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  1. Box VR is on sale at the moment - 50% off so I picked this up. This is a real workout game and you'll definitely work up a sweat. Visually it looks like Beat Saber but you have to put significant mustard on your jabs, hooks, and uppercuts for the contact to score. Tip - adjust the position of the Move controller light to rest between your first two fingers for better accuracy.
  2. Heh! I bought this on the weekend and man my arms and shoulders are quite sore today - put in another 4 hours today too. This is the first VR game where I truly feel like I've done an aeorbic workout. Would be awesome if Sony ever allowed custom music - will never happen. Would love to exercise to this track:
  3. Thought this was pretty cool - Doom Eternal Music done Beat Saber style:
  4. Don't own a PC VR headset - just passing it along.
  5. Stumbled across this on YouTube - an app for the Quest to increase resolution:
  6. It's a blast! Check out PSVR Without Parole's playthrough :
  7. Demo is out on the Playstation store! 25GBS! https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/product/UP9000-CUSA18224_00-MIMVRDEMO0000001
  8. Digital Foundry eagerly, as expected, weighs in:
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