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  1. I think it’s a perfect starter PC or as a secondary, portable device. As a starter PC I think it would be perfect for my daughter as she loves the Sims and a few other PC games that would likely run fine on here and she wouldn’t have any of the PC maintenance hassles that a proper desktop would have. For me personally - I don’t need one but, I’m tempted just to get it out of gadgetlust, as an emulator machine or as a portable PC to use instead of SteamLink on the iPad. SteamLink actually works really well so I can’t say that’s enough to justify a purchase but, as a NüMAME (TM) I’m really tempted and combined with gadgetlust… who knows 😎
  2. Man I’m really impressed by this thing and that is in itself unexpected for me. From that first image I didn’t even think the games were playing on it and that this was more of a Steam Link + Switch-alike but, it really is a great little portable PC that can game all on its own. I have to say I’m a little tempted myself to grab one as a 2nd game PC / portable 😊 and I also think the 256GB model is the sweet spot. That is a great price+features+performance combo.
  3. Finished my 2nd playthrough and had a blast with it. The RT reflections and effects really showed in the last few levels back on earth - lots of buildings and glass. I had a stutter on the final boss but, only for a second and that was the only one so it’s an excellent showcase for DLSS + RT and a hellafun game 😊
  4. If you disable weapon bob and motion blur I’m guessing that will help. If not, there’s always Math Blaster or other game for you Dan 😊
  5. Yay! I’ll have to wait for the PC version but, definite buy for me.
  6. I’m having a blast replaying this one again 😊 just such a fun game and the new graphics options look great. I’ve never seen such reflective pools of blood 🩸
  7. That does look pretty cool.
  8. No appeal for me on this one either but I suppose if you were buying Switch for the first time it’s a good entry point.
  9. That’s a good point on its own - an iPad/tablet is probably a really good point of entry for kids since it is so intuitive and the games can be restricted to appropriate age levels/ratings and they would still be able to play most games on it.
  10. My daughters are grown now but, I used the age ratings to determine what was ok for them to play and what wasn’t (for real - no GTA or anything Mature). And anything I was interested in myself or was going to play anyway I played through a first time solo to make sure it was ok (like Shadow of the Colossus) or played through with them assuming it was “known safe” like Mario Kart (before online). These days it’s a lot easier to setup child accounts (I did so for my granddaughter who’s now 5) 😊 on the Switch or consoles so she has access to the games I select and can’t go online on her own. I helped her mom (my oldest daughter) setup a primary account on the Switch so she controls online access and everything from there. We can still play MK online together that way using the 2 accounts and 2 copies of the game but, her mom only allows her to join my lobby and I of course set it to friends and invite only so it’s only us + AI. On PC I think this is more complicated but, I know you can do your own Minecraft servers and stuff like that so maybe it’s more “sandboxed” than child account restricted. I’m sure some of the other guys can add way more to this too.
  11. That sounds like an interesting one - where did you watch it? Is it up on any of the streaming services?
  12. I know this is an old one now but, I never played it so picked up the GOTY edition in the Steam sale. I had to toggle HDR off immediately (enabled by default on PC at first launch) because it was broken but, otherwise everything is smooth at 4K and all High. Gameplay wise I tried keyboard+mouse initially but it just did not seem to work for this game so switched to my Xbox controller and that does feel like it fits better. Not very far along or anything but, it’s certainly interesting right from the start and getting the timing of the deflections and rolls is tough but I’m hoping it will click for me after some time with it. Edit: Oooooo.k. and that’s a no from me. It seems cool story wise but, it’s pretty buggy on PC with the sound cutting out several times now. Unfortunately the controls are still a problem and feel laggy even on the Xbox controller connected to the PC. Also, the HDR bug is somehow worse as it’s re-enabled after each game launch for some reason and now makes the screen unreadable so I’m having to remote in to the desktop and try to disable it via RDP while it’s running to get it workable. Going to pass on this one.
  13. I started a replay of Doom Eternal with RT + DLSS and it looks great and plays smoothly so I have no complaints 😊 but it’s SO fast paced that I’m not sure you’d really notice any of it heh. On the 3060Ti I get a solid 56-60fps at 4K even in busy sections (only time it drops to 56) with all settings at high and DLSS on quality. It already played fast on this card but it basically lost no performance and gained RT so win-win.
  14. Man I would LOVE for this one to come out for PC alongside the new expansion and update 😀Please?
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