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  1. I thought Dune was great but, as others have already pointed out it’s not complete and you really feel that with this story. I want part 2 green lit now Warner. Visually I thought it was amazing from practically every frame to the next and the sound and music really stood out too. I can’t say any of this was surprising, I expected it after listening to the soundtrack for the past month and having watched BR2049 of course; I trusted (hoped) this would be just as amazingly made and it is.
  2. The new MBP’s look great but I’m not planning any upgrades just yet myself. I am however ordering those new Airpods - can’t wait to get them.
  3. I got Rockband (£24) and a Beatles special edition set of instruments to go along with an old USB guitar we still had and the GH Live PS4 guitars we have. It still wasn’t cheap for the instruments (£100) but, these weren’t crazy overpriced either thankfully. It’s got the wireless drums I wanted and the Hofner bass I never had (which I like quite a bit) and all working in great condition 😊 With that said, we played for about an hour on the Beatles RB instruments and now I will probably never use the GH Live guitars again. In RB as they are quite difficult to play with and can’t use the strum bar (d-pad instead). I love that the PS2/3/4 instruments are all still compatible (with dongles) and that you can swap between platforms with the right dongles - very cool but they are all still pretty costly. I’m not sure it even matters much because I’m having to relearn Rockband all over again -😳 it’s been so long. Man it’s good to be back in it though, despite how bad we were playing it was instantly fun and we were tearing through the song catalog for old favourites and new songs we’ve never played. There are so many new songs since we played RB last that it’s crazy, my wife was thrilled with stuff like Chainsmokers and I grabbed Royal Blood and some others as soon as I saw them (yay). So, the account sharing seems to work fine on my daughters PS4 setting it as my “primary” while I’m on PS5 and she can download all the DLC songs we have so that’s cool. It’s also region free so no issues with US songs/access vs UK like we had before on Xbox360 which is great (man I hated that shit). But, of course I can’t get all the legacy imports I had before on 360 either now as they were all delisted years ago (sad). Since this is still a PS4 game, it doesn’t look like we can play it at the same time using the account sharing but, that’s to be expected I guess. I’m also still not sure if the song catalog will be available to her under her own profile but will try that once she reactivates her PS+ account. All the technicalities aside, it was fucking great to be playing RB again. Man I missed this.
  4. This is on sale again and there are several song packs on sale too so I’m looking at it but… Does anyone know how this game works as far as account sharing? I want to play this on my PS5 and let my daughter play it on the PS4 I gave her. I think I just need to sign in my account on the PS4 and set the PS4 she has now as “primary” to make sure she can play RB4 on there. But, if I play on my PS5 it will kick her out right? Once the PS4 is set as primary, does she need to switch to her profile to play and not get kicked? Will she have access to the DLC songs, etc?
  5. Man that looks good - DS is the perfect type of game to show off the enhanced lighting and RT effects too. Lots of metallic surfaces, direct lighting, etc - looks great already.
  6. I hope there are new Airpods with some of the Pro features added and they aren’t crazy expensive.
  7. So I’ve been playing this as an offset between TLOU2 sessions and it’s great to “lighten” things up I just got to the interstellar world and I am loving the style of all these worlds. The platforming has been very solid and I can’t say anything has felt cheap or unnecessarily difficult yet. And the levels that jump around with a song are so weird and great. Love it.
  8. I agree that the timer running even while downloading is a bit dumb but I was thankful for the trial of Sackboy. I was able to play for a solid 2 hrs or so and it convinced me to buy it and play this as my alternate while going through TLOU2. The trials are a great idea but the timer needs to be game-time.
  9. Ha! 😊 Sorry, I meant to post pics this weekend and forgot. I’ll get some up as soon as I can.
  10. I m thinking of picking this one up as my next PS5 game but, after playing through the trial I’m also tempted to grab Sackboy. They are about the same price - any recommendations on going with this one or Sackboy first? I’ll get both eventually, just trying to decide on which as my next game… Kena is new and looks great and I can go PS5 or PC on it and I can’t help but think that maybe Sackboy will end up as a PS+ game?
  11. Pulled from Reddit… YouTube channel EZScape appears to have partnered with PlayStation and offering 50% off this game with the following codes:
  12. As long as the coffee is great, it’s never too far off the deep end.
  13. So I have been playing this one now and wow is it a stunner. I am playing in the RT Performance mode and it looks incredible and is smooth in motion; really gorgeously to see it like this, playing it at 60fps with impressive RT effects and everything. Also the load times are 0 and that’s pretty awesome too. Once I unlocked fast travel the first thing I tried was fast traveling to different spots and all were near instant - again so impressive. Gameplay wise I really love it. The story is interesting, the characters are all good and it just feels right. The only problem with gameplay I’ve had is that it took me a while to get back in the swing of things (snicker) with combat. I probably played for 2 hrs before I got used to dodging again heh. Other than that I did have a bug where I couldn’t progress after a cinematic but I reloaded the checkpoint snd it worked normally so nothing major.
  14. I finished the Iki expansion storyline the other day and I really liked it. You probably already know but, I think Iki was around 8hrs or so of story content if that helps. Also.. it’s you - and you seem to platinum 3 games a day so I think you’ll still have free time for Kena 😊 On Ghost, I know this was a PS4 game and the PS5 version is only minor upgrades overall but man I really felt like this was a killer platform seller myself 😊 I still have some side missions in the main game I want to do and other stuff but, this was a really satisfying 40hrs or so and I guess it says a lot that I’m not tired of it yet.
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