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  1. Argh. Just got notice (along with a lot of other people, apparently) that my pre-ordered High Stakes edition is on backorder.
  2. I really noticed the downgrade in quality from watching it in HD on cable to watching it on dvd, so I'll be snagging the blu-rays for sure.
  3. Heartily agree with Firefly, Deadwood, Carnivale, and Dollhouse. I will add: Kitchen Confidential I have the dvd & every episode on there is hilarious.
  4. I already have Chew vol 1. It is excellent. (Volume 2 is coming out soon, I believe). Thanks for the tip on Sweet Tooth, I will add it to my cart now, so I don't forget.
  5. Just put in an amazon order for: Ex Machina 9 Northlanders 2 Irredeemable 1 & 2 Incorruptible 1 I read the "Free Comic Day" Irredeemable & Incorruptible double-feature and had to put an order in for them immediately. I also recently picked up and read the Army of Darkness Omnibus. I don't know if I could call it "good", the stories & dialogue recycle the movies way too much, but as a huge Evil Dead/AoD fan I had to have it. I think my next order will include The Sword 1 & Echo 1.
  6. Man, you just never can tell with Ben Kingsley... maybe you get Sexy Beast, or maybe you get A Sound of Thunder....
  7. Complete. Going to play through on Nightmare for all those manuscript pages though. Otherwise I'd just play through on normal again. I'm leaning toward the explanation.
  8. Thank-you for posting this. I picked it up today. Never would have found it had it not been for your post: 1. Went in, and they had none on the floor 2. PS2 Buzz was there for $19.99 3. Clerk found a PS3 one locked away, with a $55 price tag 4. It rang up at $19.99 5. Sweet.
  9. The first game was awesome once you bought into the fact that you'd be restarting a few times before you actually got through the story. Except for that damn guy calling you on the radio all the time, and he won't go away if you ignore him, and you can't fight while talking to him. Still, Dead Rising is the reason I bought an Xbox, and it was worth it.
  10. Anyone heard of this before? It's an indie game that's still a ways away from being released, but it sounds awesome! http://www.wired.com/gamelife/2010/03/hands-on-spyparty/ http://spyparty.com/
  11. Last Night on Earth plays just fine with with two people. My cousin and I play often. It's really about two factions anyway, the heroes all working together & the zombies all working together. If you enjoy LNoE, the Growing Hunger Expansion is a worthwhile purchase. Adds some good new characters, new scenarios, new board pieces, and new "special" zombies.
  12. This is screaming for a co-op/sandbox mode.
  13. Has anyone here seen it both 3D & 2D and would care to compare? I've only seen it in 3D myself...
  14. Wow, fun demo. Might have to buy this one. Looks like there's a huge amount of map to tool around in, and any game that has me laughing maniacally in the first few minutes has promise.
  15. -Super Mario Brothers 3 - played through many, many times -Max Payne - played through at least dozen times... most times with a mod of some sort -Gears of War - once solo, twice co-op I feel like I replayed games often back in the NES & early PC days. If I have a choice between replaying a game I loved, or playing a new game that looks cool, I will take the new game every time. Back in the 80's & 90's, there weren't so many games coming out that there was always a new one waiting to be played. Also I was a kid & didn't always have the money to buy a new game. Goddamn I did know every single inch of every level of Super Mario Bros 3 though.
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