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  1. Finished up the main quest lines yesterday. Something like 130+ hours in. Will dive into the DLC this weekend.
  2. I very much doubt that we get PS5 or Series X until next spring, either. Not that those should be very important right now.
  3. The funny thing is, most of the millennials I know HATE our workspaces like that.
  4. Work in corporate communications. Neck deep in crisis communications plans when I’m not hanging “wash your hands, you filthy mongrel” posters in all the bathrooms and breakrooms.
  5. I'm enjoying the Elite 2 but I'm not sure it's worth the upgrade if you already have an Elite. If not — I recommend jumping in.
  6. Not terribly related, but am I the only soul who would pay for an aftermarket plug-in board/accessory to make Series X and PS5 completely backward-compatible with prior generations using a hardware-based solution? Assuming, of course, that such a thing is feasible. I would shell out decent money to be able to take the PS3 Phat and the Xbox 360 out of the rack...
  7. I love the M5. I had an M as well and never loved it. It always seemed a step slow to focus and I just prefer a viewfinder to “live” shooting. The M5 addresses those concerns and also is, to me, still the easiest Canon camera to use (although the R is close.) I can adjust aperture, ISO and shutter speed by feel alone, which I can’t do with any of my full-sized bodies.
  8. Hey, it’s the only lens I have for the body that doesn’t require the EF to EF-M adapter... 😉
  9. As a non-professional Canon user with a serious hobbyist photography problem, I love my R. It betters my EOS 6D Mark II, my EOS M5 and all my previous crop-factor bodies in almost every way. But the battery life sucks, especially for any kind of action shooting. Even with the battery pack, I can use up the entire battery life in just a few hours of high-speed shooting of my son’s soccer tournaments. And to be honest, for quick vacation trips and when I’m headed on a business trip somewhere interesting, I still often just grab my M5. Its controls make it a joy to use and it’s just easier to pack about. I limit myself to the 18-150mm kit lens and make myself get creative with it.
  10. I have the XBR85X900F. It’s been a great TV. At first mine had a little issue with some vertical banding, but the most recent software updates seem to have greatly alleviated that. I do have a smidgen of vignetting in the corners, but it’s very slight and also very hard to avoid in TVs of this size. i downsized from a 100” projector and have no regrets. I got tired of sitting in a cave. Now I can sit in a room lit with natural sunlight and enjoy myself, and if I want to lower the lights, I can do that too. I sit nine feet from the screen and don’t have any trouble getting immersed in content.
  11. That’s exactly what I was thinking. Don’t make me buy another cabinet, just let me buy the seat attachment. I can have a sit-down SW arcade machine right next to its matching pinball table.
  12. Time Pilot is SO tempting. To me, that Star Wars sir-down cabinet still just looks like the regular cabinet sitting in a different riser. If so, I hope they give us a chance to just buy that riser...
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