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  1. A successful weekend's work. Dug the Gamecube and OG Xbox out of the storage unit, and installed the GC Loader PNP with LaserBear insert in the GC and removed the clock capacitor from the Xbox. Neither was terribly difficult. Also have a Dreamcast with DCHDMI, GDEMU and power supply mod to hook up.
  2. Same experience, Jeff. The Microsoft Store checkout process was agonizing. I was convinced it would crash out at any moment.
  3. Fingers crossed I got one from Microsoft. Order went through but I won't believe it until I get the confirmation e-mail. Wife says she got one from Wal-Mart, so we are good on my son for Christmas too. If I get my hands on another, I will hold it for anyone here who strikes out.
  4. I use this one. Think it is basically the same as Carlucci’s as Panamax and Furmam are owned by the same outfit. https://www.amazon.com/Furman-Elite-15-DM-13-Outlet-Filtering/dp/B000WUZPD0 It’s worked well, although I wish it had automatic voltage regulation.
  5. Got the confirmation e-mail from Target. Still trying to get a second; if all goes well with the Target order, the second one will be for my nephew's Christmas.
  6. Yes, that definitely moved the needle for me. I was already leaning heavily toward upgrading my Series 3 but the blood-oxygen monitoring pushes me over the edge.
  7. Seconded 1,000%. Hotshot Racing is the game I’ve needed to make it through 2020. It’s perfect. Wears its influences on its sleeve to the point that you can pick out the inspiration for each track. I will play this for hours.
  8. Nice setup! I wish I could use my edgerouter and some unifi stuff but it seems ridiculously complicated with AT&T Fiber, since you’re forced to use their gateway. It’s the one major downside to their service that I’ve seen.
  9. I realize it’s internal, but breaking it out separately on a list of box contents reads as if I should expect to find it by itself in the box. I’m just being picky about How Sony presents its information. 😉
  10. Differs from PC and console too. I’m a premium subscriber and I can get Madden 21 and Fallen Order on PC but not on Xbox One. Doesn’t make a lot of sense.
  11. That ad is real, I think. It’s not official from Sony. It’s some third-party vendor that takes anything and plates it in gold for Saudi princes and anyone else whose tastes run to the gaudy, garish and ridiculously expensive.
  12. Ready to upgrade my Apple Watch, so ready to see what they have in store.
  13. Definitely hit Freedom Cry at minimum —it’s short, and has one of the most moving stories in the series. Well worth it, and you can finish it in a weekend.
  14. FWIW, I use these as my Atmos speakers... http://hsuresearch.com/products/hiw-1.html
  15. There's cost involved, but some alternative rippers have video preview windows, so you can actually play the chapters to decide what you want or not.
  16. Yamaha's Aventage high-end units are now listed for pre-order on Amazon with ship dates of Oct. 21 — and for some serious coin...
  17. Arcade racers seem to be a dying breed. I don't really understand why. I owe my love of modern video games to the NCAA Football franchise and Ridge Racer. The gaming gods do not smile upon me these days...
  18. If you're going to be cutting holes in your ceiling, eat all the calories and go four. You might as well go for it while you're going through the work.
  19. Can't remember the last time I played a COD game, but my kid will be all over it. Bah.
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