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  1. And.... it’s gone. Already refuted by Valve 😕
  2. Just a rumor for now but VNN are reporting Valve are working on L4D3 for VR. Apparently it’s due to the massive positive feedback they got on HL: Alyx and because all the Index and Vive headsets sold out. Definitely a buy for me if they are working on it again…
  3. I hope it’s good - I love the comics but really not sure based on that trailer...
  4. I would agree that the Air or new Mini with the A12 is a safer bet in the long term but, nothing wrong with any of those 3 models really: Just cost vs. capacity vs. longer term support
  5. Nice Carlos - post a few more vids then. They’re good and show off your progress - which is itself hellacool since it’s from a “game”
  6. I’m playing on PC so maybe it’s an issue with matchmaking on PC... When Forsaken came out the matchmaking for Gambit was excellent and I never had an issue getting a game any time of day but, that was before then F2P change and Steam launch.
  7. Been playing this again recently and now completed the Shadowkeep campaign and at 900 light. I thought the campaign was fun but, nowhere near as good as Forsaken. I’m also surprised coming back to it how little anyone is playing Gambit - not sure why this died off in popularity? Well, for what it’s worth I am enjoying the game, the new areas and quests have been fun (great to revisit the Moon) and the new strikes and raids I’ve played (only 2 so far) are good so can’t complain; I just wish more people were still playing Gambit since I love that mode.
  8. I love this one and still play it weekly but, never thought to post about it Glad you’re enjoying it and yes, it’s just a perfect version of BR Tetris with classic music and gameplay. Still impressed that this was a free title with the Switch subscription.
  9. Darksiders 1 and 2 and the F2P version of Steep are on the Epic store today.
  10. Quest is the best option in that price range. Wireless freedom + wired PC connectivity all in one headset with good resolution, fit and weight and good touch controllers
  11. I agree - the Playbar is due for HDMI in/out and it seems likely the sub is going to get a smaller model too sometime in 2020. I have to say I’ve had 0 issues with the Beam + surrounds and I’m still impressed with the sound quality and directionality. They were an excellent upgrade for me and our medium sized living room but, the Playbar is the one to get for larger rooms without a doubt so hopefully it is updated soon.
  12. Same here - I’ve not noticed fan noise before but mine is hooked up to the TV via the dock half the time so YMMV
  13. Got this for Christmas and have been playing it off and on all day I really love the art style and humor, it’s hard to put down.
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