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  1. Reached the fourth zone and some deeper water, and the game got even better. This game's sound effects and audio are off the charts. Playing with DTS: Neural X on with my height speakers, it's like I'm actually in the ocean.
  2. I know that I am late to the party but I just finished up this one — both main game and The Frozen Wilds are pretty much done except for a mop-up errand or two. Just an incredible experience. I remember that I didn’t play this when it came out because I was neck-deep in Zelda: BotW. Well, I loved Zelda, and this might be sacrilege, but I think I might have ... loved this more? It’s letter-perfect in so many ways. It refuses to hold your hand when most modern games baby you. Its systems are complex and yet easily understood, and interact with one another in surprising ways. It has a (mostly) original take on the tired “post-apocalypse” story trope, and the tale gets its hooks in you. Oh, and it’s insanely beautiful to look at. Bring on Forbidden West!
  3. Started this today as a bit of a palate cleanser between Horizon Zero Dawn and Ghost. Before I knew it, five hours were gone. It's just a great, great B-game the likes of which we don't get anymore. Yeah, it's a budget title but has a high degree of polish and it doesn't take itself too seriously. It's the perfect summer game.
  4. Speak for yourself. I stopped buying (most) Star Wars figurines years ago 😉
  5. So the days of the Hackintosh are numbered? Sad.
  6. Welp, I thought my Pioneer BDR-XS07S drive could read HD-DVD, but either it can't or OS X Catalina refuses to mount the discs. More research, it seems....
  7. Thanks to all for the help. I've finally got a bit of a workflow down. Bought MacX DVD Ripper Pro, and it can rip to MKV and clone ISO in a single step. It is also supposed to be able to merge MKV files but crashes every time I've tried it so far -- so MKVToolNix it might have to be. Still, making progress. Ripped "Backbeat" tonight and fired it up on the Amazon Fire Cube to see how it looked. Ended up watching the whole flick -- a fave but I always forget just how much I enjoy it. Could definitely see that it was 480p material but overall, the picture was pretty damn good streaming MKV straight from my Synology NAS. Only a couple of the briefest instances where I got any kind of minor pixelation. Also ripped my Criterion 8 1/2 -- looking forward to seeing how that one looks (and if the subtitles ripped correctly!)
  8. It does, but I've not been able to get it to work. It's always grayed out? User error is entirely possible. Anybody have any recommendations on a good program for combining MKV files on a Mac? Getting into my workflow and it's apparent that's going to be have to be an approach to take. Thanks!
  9. Also using Disk Utility to create a CDR file image of each disc to store as a backup. We'll see how that works.
  10. Pulled the first couple of boxes of DVDs out of the storage unit over the weekend and have kicked off the MakeMKV party with "Barton Fink." Here we go!
  11. I can see myself double-dipping on this one with Xbox and PC if PC indeed has Oculus support.
  12. Disc. If for no other reason that I really hope it's a good enough 4K UHD player to retire my dedicated one. I need the space in the rack.
  13. FWIW, I have the 916+, a couple of generations behind the 918+ and 920+. It's been a very reliable machine.
  14. Don’t know if I would say better but damn near equal for sure.
  15. If you're willing to pay for the space, Synology can backup directly to the Cloud via Google Drive or Amazon Drive. I do this for my photos, but I doubt I'll go to that effort for music and movies.
  16. Renamed some of the files according to Plex preferred naming convention (thanks, Daniel!) and it worked like magic. Now to pull all the DVDs out of storage. I still have about 30 CDs to catalog in Delicious Library and re-rip (digital music library had become a mess over the years, so I just decided to basically start over and rerip everything to high-bitrate mp3. I might lose some audio quality, but the files will play on everything.) After that, to tackle the DVDs, which will take quite a while.... then maybe the Blu-Rays... argh!
  17. Thanks to all! My first few rips are working in Plex, but the titles are a mess. Will need to heed your advice above and play around with this to figure it all out!
  18. Holy tarpit, I need y'all's expert help. I've just started using MakeMKV to rip DVDs to my Synology NAS for backup and hopefully make use of Plex for playback. It's going to take a while -- I have a LOT of DVDs currently sitting in storage. I have no idea what I'm doing. MakeMKV makes it easy enough to stick a disc in and rip to MKV, but it spits out several files per disc that are named random stuff. If I create a folder for the movie and place all these files in there, will Plex be able to sort them out and play them? Do I need to rename these files in any specific way? Should I use an online tool to combine the various files into one? I've tried to use the Google machine to sort all this out, and it seems there are different ways to bite this apple, but I can't figure out the prevailing best practice. I'm hoping y'all can give me some better advice than what I can randomly find on the interwebs. Thanks!
  19. I would think you would have more than one title, so Outrun and Daytona may co-exist in the same cabinet. Dare I say with Virtua Racing as well? Can I dream?
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