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  1. I suspect this series will be much like The X-Files. The meta plot is only going to get a handful of episodes. There will be a lot of “monster of the week” shows. Fine by me.
  2. Getting better. Can make it through long stretches now without having to meditate, unless I run across a particularly tough Purgetrooper. Finding a few extra stimkits helps too.
  3. Dan, is it easy to switch libraries from one platform to another with affinity? I moved to Luminar a while ago but I'm fed up with its lack of cr3 support and am looking to make another change. Thanks!
  4. As a Soulsborne virgin, this game is kicking my ass. It makes me rethink my whole approach to battles. I actually have to strategize and take my time instead of just rushing in, saber swinging. But I am digging it, a lot. I love how you can think you've seen the whole planet only to have a whole new area open around the most unassuming of corners. I went to Dathomir right after the first planet but got my butt kicked in the first area and just ran like a wussy when the first <spoiler> Nightsister </spoiler> showed up.
  5. Thanks. Just took advantage. $36 with the Circle and Redcard discounts was too good to pass up.
  6. That sucks. I loved Vue because I found its pricing very attractive and it was, to me, the best service for live sports. At least I get to keep it through this college football season. Not sure what I will land on as an alternative.
  7. Still hoping for an upgraded Apple TV in October. The Ethernet jack on my Apple TV 4K has died, and I don’t want to get a replacement only to have an upgraded one hit right after I buy. But I want Ethernet before I start streaming the Mandalorian in 4K. 😂
  8. I second the vote for the Corsair. It's overly expensive, but the Lapdog tray for it is also great.
  9. Disney just needs to open the checkbook (again) and buy Spidey back. Perhaps it would be best to wait for the next movie in the event that it tanks and Sony’s price tag drops, but there’s no other way that this ends for good.
  10. This seems to me to be one of those megacorp games of chicken. I’m not going to get too worked up over it until Sony actually begins production on something without Marvel/Disney. Which side leaked, I wonder? You know it was done on purpose. Also, another embarrassing Sony e-mail megadump coming in 3, 2, 1...
  11. At a conservative figure of $40 per copy sold, that’s $528M in revenue. Not counting DLC and effects on hardware sales. Not shabby.
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