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  1. Edit: Damn, looks like the file pack is for KFI, not 2. So, no VR but still a fun game for free
  2. I gave up on YouTube for iPad a while ago, I use CornerTube now. PiP for everything and a search box and it integrates with the share button so it’s awesome but, no 4K.
  3. Awesome that they are doing this for owners of SH. I really liked the original but, SH VR was on a whole other level for me. I’m happy to get SH MCD free though Hopefully they decide to work on a VR version next.
  4. Those of you playing Elite in VR: Are you using the Elite launcher + ED Profiler or Steam VR natively? Or something else? Are you using a HOTAS or the Touch/Index controllers? I’m getting back into it again and using the launcher + profiler and HOTAS just like I did before. But, that’s because originally the Steam version only allowed SteamVR so I had to use the launcher for native Oculus and there was no Touch support. Has that changed much? Fan patches, etc? I would be really tempted to give up the HOTAS and use the touch controllers if possible. And if I can launch it on Steam but use Oculus natively then that would be great and keeps my friends lists in one place.
  5. I’m hoping the shift to Apple SoC’s will lead to virtualization apps being adapted to ARM/Apple chips but it also looks like Intel Macs will be staying around for a while for Pro devices. A few of these previews have specifically mentioned that virtualization won’t be supported on Apple chips as it’s x86 based but, that won’t affect Intel (or potentially AMD) based machines . And if they do develop support for virtualization of Windows, etc on ARM architectures then all the better. I love the idea of being able to run a VM directly on an iPad Pro or something in a few more years. edit: and @Angry the Clown beat me to the Intel point but, it’s good that they will exist side by side for a few years.
  6. I agree - you could replay multiple times with varying levels of pubic hair which could Drastically affect mission outcomes
  7. Yea I originally thought the series 3 was just about the perfect watch but, now my mind has changed and I’d say the series 5 is. The 3 still has better battery life at 3 days (assuming limited workout tracking, etc) and it costs less even with cellular but, I love the always on display, the better and brighter display, the larger screen in the same size chassis and the extra health features on the 5 now - I wouldn’t do without those features any more. The screen difference is a massive one and all that with 2 day battery life (same assumptions) including sleep tracking via Autosleep has been perfect for me. This is already the best smart watch by miles so, if they improve the sleep tracking or can get any more efficiency out of the battery in watchOS 7 then I’d argue they don’t need a series 6 this year at all and to wait till 2021 to release it.
  8. The watchOS updates that were a big deal for me are native sleep tracking and the new complications options. Sharing faces is a cool one but I’m not sure I’ll use it much. Complications though I use all the time - they are great and you can add/remove what you want to most faces but, you can’t tweak the complication itself much so the new options to have multiple versions of a complication and for more to support different positions, sizes, etc looks really good. My one big reservation is the loss of force touch. I don’t use it for lots of different things but, I specifically use that to clear notifications all the time...
  9. I’m really looking forward to the updates for iPhone and watchOS the most this time - more than iPadOS simply because I feel like iPads are already in great shape. I’m happy with most of the updates and it all looks solid but, the new watch features stand out the most to me since it is my most used device second to the iPad. Software updates aside, I can’t wait to see A12 chip Mac’s and performance numbers. The iPads were already competitive with the Intel i5/i7 range so I’m really curious to see an A12 with virtually no thermal constraints
  10. I saw a new @Romier S post in this thread and, since it’s been 9 hours, I assumed you had already finished it Joking aside, you all shut your damn mouths until I get my copy!
  11. No email here yet but hopefully we get it in the UK too. Been waiting on an excuse to pick up a few...
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