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  1. I stumbled on to something cool this afternoon with the Apple TV 4K. Last week I had signed up for MoviesAnywhere to merge iTunes, Vudu, and Amazon purchases. I bought the Smurfs on Vudu over the summer, and my son wanted to watch it again this afternoon. I was curious to see the MoviesAnywhere impact on the iTunes movies, and was surprised to see the HD purchase of the Smurfs in iTunes as the 4K version. I checked some other movies that merged into iTunes, and they are also now in 4K (mostly kids movies). But I was also surprised to see Starship Troopers as one of the upgrades. I included it in a DVD disc to digital HD upgrade on Vudu a while back, and was thinking about picking up the UltraHD Disc, but that's no longer necessary. If anyone with an Apple TV 4K is looking for cheap way to add content, the Vudu app has a barcode reader that lets you add a digital copy of certain blurays for $2.
  2. I loved the part of the movie when the X wings took out the AT ATs. I can't believe I never thought of having those iconic toys of my childhood battle each other, and then seeing it happen on the big screen blew my mind!
  3. Is the power cable on the PS4 Pro the same as the regular PS4? I am hoping to pick up a Pro today, and was wondering if I could just unplug my current Destiny model's cords and swap it out for the Pro without having to move the TV cabinet and crawl around behind it rewiring cables. I already switched the hdmi cable to a new one a month ago when I got my new TV.
  4. I haven't finished watching Jessica Jones yet (only watched 3 episodes so far). Does anything in DDS2 tie in to JJ that I would miss? I have enjoyed both shows, just need to find the time to watch, which is usually only an hour or two a night after my son goes to bed.
  5. It just occurred to me that The Force Awakens is a true Disney movie as it includes the death of a main character's parent.
  6. Thank you for this recommendation. I probably would have skipped over this due to an unassuming bottle and slightly higher price, but decided to take a chance and was pleasantly surprised at how good it is.
  7. Any thoughts on the PS4 version or the XB1 version? I read that they are both supposed to run 1080p/30fps. Mods are supposed to come to XB1 before PS4, and the XB1 will give you a digital copy of Fallout 3 if you preorder. The PS4 will have special controls for Vita remote play. For me, I have sc360 disc copy of Fallout 3 and am intrigued at the idea of playing on the Vita while my son watches Disney/Nick Jr. on the TV, so I am leaning towards the PS4 version.
  8. I think I got the same email, and also have codes to give out for anyone interested.
  9. Vudu lets you covert your existing discs to digital HD copies. $5 for DVD and $2 for blu ray, and if you do 10 at a time, it's 50% off. Many DVDs in my collection were not compatible however.
  10. I have struggled to appreciate Scotch, but do love a good bourbon. My favorites are Woodford Reserve and Four Roses I'd be interested in hearing some Scotch recommendations.
  11. I'm enjoying Marvel's Dark Tower, Star Wars and Darth Vader comics, but am having a hard time getting excited about the "All New All Different" Marvel Universe after Secret Wars ends. I felt the same way with DC after Convergence. I stopped reading Batman and Superman after issue 40 because I didn't like the direction they were going with the characters. The only DC comic I am left reading is Justice League, which is has been great since Forever Evil.
  12. I rented Justice League Gods and Monsters, and thought it was very well done. A very different take on Superman, Batman, and Wonderwoman.
  13. I decided to collect just the Super Mario Amiibos (plus Link) with the goal of having a matching Wiimote and Mario Kart wheel for each character. I finally achieved the goal once I realized Amazon Prime could deliver Yoshi and Toad Wiimotes with free shipping. There is a Wiimote for Bowser too, but he doesn't have a matching wheel. I can't wait for my 3 year old son to get a little older to be able to appreciate the variety he will have when selecting characters.
  14. It will be interesting to see who will be the favorite in a Stannis vs Ramsay fight.
  15. I'm playing on the XboxOne. Well, as much as I can when I can find time after my 3 year old goes to bed, which I'll admit there has been zero time for gaming lately.
  16. I was surprised to see that I got 599 points from Nintendo's Deluxe Digital Promotion (DDP) after downloading the free game from the Mario Kart 8 promotion. If you weren't aware, Deluxe Wii U owners get 10% back on every dollar spent on the eShop by registering their Nintendo Network ID's on the DDP website. Every 500 points gets a $5 coupon to spend in the Nintendo eShop. Apparently the free game counts as purchasing a new game at full purchase value.
