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  1. That's a pretty extensive list-I know I've run into a couple of those issues so far. There still doesn't seem to be a way to hide all the community photos on the map though. I really don't care that someone took a picture in a specific spot that the game wants me to like. Part of the appeal of a game like this is to make icons on the map go away, and adding more that don't mean anything isn't helping (besides the fact that sometimes they obscure other things on the map). What's weird is that this option was there in Odyssey and Origins.
  2. It's 15 bucks on XBL right now-thought about picking it up as well, but I still haven't finished the original Hitman. Wondering if it's one of those games I'll just never get around to...
  3. That's pretty cool-given that fact that it's not really getting direct HW access, I don't think the X would give much of a benefit over the S. Shame it's all UWP though.
  4. You should definitely be able to do something there, if it's the house I'm thinking of. Torches burn poison cloud away. I also figured out that the incendiary arrow skill you get early on basically gives you bomb arrows, which can destroy those rock walls that you needed the oil jars to break before. Very useful for exploration! So far, basic mobs are pretty easy, but bosses are much, much harder. Figuring out the parry timing seems to help though-I almost never use this except on bosses, mostly because the regular enemies are dying in 2-3 hits. I'd heard good thin
  5. Looking for some other recommendations for my (soon to be 9 year old) son. Things that have worked well so far: Exploding Kittens has been appreciated because it's silly (and easy to learn), and King of Tokyo went over well too. I like trying to get at least one new board game at Christmas, but not sure what to try. Theme is important to him, so if there's something Gaming skinned, Marvel, or maybe Star Wars, then that might be a winner.
  6. Yeah, I haven't done much on there yet because I wanted to get to a higher power level first. I was starting to clear out a bunch of Norway stuff, and then I remembered the "get out of the hinterlands" argument, so advanced at least a little more. I'm up to 3 of the main quest paths cleared (3 different map areas) as well as a whole pile of other random stuff. Looks like you can go back to Norway if you want though, just select the Atlas on the menu. A little annoying that clearing off the skill tree (and then refunding the skills) doesn't permanently remove the clouds. Given
  7. Yeah, saw that it was marked down, but thinking I'll wait until the SeriesX optimized version is out. Also, I have a feeling that this is destined for GamePass at some point.
  8. I don't think I found that one yet. One of the best ones I've seen so far is just this simple exchange you have with someone who doesn't realize that he has an axe stuck in his skull. Lots of fun bits of story to discover that's making me comb back over the map for those points of interest to see what's there.
  9. Tales from the Galaxy's Edge is out today. Downloading now, and hoping to get a chance to try it out tonight. I actually enjoyed Vader Immortal quite a bit for what it was, so hoping for more cool Star Wars stuff in VR.
  10. The flyting is really kind of like the Monkey Island insult swordfighting, and it's great. It also has the benefit of unlocking extra dialog in a few places, which has already come in handy. For the dice game, the AI seems to base its picks on what gets it god favours, which are regular symbols with the dashed line around them. Not a terrible idea to build these up, but not at the expense of everything else.
  11. Did the XB1X display the dashboard in HDR? I notice it switches back and forth when you're in/out of games. I suppose not every game is going to support HDR (although the auto HDR feature should mitigate most of that), but given that more will than won't, it'd be nice to have it be HDR across the board.
  12. From the one review I read it looks like they took our the mass auto-tagging. I think you can manually mark targets, but it did make things a little easy in Odyssey to locate every enemy in an area. I haven't missed it much, mostly because I've been foregoing stealth in favour of just going in loud and chopping off heads. You can also use the down on the dpad menu to start a raid or call allies for some help with the head chopping.
  13. There's a BIG windup on it, but it's worth it. I still haven't switched from the 2 handed axe since I got it though. The bearded axe is OK, and the flail was even slower than the dane axe, but I found I wasn't using the shield much, so went for power attacks and dodging instead.
  14. I actually went in and got it through the store last night. If you go to the store page for it, there's a "try now with ea play" option, that does a $0 purchase for the game. See what the experience is later today, but I appreciate at least being able to give it a shot for free. When I checked last week, the EA play app wasn't working on series X, but it might be there now?
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