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  1. So the recommendations are for NordVPN or ExpressVPN as they cover IP, DNS and hostname. VPN’s that only mask IP appear to be blocked by default (like Netflix). The only real issue is billing if you don’t have a US payment method. I have a US iTunes account and I can pay Disney+ through that so no problem there but, you’ll need a payment method once you get past the IP/DNS/Host check. I’m not sure about accessing from the Netherlands with the US account to see if the different library‘s are available but I’ll check that once I get a chance. Article on using a VPN for access: https://www.techadvisor.co.uk/how-to/entertainment/watch-disney-plus-uk-3777628/
  2. VPN + US account seems to work to access this from the UK but, I can’t confirm yet since the service is slammed (and has inadequate capacity). I could log into the service and start the trial and browse but, constantly got unavailable errors and “retry” prompts. Per Techreport the VPN and US account will work but, the service also needs to be up I’ll mess with it more later today.
  3. Disney+ will apparently work over VPN but, you’ll need a US address and payment method and/or a US iTunes account for payment. I will try it out myself and report back.
  4. Heh that is weird, particularly the Grounbreaker group.
  5. Doctor Sleep - Couldn’t agree with you more Romier. My wife and I just saw and loved it. Great mix of callbacks to the original book, the Doctor Sleep book (fairly faithful adaptation) and the Kubrick film without becoming a mess. And yes, Rebecca Ferguson is amazing in this as Rose the Hat.
  6. Finished this one today - great game overall and feels like a “lost” Fallout game that should have followed New Vegas or something. I had a lot of fun with it and it was very solid gameplay-wise. I never had a crash and had no issues with the game really except a temporary audio drop out once. I would have liked to see the inventory system improved and few other (little) things but, the game was really great for the most part. It also nicely hits the right balance between sci-if and humor for me. Playing it via XGP was o.k. but, I had more issues with the launcher than the game so not planning to keep it around now...
  7. The Symfonisk surrounds came in and I’ve got the whole 5.0 setup working now. The Beam was really easy to setup but these were a little finicky to get working. After the software update on the speakers, they were quick and easy to add so not too bad overall. Design-wise I love them: they look great IMO, are really unobtrusive (don’t take up much room at all) and blend in with my room nicely I think. I have them on my end tables currently vertically but they have a great wall mount available so I may go that route later and put them up vertically or horizontally. The sound quality out of them is very good too. I expected them to be good but, to lack some depth however, they are surprisingly “big” on sound for small speakers. I don’t think they sound as impressive as the One’s I’ve heard in a similar setup but, as surrounds for home theater they sound amazing. They are currently set to ambient for playing music and this adds a nice balance to the music focused from the Beam. For TV or a movie - they are full surrounds and work beautifully with the Beam at the front with really good, clear directional surround sound. Very impressed for reasonably priced wireless speakers (with Airplay 2). The whole thing together as a 5.0 system works incredibly well - even better than I’d hoped. Versus the discreet speakers + sub and receiver I was using before I think the Sonos sound better with deeper, more pronounced bass (despite not having the sub), clearer and more precise sound and better directional audio. Really impressed
  8. Nice - I’m really happy with the sound and I’m surprised by the expansiveness of it for movies too vs the discrete set I was using. The Beam alone sounds just as good to me in my living room (even without surrounds) as the full 5.1 set did before. It’s really impressive on high, mid and low range sound for a soundbar without a sub and the directionality is really good in movies and games. My only issue so far is the lack of DTS codec support with some of my full ISO UHD rips. It plays the DD5.1 subset included but, it would be better if it covered DTS and/or lossless codecs natively.
  9. Anyone here use Sonos? I’ve had problems recently with the Yamaha receiver I have been using. It’s been failing to negotiate HDCP about 1 in 4 times for some reason, randomly not input switching with the Harmony remote I use and occasionally no audio at all from some sources till I power it off and back on. Because of this I was looking at replacing the receiver and from reading through the AV Forums a lot of people were recommending Sonos instead. So, I decided to try the Sonos Beam as a replacement for the receiver and my passive LCR soundbar (Mordaunt Short) and I’ve been really impressed with it. I think I’m going to use the Sonos Beam and add 2 surrounds for 5.0 (and eventually the sub for 5.1). The sound has been fantastic so far with really clean, pronounced directional sound, great bass and clean highs and mids as well. Its an expensive system for 5.1 with the sub but, without adding the sub the Beam + 2 surrounds is £499 which isn’t any more than I was looking to spend on the receiver anyway so I’m pretty happy with that. There are some limitations with audio format support and the surrounds I went with are the Symphonisk’s not Play or One so they are smaller which fits my room better but they won’t be as pronounced as One/Play’s would be. Still, I would say that in my room the Beam and surrounds (replacing my old Sony’s) should make for a noticeably better setup even without the sub than my Yamaha and discrete speakers + sub before. Anyone here using Sonos speakers for home theater or just room audio? Any recommendations when using it as a 5.1 setup?
  10. This is looking fantastic and is *probably a day 1 buy for me. While 3 didn’t start the best it became great after updates and refinement so I’m hoping 4 is great “out of the box”.
  11. I think they look good and sound quality is likely much better for music. Still, I’m in no rush to update my airpods as they still work great for me (over a year now). I’ve had no issues with battery life, switching devices, sound quality (not the best set for music), the microphone quality - nothing. They still work like they did when they were new so Im reluctant to change even for what I’m sure is a really good upgrade.
  12. Yes! Excellent news - definitely PC version for me but, PS4 version can still go on my b-day/Christmas list.
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