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  1. Super slick Sony design. The stand/screw storage solution is so Sony. The skins are definitely designed to allow for customization. And liquid metal - Oh my! - in my best George Takei voice!
  2. Loving the PSVR version with my HOTAS. FYI there is a Film Grain setting that is enabled by default in the Video Options. Prefer the game with it turned off.
  3. I hope Astro's Playroom will be playable in VR either at launch or down the road. Also loving the console design. Feels very Star Trek TNG or Original cast movie like tech.
  4. I'm fine for the new Parker model. The original wasn't anything special to begin with.
  5. I use the freeware program - DS4Windows - http://ds4windows.com/ Works great with no lag - handles multiple controllers and allows for button remapping etc. Also picking this up on the PSVR - ready to rock'n roll with my HOTAS.
  6. I'm not clear either but the I/O throughput of a device would be the determining factor on how much Oodle can be utilized.
  7. Whoa! PS5 IO System to Be ‘Supercharged’ by Oodle Texture, Bandwidth Goes Up to 17.38GB/s https://wccftech.com/ps5-io-system-to-be-supercharged-by-oodle-texture-bandwidth-goes-up-to-17-38gb-s/
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