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  1. You’re analogy couldn’t be more on-point... my apologies
  2. PC gaming is having a Renaissance right now so jump in is my advice For regular gaming, almost all releases are on PC these days making it the perfect “second platform” and I have yet to play a cross-platform title on PC that wasn’t dramatically better that it’s console versions - usually for less money too. That new Ryzen line looks very good for gaming, they are priced reasonably and video cards are in the middle of the update cycle so good cards have come down in price a lot over the last few months.
  3. Hey guys, selling my wife’s iPhone 7 Red edition if anyone is interested. This is the 128GB Product Red model, it’s like new and I still have the box, etc. This phone is also unlocked so works with any SIM anywhere (tested myself). Let me know if interested and I can send pics, video or whatever you want. Selling for £300 thanks.
  4. I would recommend you only use shipping methods that offer tracking and insurance. It costs more and the seller may or may not care but, it’s good coverage for you. In most cases, you can select a shipping method and add that to the invoice right in PayPal so when you send it over you can agree on shipping details ahead of invoice and payment. For payment through PayPal, you’ve got it: invoice them, they pay you and then the funds will be “pending” to your account for however many days. The wait period is usually 5-7 days I think but, could be shorter/longer based on your account or the buyers account. And fair warning, PayPal allows for 30 days for the buyer to contest anything if they want to so the funds may be held even longer if they disagree with you on something in the sale.
  5. Out of curiosity, are there alternatives for your photo editing software that are available on the iPad? Or promised updates for iPadOS - anything like that? Just curious… In my case for video and UC apps pretty much nothing has been promised an update for iPadOS yet but, I wouldn’t be surprised to see all of them updated in someway before the end of the year.
  6. I’m sure you’re right and they could (or will soon) make a universal headset that can connect to PC and still work as a stand-alone like Quest.
  7. Definite Limbo/Inside style vibe, could be cool.
  8. This is looking so good, I loved that rooftop chase especially. The Seattle setting seems great to me too, can’t wait.
  9. What a crazy, interesting art style
  10. The free trial is a good idea IMO - I’ll give this one a try and see how it works for me. I’ve avoided it since launch due to all the bad reviews and word of mouth but it seems like they have improved it over the past few months and even though it’s only for a week, a free trial works for me.
  11. I have the new Mac Mini, it replaced my older Mini as my HTPC, Plex, music, etc server and, while I only “tinker” with app development it has been a great machine so far with no trouble on 4K. I agree with Marco’s statement that it seems like they are listening and this Mini was the 1st Mini since 2012 (IMO) that was a solid all-round improvement over the previous model. For work I use the 13” MBP and it’s a solid machine but, I’m not a fan of the keyboard and the touchbar is just not used by enough apps to be a feature really. I really don’t think it’s an improvement on the older 2014 Retina MBP I was using so, I would be thrilled with a revamp of the MBP line - bring it on.
  12. Really hopeful for this one too. Halo was one of my favorite series but, the last few games have not worked for me either. Hoping Infinite changes this.
  13. Damn... a flight sim in 2019 without VR is a let down but, it does look gorgeous. Maybe VR will be added later.
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