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  1. http://shoryuken.com/2013/06/11/killer-instinct-launching-with-xbox-one-in-november-as-free-to-play-digital-title-jago-announced-as-sole-free-character/ *Aaannnnnd I just saw that Romier posted this. Note to self: Read ENTIRE thread before posting.
  2. 5069-4970-8577 Pears are the native fruit, but slim pickings at the moment. I'm also growing cherries, oranges and peaches. They probably wont be full grown for a few more days.
  3. Downloaded the digital last night, and picked up the AC 3DS XL for the wife this morning. It really is the best of the AC series rolled into one.
  4. I've had mine for about two weeks now, and my family and I are really enjoying it. We play a few games together in Nintendoland nightly, and my daughter loves using the Gamepad to help me out in NSMBU. I really haven't had much time to put into ZombiU as I would like, but for the hours or two I've played, I really enjoyed it. There really is no reason other than Super Mario Bros. U, and ZombiU to get one, but it my case, I haven't had a Wii for a few years, so I'm picking up some titles that I may have missed since then. Like Paul above said, I think it's got a lot of potential, and I'm eagerly awaiting E3 to see what Nintendo has planned for the rest of the year.
  5. First thing I thought when I saw the leaked image was: "Wow, that sure looks like the same phone, vacuum, drawer system, and DVR storage unit we have in our backroom." Guess that's one less employee at Gamestop now. Second thing I thought was: "Hope there's some more naval warfare in it." as that was pretty much the only thing about AC3 I really enjoyed.
  6. Well, with what they showed, I walked away impressed. Very much so in fact. I'm not even a Killzone fan - I've always disliked the "industrial" look of the game, but this one looks fantastic.
  7. Hm, with the hardware they've spec'd out for the system, I'm surprised they're not going higher than 30fps. Can't current gen GPUs push 1080p with higher than 30fps in most circumstances?
  8. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Doctor Hoo" data-cid="482371" data-time="1361173820"><p> I doubt you could beat my Zombi U death record, Chris. My first survivor bit the dust at the very first ladder two minutes in, </p></blockquote> Ha! I was not used to the controller layout when I got to the ladder, and spent about 10 seconds freaking out how to climb it. Couldn't get the angle right, and forgot where the buttons were in respect to the analog stick. :/
  9. Heh, it's me. haven't really played much console-wise since early last year - work, family, it takes it's gaming toll, but in a very good way. I was really excited this morning when I picked up my Wii U. Its nice to get new hardware set up and running, especially since this is something my wife and daughter were really looking forward to. I took the liberty of adding everyone I could from this thread. You'll probably see a lot of me as a zombie in Zombi U. Haven't played it yet, but I'm thinking I might in a few minutes before bed.
  10. Thanks to a tenure bonus I couldn't resist picking up the Zombi U Deluxe set this morning. Also picked up Super Mario Bros. U and Super Smash Bros. Brawl since I had gotten rid of my original Wii quite a while ago, and I couldn't resist playing SSBB again. Spent the afternoon setting it up (it shipped with the latest firmware!), and playing Super Mario Bros. U with the wife and one of the daughters. Had a lot of fun with both it, and Nintendoland. I think I'm pretty much guaranteed buying another Wii Remote tomorrow while I'm at work. I'm fairly impressed overall, and the family seems to love it so far. I'll dive into Zombi U tonight for sure. And to no ones surprise, my Nintendo Network ID is: RuFfNeCk for those that want to add me.
  11. I've got a spare code for the December IGN Car Pack should any of you gentlemen want it. First reply gets it PM'd to them.
  12. VE3D questions Joystiqs review of Brink - http://ve3d.ign.com/articles/news/60202/Brink-Reviews-Are-A-Mixed-Bag-Some-Thoughts General consensus from those that have played the game is that it's a lot of fun, but needs to be patched to fix some issues (ATI graphics card issues, 360 texture pop-in, etc.) I've been playing the PC version from the hospital (yay for my second daughter being born!), and enjoying it. Gonna grab the 360 version as soon as I get some free time later this week. I liked ET:RtCW and TE:QW enough that I'm sure I'm really going to continue to enjoy it.
  13. Anyone else finding the single player to be quite difficult? I'm only a few levels in and I'm getting my ass handed to me quite a few times. Although it might be because I have been a bit aggressive when in firefights. I may have to tone down the amount of spray and pray I do in this game. Multiplayer is awesome so far as well. Like Dean said, it's a great mix of CoD and Halo. Some of the maps are insane. I really like Sanctuary the best so far.
  14. Yep. It was Lens of Truth. After work I'll be doing single player until about 9, then 'll be on Live if anyone wants to play. This is one of those days I'd rather be at home playing the game instead of at work selling the game.
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