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  1. The summer crop. From picked to pickled in about an hour…
  2. Honestly — and like you, I am on the fence — but this is the kind of device that could really get me back into PC gaming. I have a ridiculous gaming PC that I spent way too much money on that is not used nearly enough. I just prefer the ease of the modern console for most genres of games. But if I could grab the Steam Deck and easily jump into a game of Civ or Age of Empires? Or an old-school game in my Steam library? That could work. I’m not ready to jump in yet — I’ll be waiting to see what your early adopters say — but I’m intrigued.
  3. I don’t entirely get this. Codemasters are GREAT racing-game developers, but EA already has arguably the GREATEST racing developer in Criterion, and it’s gone criminally underused for — what — the better part of a decade? What is the plan here? For Codemasters to do the sim stuff and Criterion to handle arcade racers? Or, is there no real plan?
  4. Agreed. Personally, there’s nothing here to make me upgrade. I mostly play docked, and can deal with using the Ethernet-to-usb adapter. I’m sure the OLED screen will be beautiful though.
  5. Grilled a bone-in ribeye last night. No fancy preparation, just salt, pepper, heat. Was delicious — had not had a steak in quite a while!
  6. What’s everyone cooking this weekend? Full-on ‘Murica Meatstravaganza here. Hot dogs and burgers FRI night, steak and smashed potatoes last night, and a pork shoulder smoking outside right now for tonight’s dinner. I might have to detox tomorrow with some salmon and a Caesar salad.
  7. Ok, despite my earlier misgivings, I’m sold. Time for that Kurosawa mode replay in Japanese.
  8. Broke in my Father’s Day gift this evening — an Ooni Karu 12 pizza oven. I vastly underestimated how hot and fast it can cook; first pizza turned out rather … black. The last three got progressively better. I need more practice, especially in presentation — “round” was not something you would call these pies. Still, overall, a good first run. Looking forward to doing it again (and searing steaks in this thing in a cast-iron platter — this thing gets HOT.)
  9. *old man rant* I despise the Blitz edition’s version of Monkey Target. Why did they have to go and screw up a great thing?
  10. Anything that gives me more Ghost is great, but I’m not sure that I wouldn’t rather wait for a true sequel.
  11. It’s not your traditional Worms title, but it’s pretty damn fun. I played the PS5 version quite a bit at launch.
  12. I have a seven-channel amp for my base layer, but even using outboard amps, this receiver won’t even decode more than 11 channels (not counting subs) — 7.1 plus 4 Atmos channels. Ideally, I need 13 — 7.1 + 6 Atmos channels. First world problem, I know. Nonetheless, my wait continues…
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