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  1. The UK game pricing is high for me too Since the PS5 is also region-free you could always grab digital editions from the US, CA and other locales to avoid the high GBP pricing. It has been pretty simple on PlayStation to do this since the PS3 days (thankfully) and I’ll be continuing to do so on mine but, also means “consolidating” the PS+ and/or PSNow subs to one region.
  2. ios14 and watchos7 has been good for me so far. No crashes and all of my apps are working normally so far but, battery life seems to be shorter. It may just be me messing with both devices more the past few days though.
  3. I played a bit of Mario Galaxy this morning and it was good. The pointing is a little weird when playing with a standard controller like the Pro but, not too bad or anywhere near like wiimotes.
  4. I didn’t care for WD2 but, there is a lot of game there for free. I never played FM2020 either but, Stick it to the Man was a pretty fun game
  5. Hi Magness.


    You asked for my thoughts on Transference - it's very much a Matrix concept game - ie virtual reality - played as a mystery game where you try to find out what happened to a scientist and his family.


    Here's a link to the game page description - https://www.ubisoft.com/en-gb/game/transference/


    The graphics and sound is top notch - one of the main game mechanics involves exploring a room at different times by rebuilding the world. It's pretty cool. You really find like you are in a virtual world with graphical glitches going on all over the place. The game has great atmosphere and is mostly mystery with some minor horror elements.


    The only caveat is the game is short - a couple of hours with little replay value. Definitely worth the current sale price though.


    Hope this helps.



    1. Magness


      Cool thanks man. I had wishlisted it but, wasn’t sure if I should bite while it’s on sale but I will now thanks. 

  6. Can’t say I’ve had any issues installing Gamepass games on PC. I had some problems with uninstalling games actually (wouldn’t uninstall until after it was patched) but otherwise nothing to offer on my side.
  7. We pay about £19 per month now between my wife and I with Applemusic and iCloud upgrades. Since we would start paying for Appletv soon too and I love the arcade sub, we may end up going with premium as well.
  8. I was pretty impressed with the watch update but, I’m happy with my 5 so will stick with it. It’s a great update to the 5 any way you look at it but, I do wish they would continue pushing battery life further. Regardless, the watchOS 7 update is a good improvement for mine too - can’t wait to load it tomorrow
  9. That sucks. I’ve gotten my VR Legs but there are still occasional spots that give me trouble - it happens
  10. This leaked today BTW: More details Wednesday during the event.
  11. That’s is a weird one as it seems like a “vehicle style” VR game. Maybe lots of ASW kicking in?
  12. Yea agreed - I think the trade off here for on foot sections is an ok one that they hopefully improve after launch.
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