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  1. Ha! Thanks for that, I had completely forgotten the sequel back on Xbox
  2. I liked this one quite a bit back in the day so I’m tempted to get the re-release but, it doesn’t look like much was updated overall. Missed opportunity to do more of a true remake or even a sequel.
  3. I personally think the new design looks great, don’t mind the chin at all.
  4. Congrats on the new headset 😊 Not sure on Q2 about sharing games between accounts but, this did not work on PC Oculus for me.
  5. I’m thinking about getting the new 11” Pro but, I want to wait until they announce the iPadOS changes at WWDC to see the direction this is going in (assuming it’s anything different). I have to say my current Pro is still great and fast so it’s not a difficult decision to wait on news about M1 iPadOS changes.
  6. The recommended specs for PC are only up to a 1070ti (?) I haven’t seen any changes to these to include RT or other features. So, it should play at 60fps, 4K easily on PC and hopefully with all the RT features on with DLSS on my card but I guess we’ll see. I’m looking forward to trying the demo out
  7. Great read 😊 I Loved Black Flag and it was one of the 1st PS4 titles I bought.
  8. True x I forgot about that. When I tried the re-released app it would not load my profile and I couldn’t sign in so could not load my devices and required the remote to be setup as new. Not a problem if you were setting up as new anyway though so that may be a viable way to keep a One around.
  9. I think the desktop software was in the process of being replaced by mobile device Harmony apps as that’s what the Hub and Companion used for my friend when setting it up. Regardless, it’s lame and I LOVE the One remote I have but, it’s already out of date with several devices so I’ll need something soonish 😕
  10. While on the subject of alternatives to Harmony, anyone here tried a RaspberryPi or ESP as a hub? I was reading through this: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2021/03/how-to-achieve-smart-home-nirvana-or-home-automation-without-subscription/ It’s more about home automation than universal controllers but, I’m wondering if I could use something like this with a compatible remote. But, it doesn’t look like it would be any cheaper than a Hub+Companion...
  11. Fair warning - the Harmony desktop software for Mac is 32bit only so make sure you have a Windows backup just in case... I personally don’t like the Elite remote either but, I do like the Companion. A friend has one and while the software was (again) a pain when setting it all up, it works and the Companion has a great in-hand feel.
  12. I still use the Harmony One but, software updates for that one are deprecated now so I was planning to switch to the Elite hub and remote. I really like the Elite and Bluetooth compatibility is a big difference to the One but, I’m worried the software will lapse....
  13. Ugh, this sucks - I’ve used Harmony for years and was just about to buy an Elite set next month 😕
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