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  1. It will have to be a pretty high fraction. Production budget was $200M; no idea what marketing and promotional costs were actually incurred due to all the delays, etc., but just to recoup production costs you would have to get more than 10 percent of your subscription base to buy it -- if you had to recoup from your subscription base alone. Of course, if they actually can show it in theaters, and get some turnout, that helps. *The actual math is of course more complicated -- there's some cost involved in putting it on D+, so the $30 price isn't pure contribution, etc., etc.
  2. On another note, has anyone removed the clock capacitor from their OG Xbox, and any tips on doing so? I’ve got one in storage that’s probably a ticking time bomb if it hasn’t already gone off...
  3. I hate the bears, but perhaps not as much as they hate the Mongols. I love cleaning up the scraps and hides after the frequent skirmishes in the Mongol-Ursine War.
  4. My only issue with the voice acting is the Mongol grunts. Some of the lines and delivery make them sound like stereotypical, brutish barbarians. Putting aside the fact that there’s no such thing as a typical “barbarian,” the Mongols didn’t conquer most of Asia, the Middle East and eastern Europe by being stupid. They were strategically, tactically, politically and culturally savvy. (I won’t argue the part about them being brutes, though. Sadistic violence was part of the process.)
  5. Can Namco just bring a proper Ridge Racer back? I’ll even take a remaster of the prior titles at this point.
  6. I would guess the PS5 camera also would work with PSVR? Seems like a big miss if you have to have two cameras plugged in...
  7. When an Astrobot and a DualSense love each other very, very much...
  8. Logged in promptly at 10 am and got one. Gamebits screwdriver also on the way, as well as the extension that mounts into the disc drive area. Excited about this one.
  9. Picked up the piano and the NES. Try as I might, too hard to pass up...
  10. I could watch the pre-duel cinematic a thousand times. It's note-perfect. Can Sucker Punch make a Spaghetti Western game next?
  11. Sweet. Thanks for the heads-up.
  12. @Romier S , how hard was your GC Loader PNP to install? Is it any harder than say, building a PC? I haven't been able to find a premodded GC for sale, and I want to do it but am hesitant for fear that I will screw up one of my Cubes. Not that I can get my hands on a GC Loader right now anyway....
  13. Domino’s is the last place that needs to be needling anybody about quality.
  14. For the most part, I only do major rack renovations with each console generation, so I’ve been socking away money for a couple of years in anticipation of remaking the rack with the new consoles. I figure I’m in for a max of $5k. Probably $1500 in consoles and accessories and maybe $2500 or so for a new receiver if a suitable one emerges. I might also pick up an amp (or substitute an amp if I don’t like the receiver options.) I’ve already picked up some new power conditioners and PDUs, and will probably add a nice HDMI switch, so I can hook up as many legacy consoles as possible (modded Dreamcast, GameCube and N64 primarily.)
  15. Finally got around to following Dan's recommendation and downloaded MKVToolNix. It is stupidly easy to use (thanks, Dan!) and finishes out my workflow. Haven't had much time to rip the last week or so (I've been working more at the office, so I can't feed the beast a new disc every half-hour,) but I'm steadily getting there. I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I've enjoying watching this "old" media now that I have it at my fingertips again.
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