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  1. Anyone else playing this? I'm having a blast with it. Game starts out slow but by the time you get through the Alpha Lab Levels it really picks up. The mining/industrial look and feel with the tight corridors are perfect for translation to VR - you feel like you are in a demented industrial haunted house. The machinery looks gigantic, imposing, and menacing. Unfortunately the NPCs and demons are not proper scale - they are all too small. The Aim gun is supported and works excellently. The other big plus is the audio both the 3D positional and the weapon sounds - which w
  2. The PS5 Digital Deluxe version with the S1 content clocks in at 68.88GB for me.
  3. Amen! The PC VR headset space evolves too rapidly. You have to buy a new headset every year to stay current.
  4. Gimmee! Those look sweet. Awesome that the controllers will incorporate finger tracking too!
  5. Ooooo! I've been thinking the same bad thoughts. Look forward to reading what you think of it.
  6. Wonder if this has anything to do with PS5VR. May become a PS5VR launch title.
  7. And on the Playstation Store it's available at 65% off until March 4th. The expansion pass is on sale too until March 4th at 60% off.
  8. My choice would be on PS5 so all three can be played in VR.
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