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  1. Looks like the UK is not going to ease restrictions anytime soon.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/world-52225173
  2. FWIW I get the drop shadow on my work Mac and Mini on Mojave and Catalina
  3. I watched the movie, didn’t read the book. I thought it was ok - decent but, not great (FWIW)
  4. Wanted to watch an action movie so gave Bloodshot a try. It had a few cool effects shots but, that’s really it. Complete throw-away plot, poor editing, a pretty forgettable soundtrack (with 2 classic song exceptions), stupid villains, stupid characters, just bad. I give it 1 out of 5 Vins
  5. I also wanted to add that I Hope distance learning and other services become more widespread after all this. I was surprised at how little the UK was using this before now (some college/universities, almost no primary/secondary schools) so hopefully they implement more of these services going forward and not just for major incidents like Covid-19 but, even just for disabled students and other groups that would have been home-schooled before all this. In fairness, home schooling is different here in the UK to what it was in the US when we lived there. Quoting a friend who is a head teacher, there is a government program to assign an instructor, etc for students in the UK so it doesn’t really cost parents here but, wouldn’t typically even be offered online until all of this shit hit the fan.
  6. FWIW I hope this changes some behavior for the better after things clear. There are lots of little things that we would do anyway like picking up a few groceries for a neighbor/friend when you’re at the store anyway, checking in on people more often, catching up with friends and family over video when you can’t be there in person - hopefully this stuff becomes more common. The group of us here are likely already doing a lot of this but, I hope it spreads to more people who weren’t doing these things before. On bigger issues like (in the UK for example) wasting the NHS time with small bumps/bruises or because someone is hungover People aren’t going into the A&E for these things right now which is great and I hope that continues as that was a waste of time and resources before they were SO needed. Leave those people and resources free for real emergencies. Also, so many jobs are finding that they can support WFH now that they’ve had to - I hope more companies start offering that as a standard option after all of this.
  7. Sorry to hear that Dan - called 111 again recently and asked for advice? Paracetamol or anything seem to help with the headaches?
  8. I played as much as I could this weekend and got (I think) more than halfway... it’s really in a league of its own and I say that as someone who’s been playing in VR for a few years from DK2 to now. Elite Dangerous was one of the first VR experiences that blew me away from sheer immersion, then Lone Echo with its brilliant controls and movement, Senua’s Sacrifice with its inspired use of directional audio and depiction of internal conflict, Skyrim for the massive scale of the open world in VR, etc, etc - it goes on. And I feel that Half Life Alyx is in a league of its own even in this company. It takes all of its own ground breaking ideas and mixes it all beautifully with physics based interactions, the best tracking I’ve ever experienced, the smoothest gameplay, some of the best graphics and you get it all on one game - the immersive world, the excellent controls and movement, excellent audio, story, everything; it lets you really experience the HL world like never before.
  9. Was just on a quick call with my bro in TX to see how he was doing (he’s ok but not sure about his job when he goes back). He also said the local news in Houston warned that there would be record unemployment filing next month so more limitations/delays on Unemployment payments and that there would be no payment holidays?! Is that right? So no mortgage payment break or extra time for people even with all this shit going on? I’m hoping that’s wrong... Anyone here know more?
  10. Same issue here. I was able to use the tor file to pull a 320k version while I wait for the lossless link to work. The guys have already said but, it’s also on the streaming services so you can listen to it while waiting.
  11. Mod tools for HL:A are coming soon and Valve confirmed flatscreen play will be possible via mods but, VNN already found a way to play in non-VR using a test mode: https://www.dualshockers.com/half-life-alyx-played-without-vr/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  12. Played more (can hardly stay off it) and every puzzle, every spooky area, every combat encounter - everything is just so fun and different and interesting. Sure, 4 head crabs jumping at me while I’m running low on ammo and fumbling with my flashlight can be “tense” but, I made it Really just a perfect game so far. As far as the underlying mechanics of stuff, the menus are very good, easily readable and are projected in front of you. The gloves are your in-game display so you can see your ammo count, health etc there and they change based on the weapon you’re using or when holding the tool. You drop objects you want to carry into your backpack over your shoulder or into 2 wrist pockets and grab them out from the same spots. You can save anytime and loading screens are pretty quick - they pop up in the middle of a room/hallway/whatever just like HL1, 2, etc and you see an overhead map of City 17 and where you are (moving towards your goal) while it loads. The VR aspects are probably the best I’ve ever played - the immersion is incredible especially with the lighting in different areas. Movement is smooth and there is no jitter or clipping through objects or anything I’ve experienced. I’m using smooth/free movement and no nausea at all, no screen tearing or jitter or anything (if it’s using ASW I haven’t seen any smearing or ghosting or anything to indicate it). With free movement, to jump or move around obstructions you can physically pick up and move stuff or you can do a pull move on the controller and teleport on/around it. In-game it works very well and I haven’t gotten stuck once.
  13. Played more tonight, met my first headcrab and it was just as bad as you could imagine... The weapons have a nice feel, the upgrade system is pretty cool and they have those great sound effects you remember from the HL series (the shotgun is perfect). I have 0 complaints about this game, it really is outstanding.
  14. Oh, and the doc gives you a headset with a camera on it to follow you and communicate but, it’s contextual so you occasionally see your own feed and he can be really funny... like opening a porta-potty looking for ammo and hearing him “do you need a minute?” Or in the lab - you can see your own feed live on one of the monitors in real-time which was weird and cool (like catching your reflection in a mirror).
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