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  1. Nice. The one main gripe I have, not that I suppose it’s a bad problem, but there is so much content. I finally finished Act 1 after they added on another 4-5 missions to the point where I originally thought it would be done. And then get into Act 2, and I haven’t even started it because they give you reason to go back. Lol. I’m never going to finish this game. And yes, I could ignore that stuff, but the OCD in me never allows me to. It’s the main reason I don’t finish a lot of open world games. Give me another ACII where it’s open but you can complete the entire game in 25 hours or so. And yes, I am mainly a PlayStation guy, but they should get credit for what they do at the end of each gen. I have watched MS and Nintendo just basically take the last couple of years of each current gen off when they start to transition to the next one, while Sony releases games like God of War II, The Last of Us, and now this year, Ghost, and The Last of Us Part II. Just fantastic.
  2. The advantage of being a market leader. MS had no problem locking in at least timed exclusive material during the 360 era. Spencer only changed his tune when Xbox could no longer lock in the those exclusives. And don’t get me wrong, it sucks, even as someone that was getting this on PlayStation. Any chance this just a timed exclusive? This is a pretty huge character to lock out of one console for a game they plan on building on for the next couple of years. it’s too bad the hate this will bring, because as someone that has followed it, I feel like each time they have shown off the game, it’s looked better and better. There is a weekend beta this month also with quite a bit of content to try out for anyone interested.
  3. Maybe I’m over estimating the money part of it. With the massive shift to digital, especially these past few months, maybe the money they make from sales on their store fronts is enough to offset enough of the lost subscription money to just want everyone on there for free. In that scenario, they could stay $10 for Gamepass, with Ultimate being $15. And anyone that paid for Gold, they could just switch the remainder of that time over to a Gamepass subscription, instantly having an extra 20-30 million people trying it out, showing them why they should stay subscribed once their time is up.
  4. I brought that up a few pages ago. I think it’s a very real possibility. Compared it to Prime where you can get a year for $119, and then they could keep the $15 a month fee. The only problem is you’re asking people that just want to play Madden or COD online to spend more money, and I don’t know that the added benefits would be worth it to those people. Nor would I consider it consumer friendly. And it still goes against the rumor of online play just being free period. Can both these companies just announce their plans, prices and launch dates already. And apparently they have also removed the 12 and 24 month options for Gold from the employee’s store.
  5. It could just be for this one game. Since Halo is becoming a games as service, it benefits them to have as many people playing as possible. I would not be surprised to see them follow the Destiny model with cosmetics, season pass, and then one large expansion every year. But then again, Jeff Grubb seems to hit more with his info then he misses. It will be interesting to see what they announce.
  6. I don’t know. I will believe it when they announce it. Game pass is currently 10 million subscribers, but how many those are on the dollar deals? Gold I believe was around 40 million. That’s a lot of extra income to make up. And I can’t imagine they make the same margin off Gamepass that they did Gold.
  7. They signed a deal a few months ago to make non simulation(such as NBA Playgrounds and WWE Battlegrounds) football games with the NFL. And they just announced a deal with the players association for all names and likenesses. Madden still has the right to simulation football thru 2026.
  8. PS5 for me. Sony’s games speak to me in a way the games on Xbox currently do not. I need the next Horizon, God of War, Spider-Man, etc. Kind of funny, while Gamepass seems to be most people’s reason for getting a Series X, that and having an X is the reason I can wait. I’ll be perfectly content playing on my X until the need to upgrade which seems at least a year away, probably longer because Fable, Forza, and Avowed don’t seem anywhere close. I’m planning on $500 for the console. And then the rest I’m not sure yet. There asr still things we need to learn before I decide on everything. And whether I go with a drive or without will come down to pricing. If we are talking just a $50, which seems likely, then I will probably go physical. Though I still plan on buying most stuff digitally.
  9. Hey, Modern Warfare 2 is available right now for those interested.
  10. I feel like I’m only halfway thru act 1, there is so much to do, so I’m only going off a discussion I was listening to the other day. But they were talking about this same thing. And apparently act 2 will get a nice bump, they started it feeling the same way and the enemy type kicked their ass to the point where they were forced to be careful and strategic with their encounters. So here’s hoping.
  11. We will not see an end to consoles until every household can have a good broadband connection. The way things are right now, I don’t see that happening by 2027-28. I like that they have a differing strategies. It makes owning all 3 more viable to me. But I also feel as MS keeps mixing the message. One moment it’s we care about you being in our eco system no matter what you’re on, the next is all about the more powerful hardware and we have some flexibility to compete with whatever Sony does price wise. I don’t feel their messaging is always the best.
  12. Just saw this. Said something similar in the Halo thread. Really beginning to wonder if they are going to use Gamepass to monetize the hell out of everyone. I was excited to see what they had to show today, and generally I thought everything was solid. There are games I look forward to. But it was never more clear to me that I don’t need this at launch with the simple announcement that ray tracing will be available in a future patch for Halo.
  13. Whether they want to call it that or not, it seems they are basically creating their version of Destiny. In motion it looked good to me and that matters most. But with Halo, Everwild, and possibly Fable, Forza, and State of Decay, it seems like their tent pole first party games are going to be a games as service with smaller games filling in the more traditional experience on Gamepass. I hope I’m looking at this wrong, because otherwise it seems they are giving you great value, but then using those games as a “platform” to keep you invested and spending over a long period of time, above the monthly Gamepass cost.
  14. I thought Polygon had an interesting take on the event and Gamepass... But with Game Pass, Microsoft has a different M.O. It needs people locked into the ecosystem, not any individual game. So the company needs to provide lots of new things, not just one mega-game. For that reason, we’re likely to see a bunch of shorter games with lots of variety of play, diversifying the subscriber base and diversifying subscribers’ interests, making it hard for them to leave. The hits will be different, and they’ll be judged differently, but there will be more of them, and you’ll pay less to access them all. They make a good point. With Netflix, you stay subscribed, because while they don’t have many original blockbusters, they have so much new content, you are always bound to find something you like.
  15. I picked the black horse, named him Kage(Shadow) of course.
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