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  1. Love the first game. Very exciting to see Sony lead a State of Play with a VR game.
  2. I've got the GOMRVR version which looks and feels exactly the same as the one Masta posted. It's a big improvement over the flimsy and finicky default strap the Quest 2 comes with. There's a M2 version which looks sleeker but feels and performs the same. One gotcha with the new version is the dial wheel is only accessible from the top and bottom. Here's a video which shows the differences between the two models:
  3. I love the current PS5 - it's like a piece of art - a sculpture. OTOH, I've the PS5s that have been modded to black panels - IMO, that looks fugly.
  4. Yes it did. And it's pretty impressive. They really improved the last level - the Xen level.
  5. Bring it on! Resident Evil Village and Half Life Alyx will make great launch titles along with Gran Tourismo.
  6. Oh cool! Didn't know this was happening. Heard good things about this in terms of being faithful to T1 & T2.
  7. I've got this as well as the earlier Zen Studios VR tables - except for the Universal pack - that one's expensive. They do pinball physics perfectly. Note - there is an arcade option with the Star Wars tables that allows for some crazy stuff to happen.
  8. Heh! I caved the other day when RE4 was announced for the Quest 2 and got mine Sunday. Got Airlink working so no wires for PCVR. Now off to test Doom 3, Alien Isolation, and the Half Lifes! Weeee!
  9. Sweet! Great to see content still coming for PSVR while the wait for PSVR2 continues.
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