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  1. I stumbled on to something cool this afternoon with the Apple TV 4K. Last week I had signed up for MoviesAnywhere to merge iTunes, Vudu, and Amazon purchases. I bought the Smurfs on Vudu over the summer, and my son wanted to watch it again this afternoon. I was curious to see the MoviesAnywhere impact on the iTunes movies, and was surprised to see the HD purchase of the Smurfs in iTunes as the 4K version. I checked some other movies that merged into iTunes, and they are also now in 4K (mostly kids movies). But I was also surprised to see Starship Troopers as one of the upgrades. I inclu
  2. Is the power cable on the PS4 Pro the same as the regular PS4? I am hoping to pick up a Pro today, and was wondering if I could just unplug my current Destiny model's cords and swap it out for the Pro without having to move the TV cabinet and crawl around behind it rewiring cables. I already switched the hdmi cable to a new one a month ago when I got my new TV.
  3. Thank you for this recommendation. I probably would have skipped over this due to an unassuming bottle and slightly higher price, but decided to take a chance and was pleasantly surprised at how good it is.
  4. Vudu lets you covert your existing discs to digital HD copies. $5 for DVD and $2 for blu ray, and if you do 10 at a time, it's 50% off. Many DVDs in my collection were not compatible however.
  5. I have struggled to appreciate Scotch, but do love a good bourbon. My favorites are Woodford Reserve and Four Roses I'd be interested in hearing some Scotch recommendations.
  6. I'm enjoying Marvel's Dark Tower, Star Wars and Darth Vader comics, but am having a hard time getting excited about the "All New All Different" Marvel Universe after Secret Wars ends. I felt the same way with DC after Convergence. I stopped reading Batman and Superman after issue 40 because I didn't like the direction they were going with the characters. The only DC comic I am left reading is Justice League, which is has been great since Forever Evil.
  7. It will be interesting to see who will be the favorite in a Stannis vs Ramsay fight.
  8. I'm playing on the XboxOne. Well, as much as I can when I can find time after my 3 year old goes to bed, which I'll admit there has been zero time for gaming lately.
  9. Has anyone tried Marvel's Augmented Reality App? It looks like most of you read digitally, but if you read on an iPad or Kindle, and have the AR App on an iPhone, you can scan the digital image. I've been buying from my local comic store, and sometimes use the digital codes on the $3.99 titles to read on my Kindle. The AR images are usually tagged with a little icon. Some of the older issues did not have the icon, but you could still get the AR videos to pop up if you showed a full page image on your reader and scanned the full image with the iPhone. Some of the content is pretty cool, bu
  10. With one of today's highlights being the new partnership with the NFL, does "coming later this year" mean we could see it in time for football season?
  11. I've been reading chapter summaries of the Wheel of Time books at http://www.encyclopaedia-wot.org/ in anticipation of the final book coming out on January 8th. I am so looking forward to reading about Tarmon Gai'don, and hope it lives up to my imagination. Here is a promo video about the final book:
  12. I created Skarlin, a Jedi Consular on Vrook Lamar today. I hope to join in on the fun with you guys, but a new baby in the house is making it difficult to find time for gaming.
  13. Quick rant...the Kindle pricing makes me angry. I bought Game of Thrones in January for $5 on Kindle, and now it is $9, and the only reason I can think of is that they are taking advantage of the interest in the HBO series. On a side note, Raymond Feist's latest book came out last week, and the Kindle price is $14.99 and the Hardcover price is $15.05. For the extra $0.06 and free shipping with Prime, I took the Hardcover. The current pre-order price for A Dance with Dragons (Martin's next book) is $18.81 for Hardcover, and the Kindle price is $14.99. I love the convenience of the Kindle, a
  14. I haven't seen many trailers for books, but here is one for the next one in the Wheel of Time series. Spoiler warning if you haven't read Knife of Dreams. The prologue is out in ebook format and is awesome. I can't wait until November!
  15. No glare on the Kindle screen. M-Edge has a nice light that integrates with its case that folds down along the spine.
  16. I got a Kindle for Christmas, it was a surprise gift. I have noticed two minor annoyances that would apply to any e-reader. When flying, the flight attendants will not let you use it during take off and landing, even though you might be at a really good part of the book. If you like the Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Adventure genre -- the kind of books that have maps in the front of the book, or a glossary of characters in the back -- you'll find out that you may have taken the physical nature of a book for granted. Jumping back and forth between a map or a glossary is not so easy with an e-reader.
  17. The author of the Wheel of Time series passed away yesterday, after more than a year battling cardiac amyloidosis. I've been re-reading the Wheel of Time books lately, and am currently near the end of The Dragon Reborn. I'll plan to take my time now and really enjoy the world the Jordan created. It appears that he dictated a lot of his plot lines and notes, and that a team of writers are planning to convert these tapes into a final book. So at least there will be some closure to the WoT series, but it won't be the same.
  18. Awesome shot! I'm so jealous you actually got to see these in person. I've seen both the F-16 and F-22 production lines and flown their simulators (perks of a company business trip), but never have seen them in action.
  19. Ha, I didn't think they'd get as many views in the Age of Conan thread, which is why I didn't put them there. Thought hard about it though. I couldn't help but laugh during that last video when he picked up the Owl.
  20. I saw these posted on the LOTRO forums, and thought I'd share.
  21. I really enjoy these books, and cannot wait for the next one to be published. However, one aspect that I have been uncomfortable with is the age of the children in the books and what they experience at such a young age. I don't think it would hurt the TV series to advance their ages a bit. I know HBO series can push the envelope a bit, but I can see people having some issues with plot aspects such as Daenerys being married (and later pregnant) at 13 years old. There is a lot of potential for this to become a great TV series, especially since Martin is not afraid to . My worry is that 7
  22. Yesterday, I received the Audio Technica ATH-500 heads phones I had ordered and gave them a listen last night. I was looking for something to listen to while on the computer for music and games. I recently set up the home office in the room that is directly above my wife's violin studio, and the house isn't very soundproof, so I knew I couldn't get away speakers blasting while she gives lessons. My budget was around $100, and I wanted good quality and also closed headphones so I also wouldn't be able to hear the lessons as they were going on. I did a lot of internet research and these phon
  23. Took the plunge today and ordered the following from a local computer shop: CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 Motherboard: Asus P5B Deluxe WiFi Edition Memory: 2GB DDR2-667 Case: Coolermaster Praetorian 730 PSU: Antec Truepower 550W Video: Asus 7900GT 256MB Sound: Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Music HD1: Western Digital 160GB 7200 SATA300 HD1: Western Digital 250GB 7200 SATA300 DVD: Samsung 16x DVD+/-RW Windows Media Center edition Microsoft Ergo Keyboard 4000 Logitec G7 mouse Media Card Reader & Floppy Viewsonic VP2030B monitor They're going to build it for me and gi
  24. Congrats! What a beautiful girl, and great name too!
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