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  1. No, but since I already pay for the 200 gb of cloud space every month, for $2 extra I had figured I would get the One package with that and Apple Arcade.
  2. Good timing for me as with my Apple TV+ sub about to run out, I was going to sign up for Apple one since I also have Music, but now I’ll wait.
  3. It took me 60 hours. Lol And you sir are a fine gentlemen as you made the only correct choice. That Romier fella does not know what he is talking about.
  4. I’m going to jump into this, though understand I can’t put my words into thoughts nearly as well as everyone else. I totally agree, the developer should be able to make the game to their vision. But I think to say not every game needs to be for everyone is a little short sighted. If I remember the figures correctly, something like 25% of the population has some sort of disability. People that would love to play a Souls game, but simply can’t. Should they be excluded thru no fault of their own? It’s a fine line, and understandably there isn’t an answer that will work for everyone. But I think more developers should take this into consideration when building their games. The vision can still be there even if they have accessibility options so more people can enjoy their game. I mean ultimately, isn’t more people playing their game what they want? And ideally, rather then have difficulty levels, make accessibility options instead, allowing people to play the game the way they want or can. That is something as a consumer, we should be able to do. Anyway, what companies like Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Ubisoft have done is great, and hopefully we reach a point where there is accessibility options in most, if not all, games.
  5. In theory, this could work. Think one character, that we create, and outfit how we want, in an open world with other players that is used for mp or side stuff, and then we can use the animus to access your single story arcs that take us to Japan, Greece, etc. These could be as big as the main story from previous games or maybe the size of one of the DLC’s with a corresponding price of course. They add new content yearly that we can pick and choose what we want to buy. I could see it working, I just don’t see Ubisoft being the ones to do it. Now Rockstar is a different story…
  6. It is just racers and cops. Pick a track and go. I don’t think you need to be logged in but one of the hooks back in the day was autolog, where it kept the best times among your friends that played the game, mainly just for bragging rights, but you would also get a small bonus for beating your friends time.
  7. Been playing around with it. It holds up well in my opinion. The game itself looks a little shinier and a little prettier, but that is it as far as the remastered part goes. It’s a shame nobody is touching this as it is still arguably the best arcade racer released in the last ten years.
  8. There is a nice story that delves into the situation over on IGN by Rebekah Valentine. It’s long but a good read. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the link to post here for some reason.
  9. I was kind of hoping the expansion would feature a side character( preferably the one that wore the Fox mask, can’t remember the name) but I’m 100% in for the PS5 upgrade.
  10. I would argue that their port of the 2013 Tomb Raider for PS3 was better then the CD 360 version. Interesting purchase indeed though. I imagine they will get their hands into a bunch of different things.
  11. Large thread on Reset also. They have to improve. They back some great smaller titles(really tired of the word indie) but it seems obvious if you aren’t lucky enough to be Chicory, Bugsnax, or Kena, they don’t help you much. A lot of it seems to boil down to a real lack of any kind of communication. They need to fix that first I think. A lot of things said about the store front and exposure but all platforms seem to have those same problems to various degrees.
  12. Probably crazy, but could they be waiting on the Bluepoint announcement to time with announcing a new game from them? There was that rumor floating around of a spiritual successor to Bloodborne in the works.
  13. The rumor is that he took the game he pitched to Stadia and went to MS with it after they said no. Something cloud based, whatever that entails.
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