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  1. GTA:SA and probably Battlefield 2 for me. I got the first Codename Panzers because it got such good reviews, but haven't even opened it up yet, so I guess that's a no for the sequel. I REALLY want to play BF2 but I hope it doesn't run like crap. BFV still runs badly on most high end PCs.
  2. I do think the X360 is cool as well, unlike the perpetrator of this gif: http://sparkdust.com/img/xbox360av.gif Too bad those Perfect Dark Zero shots looked like crap so far.
  3. It gets a bit tough when you have so much work you can only play on the weekends. Don't be hard on yourself
  4. Gamespot gives it a 9.2: http://www.gamespot.com/xbox/driving/forzamotorsport/review.html?q=1&tag=gs_xbox_flashtop_story
  5. Thanks for the info. I guess I do have the hardware (well hardware that runs HL2, Doom 3 and FarCry at acceptable settings and speed anyway). I'll download the demo and check it out. Thanks for the link. Anybody else?
  6. I wasn't into gaming when Halo for the Xbox and then the PC version came out, so I never really got to play them. So recently I was playing some of the older classics, like Half-life 1 and the Opposing Force expansion, and Starcraft, and Diablo II. I was just wondering if it's still possible for Halo to impress with the recent great FPS games like HL2, Riddick, Far Cry, Call of Duty, UT2004, etc.? Do any of you still play it even after Halo 2 came out?
  7. Elixir Studios, developers of games such as Evil Genius and Republic: The Revolution, is closing its doors. Another developer bites the dust. Hope that talented team finds work elsewhere. http://www.elixir-studios.co.uk/nonflash/press/elixir_press.htm
  8. There was a long video on Croteam's website with a demonstration of the new engine they're using for the game. I don't know what the heck is taking them so long, but there's been little info for a long time on this game. I hope its getting along fine, Serious Sam is one of my favourites.
  9. Probably Pariah for me this month, if it turns out well. Only a little bit more until San Andreas.
  10. *SPOILER WARNING* Sorry to resurrect such an old thread, but I just finished the game (after getting it a couple days ago, its really awesome), and I had a question about the ending.
  11. There's game ads on Gamespot but I don't it affects the scores because I've seen advertised games there rated in 7.0+ category which is good but not superb.
  12. ooooooooh my bad, I completely forgot about that one. Cool then Blizzard developing both an RTS and an RPG. Can't help but drool :drool
  13. Actually based on the ad on Blizzard's homepage I think it's more likely they're developing either another strategy title (Starcraft 2 or Warcraft 4), or both an RTS AND Diablo 3. The reason is that the ad didn't specify RPG experience as mandatory. They said that RPG experience was a plus point. For a team leader to lead the development of an RPG, I think he would need mandatory RPG experience. Which is why I think that ad was for the leader of an RTS development team, and the RPG elements is a plus because Blizzard likes to incoporate RPG elements in strategy games like Warcraft. This was further confirmed when Blizzard hired ex-EA/WestWood game designer Dustin Browder, who was the team director for Battle for Middle-earth, which also incorporated those RPG elements Blizzard uses by incorporating hero units. Here's the full article regarding this: http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/the-lord-of-the-rings-the-battle-for-middle-earth/593745p1.html?fromint=1 I think it's reasonable to assume that Blizzard is developing an RTS. Whether they're doing both the RTS and Diablo 3 is up for speculation.
  14. lol games are then supposed to be all rated 5 or higher. That's where the scale ought to start.
  15. Gamespot generally (not just GregK) probably does on average give games on average lower scores than most other publications. But who gives a shit? A review is subjective, and it reflects the reviewer's opinion and should never be taken as the be-all and end-all factor that decides whether you want to buy a game or not. Don't just take as gospel a number that a reviewer usually just pulls out of his ass at the end of the review. Who cares if it's an 8.9 and not a 9.0? You should have been around the gamespot forums when Gran Turismo 4 was given an 8.9. Fanboys crying all over the board that their pet game was not considered AAA material by Gamespot because some reviewer called Brian Ekberg gave it an 8.9 instead of a 9.0. Or when Half-life 2 got a score that was 0.2 points lower than Halo 2. What's pissing off is that all those complaining about the 0.2 points (unreasonable as that is) HADN'T played the game yet. Incidentally, Greg Kasavin did hand out a sizeable portion of Gamespot's editor's choice awards to games over the last few months, giving Lumines a 9.0, Resident Evil 4 a 9.6, Chronicles of Riddick a 9.3 on the Xbox and PC, 9.5 to World of Warcraft, 9.4 to Halo 2, 9.2 to Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, 9.1 to Pandora Tomorrow PC and Xbox, 9.4 for Ninja Gaiden, etc. Or the editor's choice awards to Call of Duty, Sands of Time and Max Payne 2. Need I go on? That being said, I like the fact that GregK is more demanding of games in his review. He was one of the few people to see through Doom 3's hype soon after its release, and called Doom 3 on its repetitive and derivative gameplay style. Not to say I didn't enjoy Doom 3, nor that the 8.5 Kasavin gave it wasn't pretty good, but it was given the score it deserved, IMHO, not the inflated 10/10s. Frankly I find his scores quite close to the mark in most games I play that he reviewed.
  16. The way I went about this mission was I used some of the boxes that were lying around and barricaded one of the entrances. The combine don't attempt to go through blocked entrances. so that restricted the areas they could get to me through, and there weren't any blind spots. Eventually they manage to make it through though by sheer numbers, which is when I run into the room and hide inside, and fire from in there.
  17. Cool that's a BMW in the picture. Hopefully they'll reduce the number of import cars and put more of the other cars that used to be in the game like the Aston Martin, Camaro, etc.
  18. Wow I'm really glad they're doing this expansion now. I can't get enough HL2. Finished it 3 times so far. *SPOILER ALERT*
  19. Yeah that one totally freaked me out. I was a bit jittery coz I wasn't that far into the game yet and the scares from before were still a bit fresh and the bathroom was really shadowy and I was on my guard, then the hallucination started and I almost jumped out of my seat. Was truly terrifying.
  20. Just finished playing through GTA III after finally finding it for a pretty good price. Not 100% completion, but I finished the story missions and some of the extra phone booth missions. The game was totally great, and from reviews of the previous iterations of the series seems to have been absolutely revolutionary. I enjoyed Vice City more though, its sunny Miami setting I felt made the game mroe enjoyable, as well as it being much more humorous. And its unparalleled soundtrack.
  21. Will probably be only Resurrection of Evil for me this month, depending on the reviews. SWAT 4 is too slow for me. I need to catch up to the games of the last couple of months that I don't have yet, including Brothers in Arms, Republic Commando, and Act of War.
  22. It is correct. Walmart may have just jumped the gun because the advertised release date is the 4th of April.
  23. Gamespy gave it 5 stars: http://xbox.gamespy.com/xbox/tom-clancys-splinter-cell-3/598759p1.html?fromint=1
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