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  1. Pack, there are some good deals on internal SSDs at Amazon and you can just use a cheap Sabrent USB 3.1 to SATA adapter and basically use it as an external drive. That is what I am doing with PS5 and will eventually do with Series X too.
  2. For kicks, I tried this on the Series X. I have to say it’s quite the looker.
  3. Pulled another turbolaser battery out of mothballs... Hooked up via an Eon Super64 HDMI adapter into a Marseille mClassic upscaler.
  4. This game won’t let go of me. It actually makes me nostalgic. Reminds me of every stage of my life for the last 20+ years through the lens of PlayStation.
  5. Mini-split works great. Super-quiet and energy-efficient. There’s another, smaller unit in the office. The cottage is well-insulated and pretty airtight so it doesn’t take much to heat or cool it. Our winters are mild but summers, that’s another story. We use a small tankless water heater to provide hot water to the cottage, which works fine since we don’t need that much. Ideally, I would have put some form of retractable screen in that would drop down in front of the fixed TV — in which case you are right — it could just drop down over the window with appropriate light control. I
  6. Yep, the window is the issue. We could have taken it out, but at some expense. There are other windows too, so light control would also be another (but manageable) issue.
  7. It’s been a great space but I would definitely do just a few things differently: — I would have had the builder place plywood behind the TV mount area to make current and future mounts easier. The wall is studded, but there’s also an expanse of cinder-block right behind the drywall behind my TV. Mounting a TV into cinder block is not fun, nor is it something you want to do often. I’d like that flexibility in the wall. — Biggest regret is not channeling into the concrete slab to run power outlets into the floor for the chairs. Those recliners are manual. Believe it or not, manu
  8. That sucks. Hope it comes in soon. I had our cabinet guy custom-build my stand when we were renovating the cottage. There are casters hidden under that bottom skirt 😉
  9. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but now that the rack is made over with the new consoles, I figured it was as good a time as any. My setup is in a two-room cottage behind my house; its bones are actually a cinder-block workshop that a previous owner used as a clock factory for a family business. The back room is used as an office; the larger front room, with vaulted ceilings, is a media room and entertaining space with a kitchenette. There's a full bath as well. Here's the view from behind the back row. I'm using Polk Signature series speakers for the 7.1 base
  10. Amazon’s customer service and operations really are going to hell. I understand that COVID makes for difficult operating conditions, but still ... no real excuse. Not when those same conditions are propelling your business to record profitability.
  11. Mine now showing in FedEx system for delivery SAT — coming from one state over in Alabama.
  12. Thanks for the heads-up — I need to figure out where mine are...
  13. Target assigned a tracking number to my order just now, but it still says it will deliver WED. I can’t actually track the package yet because it’s not in FedEx’s system. Still holding out a little hope that maybe it arrives as soon as tomorrow, but today seems unlikely.
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