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  1. It's not great, but you should watch before season 1. It does have some decent set pieces.
  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah. What we really want to know is: How is Maneater? 🤣 (Seriously, I want to know.)
  3. Not to keep this off topic and sound crazy, but Peloton has changed my life. I bought my wife one for her birthday last year but I now ride at least as much as she does. I’m down close to 30 pounds from the start of the year. I am fully gulping the Kool-Aid. Username is Actinide (shocking, I know.)
  4. Sorry, I should have been more clear — I was referring to Sony Pictures. I don’t want anything to happen to PlayStation Studios 🤣 I need my Uncharted and God of War as much as the next guy!
  5. Off topic, but $600M in profit for the studios. Why bother for the effort required?
  6. Not to add to your list, but skipping Liberation is a mistake. Also Freedom Cry.
  7. My bet is that the Waititi project is a.) a little further along than we think it is, and b.) will be fast-tracked. The fact that he already has a (female!) co-writer makes me believe that he's already pitched his treatment and gotten acceptance from the higher-ups at Lucasfilm. Plus, he's a known entity to Lucasfilm/Disney -- having worked on The Mandalorian and in Marvel -- so there's likely more trust there than there was with Lord/Miller, et al. Plus, he's a hot name, and the right one to get fans and critics excited about a franchise return to the big screen. I wouldn't bet it will be before "Thor: Love and Thunder," but it might not be far behind. Also, it's entirely possible that the Feige Star Wars film and the Waititi film are actually one and the same...
  8. Brian, I don't think it makes any difference. That part of the game is based on actual history: One of the things I love about these games -- how historical events are woven throughout when they are done well.
  9. I actually like the Harry's razors. They seem to cut a little sharper than your typical razor and are still pretty cheap.
  10. It's extremely good. James Gunn went so far as to call it better than the original; I would not go that far, but it is well worth your time.
  11. Jaws inbound... https://www.avsforum.com/wordpress/jaws-coming-ultra-hd-blu-ray/
  12. Finished the “Legacy Of The First Blade” DLC this weekend. It’s ... okay. It’s more of the same, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I’m not particularly fond of the story in that it still forces me to make choices that are inconsistent with the character I want my Kassandra to be, which is an RPG sin. And the ending is forced and contrived. Now, I started the “Fate of Atlantis” DLC — and it is batshit crazy. Enjoyable gameplay. The story is way more sci-fi than is my liking — I love this series for the history, not the weird metastory — but I’m intrigued enough to keep going. Level 70, 146 hours in.
  13. Finished up the main quest lines yesterday. Something like 130+ hours in. Will dive into the DLC this weekend.
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