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  1. I played through this on PC and liked it - especially as a coop game despite some bugginess back then. I never picked up the DLC so I’m curious too if anyone else has.
  2. Thanks BTW if anyone has (or finds) an extra PS5 Digital feel free to send it my way Still no luck finding one anywhere here in the UK.
  3. Anyone messed with account sharing on PS5 yet? Does it work like PS4? Assuming you have shared an account, can you play that account’s games under your PSN ID while they play the game under theirs? Curious as my daughter and I use this on PS4 but I haven’t read much on how this works on PS5.
  4. Is the USB-C to A cable that comes with the PS5 polarized? I have a USB-C to A cable for my keyboard and it won’t charge unless plugged in with the correct direction. I hate it but, it was a pack in cable so it’s cheap. Wonder if Sony did the same?
  5. It’s on sale in Steam for PC as well, £24 is pretty good but, I’m still not sure
  6. That is an awesome setup Brandon!
  7. That’s pretty cool - Cities Skylines playable on an M1 even in emulation.
  8. Also - good news on GFN for iOS https://9to5mac.com/2020/11/19/geforce-now-iphone-ipad/
  9. Kind of amazing this is already in a working state. I would expect performance to improve as they work on it but, what an achievement to even have it running this quick: https://www.macrumors.com/2020/11/18/run-windows-software-on-m1/
  10. 2 nice updates coming in Nov and Dec including the addition of the B-Wing https://www.ea.com/games/starwars/squadrons/news/holiday-supply-drops
  11. That’s looking really good considering the low end Mini also has a disabled GPU core too (7 instead of 8 I think). I can only imagine what the proper desktop class SoC is going to be like let alone an eventual M2
  12. Wow - it’s a big change and a good one. Good for them, I hope others follow suit. The reduced fee for below 1mil. is becoming a pretty standard one in the tech industry - I think that’s how it works for most game engines like Unreal, etc so hopefully everyone is happy with this model. Now I just need Apple to allow XCloud, GFN, etc as apps instead of browser based and I’ll be set.
  13. Squadrons has crossplay and I think there are only a few settings that filter this (ie: HOTAS). You can also add friends to the Origin friends list from any system for a private game, invite only, etc. On PC I have been matched with PC, PS4 and Xbox players and that includes both VR and non-VR players
  14. No talk of the new MacBooks at my work yet but, I can probably request one next year.
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