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  1. I’ll probably eat my words but I don’t agree that $499 is the new $399. I see the phone comparison all the time, but I don’t think that really applies here. That extra $30-40 people pay for their new phone each month has become so engrained in their bill, I’d argue the majority of people don’t even think about it. Consoles are just not looked at that way. I think $399 is still the magic price point for early mass adoption and $499 is for the enthusiast. I’m betting Sony still goes $399. This isn’t the days of the PS3 where i seem to remember rumors of them losing as much as $200 a console. Between PS plus subs, the increasing digital sale market, they might be inclined to take that loss at first if the cost is something they can get down pretty quick. But again, this is all based on a report that is not verified. I just hope they announce soon, though I’m thinking they wait until May. Definitely before E3. Maybe time it around the release of The Last of Us, show it running on PS5 with their own buy one, own it on both announcement. PS5 for me this year. I’m too invested in their first party to change now, plus it’s where my kids are. I’ll admit, owning an X makes that an easier decision though. The X is still a pretty great machine in its own right and I’ll be perfectly content playing new stuff on there for now. * I reserve the right to completely change my mind without notice
  2. Big announcement tomorrow at 11am. Wario is saying a new expansion is coming called Warlords of New York. No word on what, if anything else, they are announcing. The game is on sale for $3 on Xbox right now. Even with 4 and half days worth of play time on PS4, I couldn’t resist, picked it up. Will probably dive in Wednesday. Think it’s time to get back on the PS4 version also.
  3. Personally, I’m glad MS is using this strategy for now. I have an X and now feel no need to upgrade for the time being. Unless Sony does something stupid, I’m there for launch. I can’t wait to see to what next gen Horizon or God of War looks like. Meanwhile, I know MS games will look good enough on my X, even without the new bells and whistles.
  4. I thought The Last of Us would be my game of the decade originally, but once I gave it some thought, there was only really one choice for me personally. Mass Effect 2. No other game got me invested in the characters and their individual stories the way this one did. The rest of my list in no particular order... The Division 2 Destiny God of War The Last of Us Horizon:Zero Dawn Bioshock:Infinite Rise of the Tomb Raider Persona 5 Mario Kart 8 and The Witcher 3, Assassin’s Creed:Oddessy, and Red Dead Redemption. Games that I love what I have played of them but did not include because I have yet to finish them.
  5. Just a heads up for anyone that hasn’t gotten this yet...Amazon has it for $44.99, but Prime members gat an extra $11.25 off once you add to your cart, just ordered it for $33 and change.
  6. I would be happy if they just did a 4K upgrade along the lines of Red Dead Redemption. Mass Effect that is.
  7. only into the second zone but highly recommend. And it’s only $30. It has a charm and style unlike anything I have played in recent memory. It’s not a particularly challenging game, but that’s not really the point. I found myself just spending an hour painting the walls. I really hope people will give this game a try. It deserves as much support as it can get.
  8. The timing is something. Reading about it previously, the most common thought seem to be Ryan was the one against it, not Layden. But now here we are, Layden is gone and seemingly all of the sudden, cross play is open to everyone.
  9. It sounds like a good theory Romier. I really get the feeling we will be very surprised by what shape this story takes. Honestly, I would prefer it not be just a revenge tale, so we will see. Watching some of the previews though, it seems that Druckman intimated that Dina’s and Ellies’s relationship is core to the central game. Take that as you will. on a side note, one thing I find very interesting, is when they show her on patrol with Dina, she puts a mask on. I can only assume it’s because they have kept her being immune a secret between her and Joel. If so, great touch.
  10. I know what you mean about chills. Loved that trailer. But, can’t help feeling Marvel levels of fuckery with how they framed it. I can’t help but think her apparent revenge quest is based around Joel.
  11. I wish I was in a position to take better advantage of this deal, but still now have ultimate until January 2021
  12. At the end of their press release, they did say it was still episodic.
  13. I don’t understand the pricing. Yeah, I’m sure with constant sales, it will be cheaper then that, but with a couple sales recently where the OneS was sub $200, it just looks bad. Since they are really trying to push Gamepass, they could have gone MSRP $199 or even $149, include a free one or two months of Gamepass, seemed to me like a great opportunity to get new people on board. But that is why I don’t make those decisions.
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