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  1. I have the XBR85X900F. It’s been a great TV. At first mine had a little issue with some vertical banding, but the most recent software updates seem to have greatly alleviated that. I do have a smidgen of vignetting in the corners, but it’s very slight and also very hard to avoid in TVs of this size. i downsized from a 100” projector and have no regrets. I got tired of sitting in a cave. Now I can sit in a room lit with natural sunlight and enjoy myself, and if I want to lower the lights, I can do that too. I sit nine feet from the screen and don’t have any trouble getting immersed in content.
  2. That’s exactly what I was thinking. Don’t make me buy another cabinet, just let me buy the seat attachment. I can have a sit-down SW arcade machine right next to its matching pinball table.
  3. Time Pilot is SO tempting. To me, that Star Wars sir-down cabinet still just looks like the regular cabinet sitting in a different riser. If so, I hope they give us a chance to just buy that riser...
  4. Is that machine next to the Big Buck Hunter cab in a Simpsons riser?
  5. NBA JAM! Also, is that just a special sit-down riser for Star Wars — and if so, get me Outrun, now!
  6. I hope that regardless of cabinet branding, you can download and play additional tables. I bit the bullet on the Star Wars Arcade1up machine for nostalgia's sake, but I'm not sure I'm up for dropping $700 on a virtual pinball machine that plays only a handful of tables. Now, let me download (even at some cost) all of Zen's catalog? You have my attention.
  7. Same here. I'm hopeful I can add an HDMI 2.1 receiver to my setup when I add the next-gen consoles next fall. Been holding out on a new receiver for several years at this point, but after Atmos, nothing new has really come to the table.
  8. I suspect this series will be much like The X-Files. The meta plot is only going to get a handful of episodes. There will be a lot of “monster of the week” shows. Fine by me.
  9. Getting better. Can make it through long stretches now without having to meditate, unless I run across a particularly tough Purgetrooper. Finding a few extra stimkits helps too.
  10. Dan, is it easy to switch libraries from one platform to another with affinity? I moved to Luminar a while ago but I'm fed up with its lack of cr3 support and am looking to make another change. Thanks!
  11. As a Soulsborne virgin, this game is kicking my ass. It makes me rethink my whole approach to battles. I actually have to strategize and take my time instead of just rushing in, saber swinging. But I am digging it, a lot. I love how you can think you've seen the whole planet only to have a whole new area open around the most unassuming of corners. I went to Dathomir right after the first planet but got my butt kicked in the first area and just ran like a wussy when the first <spoiler> Nightsister </spoiler> showed up.
  12. Thanks. Just took advantage. $36 with the Circle and Redcard discounts was too good to pass up.
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