram.


    I know it runs like crapola on the older video cards like the Geforce3 I had.


    I do plan to purchase Battlefield 2. I just hope it's not Desert Combat all over again.


    Really? It ran like crap on mine and a lot of other people I knew. A particular annoyance was the foliage. Some people turned it off to increase performance, so you'd be crawling in the grass thinking nobody can see you, before being popped in the head by a sniper who only saw some weirdo crawling around without cover :lmfao

  7. Developers are starting to target the Korean market Dave. The problem is breaking through the wall that is Lineage. Domestically, Everquest and Ultima Online were considered the heavywieghts of the genre until games like Dark Age broke down that wall and opened up the floodgates. Korea hasn't seen a game that has been able to nip at Lineage until now. Blizzard launched World of Warcraft in Korea a bit ago which made quite the impact. Which is no wonder why WoW is number three in market share. The game was a great success.


    Particularly since Blizzard enjoys a really legendary status there after Starcraft, which sort of became a part of Korean pop culture. At some point they even had potato chips with Starcraft characters on the packages.

  8. I've never bothered uninstalling ATi drivers before installing new ones and I've never experienced any wierd graphics issues. Am I missing something? Now I'm wondering if I uninstall and install if I'll see any benefit in any games. Although I cant think of any game that I have any issues with...


    Most of the issues usually arise when you're switching from an ATI to NVIDIA card or vice versa, but these instances crop up where installing a driver over another driver can cause problems, so it's better safe than sorry.

  9. Rental.


    Gamespot wasn't very kind with a 5.7 (mediocre) rating.


    I will say that of all of Gamespot's reviewers' date=' I like Alex Navarro the best simply because he is the least wooden of them all, and actually has some presence in front of the camera.[/quote']


    He's best in sports game reviews though. He doesn't have that usual dry gamespot style. You should check out his Burning Questions feature that he does every week (they missed last week though because of E3).

  10. Romier there's a much simpler way because ATI has a specific tool that does exactly all these things you mentioned. It uninstalls the display drivers and the control panel and reboots the PC so you can install new drivers. Here's the link:




    It's the Catalyst uninstaller. Needs a little digging to find it initially, but its very useful.

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