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  2. I have not posted in a long time but I just took advantage of this deal/price error at Amazon.ca for a Last of Us PS4 for $339, fullfilled by Amazon.ca. Comes to $390 for me with taxes, delivered. The regular price in Canada is $459 so this is a nice savings. Cheers, Chris
  3. Zen Pinball was also released this week. It includes one table for free. There are two other tables available now for $1.99 each.
  4. I use the Otterbox Defender series with my iPhone 4s. It adds significant bulk to the phone but it does protect it very well. All the physical buttons are easily used (the Silent button is not perfectly centered behind the cutout flap but is easily used), and the flaps for the headphone jack and the charger/link are easily accessed. The Defender Series has a built in screen protector and I do not find that it interferes with the use of the phone at all but I also had the phone put into the case immediately upon purchase so I do not have a baseline to compare this too. I only used the clip on case when I am out for a long hike or walk. I use it to clip my phone to the shoulder straps of my daypack or my Camelbak. I used the same case (built for a different phone) while alpine skiing the last few seasons. My phones have survived some significant wipeouts and jumps that have gone very bad. I fully expect the same results this winter. I do not have any problem slipping this case into any of my front pant pockets although I am often wearing a jacket or business attire and simply use the inside chest pocket. I mistreat my electronic toys and often forget that they are on me so my phones get banged up and dropped quite frequently. I think i have dropped my new iPhone 4s no less that three times since I have owned it and it has seen some hits while in my pocket doing work around the property. (When the phone is in my front pants pocket I always have the screen against my leg). The phone still works perfectly and there is not a mark on it.. I bought the exact same colour case I had last time so very few people know that I have a different personal phone right now. If you are the type that wants the attention of owning the newest gadget this is not the case for you. Except for the cutout on the back of the case in which you can clearly see the apple logo (and this faces my hand), the phone is this case looks very similar to my previous Samsung (& LG before that). I like the case. I thought about buying a slimmer case for my day to day business attire but I am too lazy to be swapping out cases every day. If you need any more information, ask away.
  5. That works perfectly thanks. My problem seems to have worked itself out. All my Contacts were put back into Outlook 2010 several hours later. I am not sure why this happened - I did click through the iCloud options a couple times to little affect (or maybe not - who knows). I did end up with two calenders going as I did a restore from Google Sync. I think iCloud created the second identical calender when it put the contacts back. I simply deleted one. A huge scare although I did realize that all my Outlook information was on Google so it was not the end of the world. I will continue to use Google Sync as I simply no longer trust iCloud to keep my information safe.
  6. So now I have another issue. I was using Outlook 2003 and I was able to get everything over to the iPhone 4s via iTunes. I saw that everything was on the phone and backed up to iCloud and was very happy. I saw that iCloud suggested it would work better with Outlook 2010, so I upgraded to Outlook 2010. That part went fine. Everything was there and worked perfectly. The problem arose when I now asked iCloud (via the iCloud Control Panel) to sync with Outlook Mail, Contacts, and Calender. It erased everything in Outlook 2010. I was able to restore my calender via Google Sync, but my contacts are still gone in Outlook 2010. All my contacts are on the iPhone 4s and all the information continues to exist in iCloud. Does anyone know how do I get the information from iCloud to sync back to Outlook 2010? Thanks.
  7. Once when far younger, I had a hotel fail to wake me, so now I always set both, a personal alarm and a wake up call I will down load that app now. Thanks! Sounds invaluable and perfect for my needs. I appreciate everyone's help.
  8. Will my Wake up alarm still work when the phone is on Silent (with vibrate activated)? I need that feature for work travel. I am guessing a phone jumping around beside my head will wake me up. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for your help. Not being able to change the volume on the alerts is a problem. The only work around I can see is to set all my alerts to "none" before bed and then reset them in the morning. I cannot see that becoming an issue. :
  10. I have a couple more questions about using my iPhone 4s: 1) How do I change the volume of my alerts (incoming SMS, email, ... etc.) but leave my phone ringer as is (very loud)? A related question, on my Android phone I could have a quiet period (I had it set that I had no alerts between 11 pm and 6 am, but the phone would always ring). Is this possible on the iPhone? 2) There are several apps on the iPhone that I do not want but cannot delete. Is there a way to delete them, or at least hide them? I am really enjoying iCloud. I like being able to take photos with the iPhone and have them automatically show up on my home PC. Thanks for everyone's help.
  11. Thanks, I will try that out. I was not going far enough into the delete process to get that option.
  12. I bought the white 16 GB iPhone 4s this past week. I am having quite a bit of fun with my new toy. It is certainly a more polished experience than my previous Android phone. I have a question. I have been buying a bunch of games and I have discovered the games can be accessed through their own app and through the Game Center app. Is it possible to delete the individual game app tiles, but keep them available in the Game Center app? Whenever I attempt to delete an app (i.e. Angry Birds), it warns me I will be deleting "all its data". Thanks.
  13. Right now I stream almost everything (music, and the odd video) as I have a 6 GB/month data plan. I cannot see that changing so I will get the 16 GB model. Thanks.
  14. So is it worth getting more memory? I have 16 GB in my android phone and it was never an issue. Should I be getting a 32 GB iphone 4s instead of the 16 GB version? Thanks, Chris
  15. So does anyone on this site use the PS3 NHL Center Ice app? Are you happy with the experience? I am very impressed with MLB.tv and was wondering if this was similarly done.
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