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  1. It’s still there but so minimal I’m not sure why they bother. They might just be better off throwing in some cutscenes and leaving the little bit of playable crap out of it. That does look incredible. Still think it is a sale title for me. Ubisoft games go on sale so quickly, I wouldn’t be surprised to be able to get the gold edition in 3-4 months for $40.
  2. So if Sony is being factual, why would a developer choose not to offer the transfer of saves?
  3. It could just be the picture, but it looks smaller then the mock ups people have done. It’s not surprising the lack of UI. I don’t remember, but Greg Miller has talked about this, saying they didn’t get an actual PS4 for IGN until a week or two before launch. Sony did an event in NY just before launch where they gave the various sites consoles to go hands on with. Hopefully, they get them out a little sooner this time.
  4. And you can carry over some of the game data? What? And what about Cyberpunk, Valhalla, and Legions? I won’t buy cross gen titles on PlayStation with this being an issue.
  5. Ok, ok. I didn’t say Sony was doomed. And get your shit together was a bit hyperbolic. My point was more to the huge commitment MS just made to the Xbox brand, regardless if Bethesda ever is a difference maker. And yeah, Sony has been great showing off their games, whereas Xbox hasn’t shown anything. But is them being quiet about the rest because they don’t feel the need to share, or is this coming in hot and they aren’t even sure what may be working at launch? And it’s great Miles saves will carry over. Why is it different by game? Has there been any games for Xbox where they sai
  6. They said that the new face is closer to the voice actor’s.
  7. I feel like we went thru the same thing leading up to the PS4 launch where they just did not discuss much of anything nor did they make consoles available until just a couple of weeks before launch. But it really stands out this time with MS being very transparent about everything except the games, which is the only thing Sony has been showing off. It doesn’t help Sony seems all over the place. They are charging a price for Spider-Man but not Horizon or Miles. You can carry over saves for some games but not others. And no mention of Last of Us or Ghost. A little clarity would be nice
  8. I like that. I won’t buy an Apple TV so I have stuff sitting there I can only watch on my iPhone/iPad at the moment. Think this opens the door to being able to use MS streaming on Apple?
  9. I have had no luck getting a preorder. I got as close as the complete payment screen. I have started to resign myself to the fact I will probably not be there day one for a console launch since before the original PlayStation.
  10. That is what I went with. Romier won’t agree but he is wrong.
  11. I know. It was just a little bit of fun. Nothing serious by it. It is very scary though what MS, Apple, or Amazon could do with the amount of money they have.
  12. To put this in some perspective... Sony is coming off I would assume their most successful gen with the PS4. I did not do the math, but according to another poster, between 2013-2019, Sony had a total operating profit of 8.8 billion.
  13. I’m not too worried about this. I imagine they follow the Minecraft formula. That’s just too much money spent. Not only, it seems people don’t consider the money it costs to maintain these large studios in between releases. Gamepass may have 15 million subscribers now, but that is still so small, it will only recoup them a fraction of these costs. They need sales. So you probably see smaller titles be exclusive or timed while the big AAA releases are everywhere possible.And yeah, they have all sorts of money to burn, but they didn’t get to that point by just throwing it away either.
  14. The explosive arrows were nice but I barely used them. I would mainly stealth unless I was discovered so I never really got into the habit of using them. Embarrassingly, I killed myself more times with the trap mines then any enemy. Molotov cocktails and then
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