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  1. Still waiting. Yamaha have said that theirs will work, but they've also delayed the release of most of their models, so .... Denon/Marantz says that they are working on a fix but have shared no real details or timelines. I would wait before I spent any real money on a receiver or pre/pro. I'm not expecting to buy until later in the year at the soonest.
  2. Astro, then Miles. But there's really no wrong answer, at least between those two. And Ghost on the PS5 is sublime.
  3. The first thing I would try is replacing the HDMI cable. HDMI is a finicky bitch and I have had several cables just go bad without much warning over the years.
  4. And ... main story finished. This game still has a lot of its charm, but man, did we put up with a lot of crap in PS2-era open world games. Characters that move like tanks, clunky controls, long missions without save points.... nostalgia buffs off the rough edges.
  5. Coming back to this one after a little break...
  6. That's next on my build list. Nice setup!
  7. It’s a tedious mechanic. They really should have made it work similarly to AssCreed. It’s nice that you can do it anywhere on the map, but it’s SO finicky in registering things.
  8. Spent an hour on the phone with a GREAT Microsoft customer-service rep (when I could finally get one on the phone) and had to factory-reset my son’s machine (but thankfully not delete any content) and got the Game Pass sharing issue resolved. Still missing games that disappeared on my machine, but at this point, whatever. I’ll reinstall if I ever want to play them again.
  9. And now, My son can't play online or access games even though his machine is set as my home Xbox. Damn it, Microsoft, I am losing my temper with your mess today.
  10. Kelley, I made a habit of always backing up my save to the Ubisoft server from the main menu for this reason.
  11. Unfortunately, it’s an external SSD attached via USB 3.1 using a Sabrent adapter. I am thinking this is an OS issue. It seems like the games that disappeared are games that I had installed off physical media. I’m going to pop one of those games in the drive and see what happens... The whole OS needs better storage management. Why can’t I select the “official” Seagate expansion drive as the default installation spot for all Series X games? Instead, it forces me to install to the interval drive and then move it. (Yes, I can select the Seagate drive as the default installati
  12. So, my Series X is suddenly having some storage issues. It doesn't seem to be able to write anything to the external ssd, even though it can read what's there. I get an “installation stopped” message whenever I try to move anything to the drive or install something there. And, installed games have just gone missing from my games list. So far, it doesn’t seem catastrophic — games are still attached to my account (or available on disc) even if they are not showing as installed, but still, very frustrating. A hard reset did not fix the problem.
  13. I also wonder if they are seeing from viewer data that catalogue titles are not driving the success of Disney+, and so making them available on physical media isn't a threat to the service.
  14. Honestly, the recruiting meta-game became more important to me than on-field play! Trying to sign five-stars to Wake Forest was harder than anything the game could throw at me on the field.
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