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  1. It’s Limbo now and next week we get 2 freebies on the EGS. Can’t fault the free titles but, I wish they would just start working on the store front itself.
  2. You guys are really moving along - congrats. I wish I was on while you guys were playing but, it’s pretty rare for me to get game time at night during the week.
  3. Woot - I’m so excited for you! I love the build stage and that first run through testing all the new shit: HD speed and game benchmarks and all of it
  4. ITX builds are pretty reasonable these days. You can get low profile/low power/low noise CPU coolers, PSU’s and video cards now for ITX builds so they can be pretty good. You can get up to the 1660 or 1080 on GPU’s I think - I haven’t seen 2k series in low profile but they may be out too. ITX motherboards are usually on current-gen chipsets now too so you shouldn’t be missing too many features; just maybe fewer ports to utilise. I have no idea on costs but, it should cost you less than an iMac would
  5. No - you used to be able to get them from the Amazon Marketplace but, that was the older slicecharge - the newer models are only direct orders now I think. This is the one I use and it’s on sale currently: https://hardciderlabs.com/products/slicecharge-3in1-wireless-charger I like the SC 2 but, I think the Pro model is rated higher (I didn’t need the pivot pad).
  6. Nothing on mine; no whine at all. I use the Slicecharge and an Anker pad so neither is “top of the line” but, neither is the cheapest one either - very middle ground Amazon buys.
  7. Cool - thanks for the impressions. I would guess you’re right and the processing will only get better and better with new updates and ios13. I’m not too bothered about a new wide angle lens myself and I’m still happy with my iPhone so not looking to upgrade in Sept but, I'm hoping they keep pushing updates to the current gen for improved image processing.
  8. Awesome man You guys have been kicking ass so, Thanks Now that you guys are WT5 you should be hitting 500 gearscore soon and can start putting together your gear and weapon sets. The green gear are the “Gear Sets” - the others (gold, purple, whatever) are “Brand Sets”. The gear sets are some of the best items in the game but, their usefulness can vary greatly based on the gear you’re using and the specialization you have selected. There are currently 3 gear sets - Ongoing Directive, True Patriot and Hard Wired with OD and TP dropping in missions, from bosses, etc while HW are crafted through a special project you’ll see in your list. There are guides for the different sets if you want to get into the details but in general: OD is good for the Survivalist or Marksman (DOTs, Burning, etc), TP is good for the Demolitonist or Gunner (the new one) (Buffs/Debuffs + armor penetration/bonuses) and HW is good for any spec that relies on skills (lots of skill and power buffs). From what I’ve found personally, gearset items won’t always be the best for any given slot but if you have a set with all 6 pieces the bonuses really help.
  9. I wish this had crossplay too - would be so perfect for this game.
  10. Glad you’re enjoying the new phone pics should be much better for you now especially and I’d be curious to know what you make of the portrait mode/bokeh stuff. Also, I love wireless charging simply for convenience - I use a slicecharge pad and it can charge everything at the same time. It’s super convenient but not fast or anything. I use it because it’s easy to just drop the phone or whatever on there and let it charge and its not picky about placement like some cheap pads can be. My AirPods or the iPhone or whatever can be placed pretty much anywhere on the pad and at any angle and will charge with no problems so it’s really easy to just set it down for 30min while I’m on a call or something and pick it back up after with more charge on it. The middle of the pad has a magnetic ring you can feel for the Watch too so I can charge all 3 simultaneously if I wanted. It’s really nice to have a single “drop-off” spot to charge stuff.
  11. And VR support = sold I wish it wasn’t another Epic exclusive but I SO want to support them bringing it to PC and VR. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/tetris-effect/home
  12. Couldn’t agree more on the in-hand size - I think the XS at 5.8 is just perfect. Still fits in my pocket and I can still use it one handed for most things but, big enough that I find it WAY more usable than the old design. Not sure I would switch to a 6.1 size model either but, I really can’t see myself switching down to 5.4.
  13. Nice one man - you guys will be on WT5 in no time. We’ve also got the Ep 1 content coming at the end of the month so you timed this perfectly. By the time you guys hit WT5 and finish your first few runs through the strongholds and Invaded missions and stuff and are ready to try the raid - you’ll have all the new Episode 1 stuff to do as well
  14. Awesome - Damn dude that IS a beast Really good spec all around, nice bump up on the video card since the Supers are sold out and a great OS drive too. That thing is going to be So Fast. Oh, and that case is really cool too (love the front face of it). Nice one man - definitely post some pics once you’ve got it built and let us know how it performs (new vs old). You should be set for anything in 4K at ultra settings (Cyberpunk, etc) to your projector and that rig will cover you for just about anything else you want to enable (ray tracing, VR, etc).
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