  17. I picked this up over the weekend, and also had completed the demo. I have not play a Final Fantasy game since the original on NES, and typically do not like JRPGs. I did enjoy Fire Emblem on the 3DS, but never completed it. The Demo was hard at first, and I died a lot. I looked up a few guides on various game sites and finally understood the different job classes and also how the brave/default system really works. It is is a really different style of game play, and has a great risk/reward tradeoff. Once I leveled up a few times on the easier mobs, and took advantage of using brave to defeat enemies before they could hit me, the game really clicked. You get rewarded for completing quests on the demo, and these rewards carry over to the main game. They are nothing fancy, just standard weapons, armor and potions, but it does save you some money in the first part of the game because you don't have to buying starting gear. There are also different options for streetpass and friend codes if you like that sort of thing. I do like streetpass, especially now since Nintendo has set up relay points at Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, and Best Buy, it is easy to get hits. My 3DS is currently friendless, if you would like to add me me friend code is 2964-8677-0208. Friends can apparently help you out in battles. One other carry over from the demo is that you can bring in up to 20 villagers to the main game. You use these villagers to build up various weapon, armor, and potion shops where you can buy upgraded gear for your team. I've read that this Village mini-game is similar to Facebook games, but I have never tried those so can't really compare it to anything. You get the villagers through streetpass or once a day connecting your game to the internet. There is a glitch in the demo that lets you pick up villagers without streetpass, so it ends up being pretty easy to get the 20 villagers into the game at the start.
  18. I picked up a WiiU Windwaker bundle today. My Nintendo I D is SparkzPSN. I will start sending friend requests out to those who posted ids in the gamer tag thread.
  19. I wish that I paid more attention to this warning, I completely stripped all 4 screws, so my 60 GB drive is permanently stuck in that little metal hard drive caddy. I was able to find a spare caddy and replacement screws on Ebay for $8. In case anyone else screws up their upgrade, there is a solution that is relatively inexpensive. I have since installed that 320 GB Joel recommended and joined PS+, so am looking forward to a few more months of PS3 goodness before the PS4 comes out!
  20. Has anyone tried Marvel's Augmented Reality App? It looks like most of you read digitally, but if you read on an iPad or Kindle, and have the AR App on an iPhone, you can scan the digital image. I've been buying from my local comic store, and sometimes use the digital codes on the $3.99 titles to read on my Kindle. The AR images are usually tagged with a little icon. Some of the older issues did not have the icon, but you could still get the AR videos to pop up if you showed a full page image on your reader and scanned the full image with the iPhone. Some of the content is pretty cool, but most of it gets tiresome quickly. I find it helpful when it gives background info on a character I wasn't familiar with. I only started getting into Marvel comics this year, but watched the Spiderman an Xmen cartoons in the 90s, as well as some of the more recent stuff on Disney XD. I did also pick up the AvX and AvX Companion hardcover books from Amazon to get some background info, and they came with digital codes. I find it much easier to read those stories on the Kindle through Comixology than trying to read from those big books.
  21. My Friend Code is 2964-8677-0208. My Animal Crossing Character is Mark, Mayor of the town of Bethesda. We have lots of Pears but nothing else. I finally figured out the town ordinances, and setting the town to be open later at night has greatly improved the game. Edit: My island has Mangoes and Coconuts.
  22. With one of today's highlights being the new partnership with the NFL, does "coming later this year" mean we could see it in time for football season?
  23. I've been reading chapter summaries of the Wheel of Time books at http://www.encyclopaedia-wot.org/ in anticipation of the final book coming out on January 8th. I am so looking forward to reading about Tarmon Gai'don, and hope it lives up to my imagination. Here is a promo video about the final book:
  24. Sparkz

    Baby monitors

    My brother gave use an analog video monitor from Sharper Image as a shower gift. It sucked. Lots of static. We bought a Summer Infant Best View from Amazon (around $150) about 6 months ago. We love it. We can see the baby great at night. It has great range, if I bring it with me while walking the dogs a night, it will give a signal about two houses away. We are in a split level house, my office is in the basement is four levels below nursery, and there are no signal problems. One drawback is that it hogs up wireless bandwith. My wife can use the internet on her iPad in bed, and I can used my Kindle Fire, but mostly for basic web browsing. Video does not work so well. The microwave oven also disrupts the signal, but that is usually a temporary thing. I did not wall mount the camera, but have it on book case a few feet from the crib. It has one level of zoom.
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