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  1. I wish I was in a position to take better advantage of this deal, but still now have ultimate until January 2021
  2. At the end of their press release, they did say it was still episodic.
  3. I don’t understand the pricing. Yeah, I’m sure with constant sales, it will be cheaper then that, but with a couple sales recently where the OneS was sub $200, it just looks bad. Since they are really trying to push Gamepass, they could have gone MSRP $199 or even $149, include a free one or two months of Gamepass, seemed to me like a great opportunity to get new people on board. But that is why I don’t make those decisions.
  4. I read somewhere that said all of Peter’s friends were dusted. I’m hoping that Spider-Man serves as something of an epilogue and they touch on a lot of these questions they have left open.
  5. Because nothing rarely ever happens without some meaning, Cassie Lang suddenly being a little older then probably a 5 year jump, and Harley Keener being at the funeral, new Avengers? That clanging noise, rather then being a throwback, could be coming from the garage he set him up with at the end of Iron Man 3. And rather then Jarvis, a Stark AI could be pretty awesome. Hopefully they don’t call him Iron Lad though. Probably crazy.
  6. Great impressions. Reading a lot of comments, this does seem to be a game where there is a disconnect between what reviewers are saying, and how people playing the game feel. Most of what I have seen and read has been very positive, and Bend has been quick with patches to fix problems. I was debating between this and Mortal Kombat, think I’m going to pick this up.
  7. Level 26, I’m over leveled for areas I’ve barely touched. I spent so much time early on doing requests for back up and doing the same missions over again, that I’m just now really starting to clear areas. I believe I have half of the main missions complete now.
  8. I would love PGR but I’m going to assume there are licensing issues that prevent it unless anyone has seen anything on it.
  9. I wouldn’t quite say the X proved that. Of course it’s hard to say for sure without numbers, and it did seem to sell well to the enthusiast crowd, but it feels as if outside the first month or two, you have been able to find it discounted pretty much non stop.
  10. Well I want to remain positive. Lol. They made so many smart decisions with the PS4, and with Cerny once again the lead, they will be smart about it. I think they are going to want a standard experience with all PS5’s. To sell a model with different SSD’s or even none, would be an awful decision, especially if Cerny, as he said, truly believes it is that important to the next generation
  11. In Cerny we trust. Lol Hopefully, this is smart Sony still and they realize that shit just doesn’t work for mass market.
  12. People with a lot more knowledge then I are talking about using up to a 256gb SSD to cache the info with a regular HDD included, which of course would allow for the type of expansion we are use to.
  13. I think their belief is the $399 price is the magic point for a console. They had great success at that price and I imagine they are creating a console with that idea.
  14. Maybe my expectations were a little too high for simply a reveal trailer, but I was disappointed.
  15. https://www.wired.com/story/exclusive-sony-next-gen-console/ I thought there was a thread discussing next gen but I couldn’t find it so I’m putting this here. Not a lot, but a few small tidbits, including seemingly confirmation of backwards compatibility and the inclusion of an SSD drive. I never doubted BC, but I’ve seen quite a few people express doubt, so this is great if true. Now can we have it for the rest of the Playstation family please?
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