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  1. So much for this being a good travel/laptop game. I have a decent developer machine (i7, 32 GB, and an onboard GTX 1050), but this game still seems to be a GPU hog. I suppose I am trying to run it at 4k though Might try 1080p to see if that helps.
  2. Went to check this out today, and apparently it thinks my epic account is in the US? Hopefully that's an easy fix-I only have a couple of freebies on my account, so worst case I can delete/recreate, but still a pain in the ass. Anyone ever dealt with trying to get this fixed with them?
  3. It was just loose in the box if I remember, so I assumed you had access to it the whole time (at least I don't think it was in an envelope).
  4. Either that or a dump truck full of money? I'm glad they're doing the Jane-Thor in the movies, and it'll be interesting to see whether they pull in the cancer stuff as well, since that's a bunch of setup. I'd like to think that everyone is on board and excited about making something cool though.
  5. Just wait until you start unlocking more classes. And have you used the language decoder card yet?
  6. It looked like he only had the one sword in that trailer. Never read any of the books though, or made it through the first two games actually, so was the steel/silver thing something that came up in the witcher 3?
  7. Is it confirmed that's what that was? I just saw this today, and figured Fury was off in space working on something larger (that might be hinted at with more "cosmic" stuff coming), but never connected the dots that it could be the Peak. Galactus as the new Thanos-level threat? Agreed that they nailed Mysterio though. The whole thing was a little telegraphed, but the bit where spidey was fighting Mysterio's illusions was great stuff. Seemed like it did a really good job of filling in the gaps post-endgame. Really looking forward to seeing where they go next!
  8. The only trick with that ride is keep focusing straight ahead. Look out the side, and it's much more likely that you'll get sick. The illusion in that ride is pretty cool.
  9. If they're following the last bits of comics, Thor Odinson becomes "unworthy" of mjoniir, and it goes to Jane Foster, who is dying of cancer. Every time she transforms, she undoes whatever treatment she's been through, so being Thor was slowly killing her. Some great stuff in that run.
  10. I was wondering how that'd look without a vector monitor. I actually just played an original one of these on Monday-a friend of mine has an original sit down SW cabinet, and it does flicker quite a bit. The standup version will never quite be the same... Neat to see the artwork on these though. I wonder why they're selling them with the official risers though, and not just making them taller to begin with? Can't be that much more expensive from a materials cost.
  11. Congrats-the roller coaster is an awesome build! I haven't really bought into the creator expert vehicles, so no real interest in the HD. Not sure about the new VIP scale either. Haven't done the math yet, but I think they've devalued the points a little. If nothing else, it looks like it's in local currency, so the loophole of points mapping to USD at the same rate as CAD is gone.
  12. I don't think so. This is more likely just a standard component/board refresh that left room for a larger/better battery. Might even be hard to distinguish while both are on shelves.
  13. Well, that got me to install the epic launcher again. Wonder if there's a way to launch into that from Steam Big Picture (like I can with GOG stuff), or if I'll have to launch with the KB in the den?
  14. So it's looking like the plan for next February's trip is to do 5d at the 3 Universal parks, and take a day to just do DHS and Star Wars. It'll be an expensive day trip, and not sure if there are any deals to be had if you only do a single day, but it's probably the best chance to go see Galaxy's Edge for the next several years.
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