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  1. I think that is exactly what Sony has become at the moment. I kind of lament the loss of that side of Sony, but as long as they are still willing to fund those type titles and I get to play them, I guess it’s not bad, just a different way of doing things. As for the article, it seems very much a click bait. I’ll admit I’m stupid when it comes to this stuff, but it doesn’t sound like anything that isn’t just mostly normal business, yet it seems framed in a way to make it sound very negative.
  2. Finally got another chance. Playing as a trickster. Just level 4, but I just pulled off a move where I teleported behind 5-6 guys on a ridge, used slow trap to stop them in place and then temporal blade to finish them off. That felt pretty bad ass.
  3. I like what I have played so far. I would have played more now if not for the constant connection issues to their servers just to play by myself.
  4. Yeah, stuff tends to go right over my head. You know who won’t clarify any of this? Sony. I don’t think they have once made any public comment on it since the announcement. And again, nothing today. They recently showed the Series X version off on IGN in a 15 minute video with Ryan McCaffrey and I don’t think he asked how this even came about. I wonder if Sony gave them this as long as they did not bring it up.
  5. Well that would be crazy since it’s a Sony San Diego developed game. And we don’t know what the preorder numbers looked like. Maybe this is simply it not being as good as hoped so they made this deal to generate some buzz and insure money. Xbox players don’t always move out of their comfort zone to try new experiences. Either way, I wasn’t paying $70 on day one so now I will download it on Xbox. But let me tell you, that initial start up will be..strange.
  6. Do you think they waited a day to announce this because yesterday was April fool’s day? Lol
  7. It seems like anything is possible now. It makes sense though. Get people to try it, get invested, maybe try dynasty mode, which generally is considered the more reasonable of the Ultimate teams, then when next year’s version comes out(assuming this continues), they can buy the new version and carry their progress over.
  8. Wow. I didn’t see that coming. Between MLB and MS, Sony must have gotten a sweetheart deal for all this.
  9. It’s on Gamepass. I will probably give it a try.
  10. Wait…you’re supposed to read that stuff? Seriously though, I didn’t. I watched the little videos and that was about it. Mainly because it’s still fresh in my mind, I thought the Medium handled it really well. I got the gist of what happened from the cutscenes while the collectibles filled in more of the details. Oh, and I don’t care how easy you make the old growth sound, fighting that thing sucks.
  11. Completed The Medium. Really liked this. It’s becoming a cliche but it’s a great Gamepass game.
  12. You don’t think they announce next month that the Xbox version will launch along side Intergrade in June?
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