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  1. I read the same on Mandalorian being 1x per week for UK which sucks but, I can wait out the Marvel TV shows too. I’ve already finished the Mandalorian so that ones just a rewatch for me anyway.
  2. My wife and I were talking about JSRF literally 3 days ago and how awesome that game was Can’t believe it’s been 18 yrs
  3. Assassins Creed Syndicate is free on Epic now - very good AC game.
  4. Watched the first 2 eps of Locke & Key and it’s ok so far. I’m not sure it’s “clicking” for me yet but, I’ll definitely watch more.
  5. Got the new Chameleon exotic AR on a Lincoln Memorial run this morning and loving it so far but it chews through ammo. It’s actually 8k lower in damage than my AK-M but, once the talents start stacking the DPS really ramps up and it kills way quicker. It’s a lot of fun but, I’m mostly killing time waiting for Coney Island to drop next week.
  6. Finished MQ and really liked it I thought that Dark Quiet Death episode was actually pretty poignant too.
  7. So, Episode 3 was launched today - the new specialization is available along with some new items in the world, a new exotic, etc but the new area of Coney Island is locked until next week except for season pass owners. I had time to update the game but really haven’t had a chance to play much yet. Fair warning though - after the update it re-enabled the DX12 on my PC which is still buggy as hell in this game so watch for that.
  8. I haven’t finished it yet myself but Mythic Quest has been really good so far.
  9. Nothing has dropped so far today in-game but, the trailer for the new expansion Warlords of New York looks great
  10. I think Episode 3 drops later today with the new Coney Island area. They are adding the flamethrower specialization and a 2nd raid but, don’t think those get added today. I’d be up for a new expansion especially stuff that takes us back to NY so hopefully good stuff to come.
  11. So, the next season starts on March 10 and the way the upgrades work now is that you just buy the season pass in-game for 1000 silver - Is that right? There is nothing else to do for the new season right? I only jumped back into D2 with Shadowkeep so had the last 2 seasons included and trying to make sure I’m not missing anything...
  12. yes, let’s say that... Joking aside, it’s stupid on Hard and higher
  13. Glad to hear it Iain Can’t wait you hear your impressions after you play a racer in VR. And in Steam Home there should be a pane inside the house (or whatever environment you have set) the has tabs for installed, recent, etc. And Whooter - Elite is amazing in VR. I always used the Fronteir launcher instead of Steam myself but, FWIW EDLauncher works with the Steam version and supports a pancake and VR profile so you can flip between them easily.
  14. WMR headsets should work as-is with SteamVR but check the individual games for the WMR icon to make sure it’s compatible. You likely just need to install SteamVR and it should prompt you if the headset is hooked up when you launch Steam Congrats man, have fun. edit: Just checked and Dirt Rally 2 definitely supports WMR headsets, just not specified on the store page.
  15. Just an update - still playing D2 (this is my off-time game that I play when I’m not in the mood for Luigi or VR or something else) and enjoying it. Since my previous post I have not had any issues with Gambit matchmaking so I guess it was just weird/acting up on me but, no problems since thankfully. Having a lot of fun with the weekly Sundial runs, strikes, raids, Gambit (of course) and just general missions. I’m up to 960 light now but still finding plenty of challenge. I have still yet to complete a nightmare hunt on master difficulty (grrr) after several attempts so far but, no completions. Will keep at it though since it is fun.
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