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  1. This has been on my wishlist in Steam since it came out but, I was reluctant to buy it without trying it first. Will definitely grab the demo now - thanks for the impressions.
  2. Does this act as an additional mic/receiver when using it with CarPlay? Did you have to configure anything to use Alexa instead of Siri for turn by turn - stuff like that?
  3. Ok the Anne Pro 2 came in and I used it for an hour or so in Division 2 (wired) and another hour in Gears 5 (wireless). I wouldn’t say it’s been enough playtime yet to decide but, this keyboard is worlds better than the Drevo so far. Its great to type on, the switches (Kailh box reds) are noticeably better than the Drevo switches were, it’s nice and stable, the software features both on keyboard and via the desktop app are much better too. No ghosting or wireless issues so far and battery seems to be working normally but, I’ll see how it does over the next week. I still need to see how reliable Bluetooth is while working or gaming, how long the battery will last when in wireless mode and in practical use (backlighting off during the day but on at night), if there’s any key ghosting, etc but from the first few hours I’ve spent with it the AP2 is a significantly better keyboard.
  4. Still waiting on a sale price for this one... any day now...
  5. So the Drevo Calibur came in the other day - I’ve used it a bit and it’s not bad but, there are some real problems with it so, the short version is that it’s getting returned. (Longer version)The Drevo looks nice and is a pretty good form factor at 75%. You don’t lose much really except the number pad on the right and the F1-12 keys on the top row. The Drevo has a nice feel on the actual keys so the knock-off switches seem o.k.to me and the RGB lighting is very customizable on the keyboard itself; no software needed. You can set the backlight to anything you want and it has lots of adjustment levels so I think it’s really good in that respect. Unfortunately, the board does not feel very sturdy and has more flex to it than I expected. It doesn’t seem to want to sit flat for some reason. Whether on my lap board or desktop it feels like one of the feet are slightly off (not adjustable). It has also been very poor on Bluetooth - I would say it’s unusable wirelessly which sucks. It’s dropped connection on Bluetooth a few times already and the built-in battery won’t charge. I’ve tried the included cable and a few others and they all indicate that it’s charging but, as soon as it’s unplugged it immediately starts flashing the low power indicator- even when charged overnight. Even more worrying is that whether plugged in and used as a USB keyboard or wireless on BT key strokes sometimes stick. When typing, something like thiiiiiiiis happened a few times already and when playing a game like Gears for example I’d press the W key to move forward and stop at a cover position but in-game the character would keep moving forward against the cover for a few secs. Really disappointing especially because the physical key itself is not sticking. Anyway, I’m returning the Drevo - I can’t charge it, can’t use it wirelessly, keystrokes are sticking/ghosting and the board feels “wobbly” and flexes too much for my taste. The AP2 should be in this weekend so I’ll try it out next - I’m hoping it’s better since the reviews for that one have been very positive and it’s in the middle pricing wise vs the Drevo and the Corsair. if the AP2 doesn’t work for me then I will just go ahead and pay the £ and get the Corsair. Despite the flaws of the Drevo - it has convinced me - even more so than my initial playing around on one - that I really want a mechanical keyboard
  6. Iain covered it but, yes - my new Watch was £28 pm. The deal came up for me as £0 up front when I preordered online but, mines an upgrade from my Watch Series 3 so as he pointed out its £30 up front if buying a Series 5 new. The £550 over 2 years + data + Apple Music (6mo) is too good a deal, I decided not to pass it up
  7. Preorders are up now so I have ordered my new watch from EE Looking forward to the upgrade - and I did go with the 44mm Gold Aluminum.
  8. That explains quite a bit more of the base premise than anything else I’ve seen on DS - looks really interesting 🧐
  9. Yea the EE contracts for the Watch are pretty reasonable. Buying a GPS edition is of course lower cost but, if you want 4G (and in my case, I’m reluctant to give it up now) then a watch on contract is a good deal; EE also include 6 months Apple Music as well which is nice.
  10. Still checking options on the Watch S5 but, I’m leaning towards going with a Sport Gold Aluminum GPS+4G in 44mm. My original S0 was Gold and I have the S3 in Aluminum Gold and love the look of it with the “concrete” leather loop or a nice, worn tan leather strap so I’m reluctant to switch to another finish... Although I’m tempted by the SS Gold I might also change my mind and go with a GPS only model but the cellular connectivity is such a neat feature. As far as the other options, Ceramic and Titanium are out of my range but, damn do they look good.
  11. I have the 42 S3 and would likely go with the 44 S5 for the upgrade.
  12. I think I’ll be upgrading my Apple Watch Series 3 to a 5 now. Will be reading up on it before I decide but, seems like a nice update to the 4’s design and a solid upgrade for me. Having said that, the new pricing for the 3 is directly competitive with the Fitbit Versa 2 and spec-wise destroys it on everything but battery life. Even my wife (a diehard Fitbit user) asked about upgrading to a 3.
  13. How far along are you? I just hit Act 2 after another hour and a half tonight but, only 2 bosses so far and both were from Gears 4 so I knew the soft spots
  14. Glad you played through the 1st Witcher and didn’t find it too bad. I liked it well enough but, it was tough and combat was not fun. But, now the games start to really refine the combat, exploration and story as 2 and especially 3 are a wonder by comparison to the 1st Witcher can’t wait to read through your experience with the next one.
  15. Played this a bit today at lunch and it’s pretty good so far. Fun, looks great, plays smooth with no drops from 60fps on my 1070ti. I used the minimum frame rate setting and dynamic resolution at 2560x1440 and it seems to work really well. The vid card should be able to handle things at a mix of High/Ultra without dropping but, if there were resolution shifts in-game I didn’t notice them. It looks great and I’ve had no issues with gameplay at all in the hour I tried it. It’s got lots of options on PC to tweak and a built in benchmark like Gears 4 which is very helpful - I’m liking it. I tried co-op and it worked well and was a MUCH smoother experience compared to Gears 4: no issues with network connections or drivers and we could do all the functions in-game which was great (check online status, send an invite, accept one, etc). Definitely a recommendation from me to at least try it using the XGP on PC
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