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  1. I don't think so. This is more likely just a standard component/board refresh that left room for a larger/better battery. Might even be hard to distinguish while both are on shelves.
  2. Well, that got me to install the epic launcher again. Wonder if there's a way to launch into that from Steam Big Picture (like I can with GOG stuff), or if I'll have to launch with the KB in the den?
  3. So it's looking like the plan for next February's trip is to do 5d at the 3 Universal parks, and take a day to just do DHS and Star Wars. It'll be an expensive day trip, and not sure if there are any deals to be had if you only do a single day, but it's probably the best chance to go see Galaxy's Edge for the next several years.
  4. Yeah, I know a couple of people who are doing the home xbox trick to share content, but honestly, is that any different from friends passing discs/carts between each other? Thinking about things in terms of something like Gamepass, if it were to work like Netflix, I could see a premium/tiered plan of "N concurrent devices" with sub accounts.
  5. Yup, you only get access to one of them, although I've been playing with "respec" rules where you can re-roll your cards if you want. Haven't really had to much yet though-just about all the cards seem viable given play styles. You can take the other l2 card at l3 if you want, but I haven't really found a scenario where I don't want the higher level card yet.
  6. OK, that's what I thought-so logging in elsewhere will boot you off the other system. Good to know that logging into the X gives other profiles access too. Mentioned this in the switch thread, but someone really needs to come up with a "family library" feature like on Google Play.... Not sure if there's a catch there that I'm missing, but it seems to work pretty well for sharing access to purchased content. Hell, even if it's only applicable for child accounts, or accounts at the same billing address, that'd be enough.
  7. Likely going to be a problem. I think if you're online it'll work, and if it's your primary switch it'll work, but it'll probably be dicey if you have multiple accounts. Everyone is going to need to address this sooner or later. Mobile seems to have it figured out (Google Play supports a "family library").
  8. Question for someone with multiple Xboxes and a bunch of digital games. Consider this scenario: -Xbox A: User 1 (Home Xbox), User 2 (child account) -Xbox B: User 1 and User 2 (nobody's home console) I know that on Xbox A, 1 and 2 can play anything 1 owns, even if offline, but I wanted to check: -If I sign U1 and U2 into xbox B, can U2 access U1's games under their profile/saves? -If U1 signs into Xbox B, do they get booted off Xbox A? -If U1 signs into Xbox A offline, can they still sign into Xbox B? Trying to figure out the best way to share games with my kids on their own profiles if multiple consoles are in the mix.
  9. As part of project "buying all new series in trades instead of singles", I finally got Vol 1 of Kieron Gillen's Die last month, and I'm actually glad I waited. Much better to read the whole arc in one shot, and it's much easier to be able to flip back and refer back to previous issues to help keep characters straight. Definitely worth a look though-it's basically a take on the old D&D cartoon (which they acknowledge), crossed a bit with Stephen King's It (adults reuniting to confront a childhood tragedy). Very interested to see where it goes, and whether it holds up long term. It seems like an ideal contained series, but not sure how far out they want to stretch it.
  10. Yeah, buying another device would certainly work, and I've looked at stuff like the nvidia shield, but given the amount of hardware I have lying around, I wanted to see if there was a way to reuse any of it before buying more stuff. Honestly, the other device that would work really well could be a used Xbox One. It integrates perfectly with a harmony, has all the apps on it, and has the added bonus of being able to play games on it.
  11. Has anyone experimented with building media server endpoints on PC hardware? I have the Kodi stuff working just fine, but the netflix plugin seems to be really unreliable. There also don't seem to be any really good remote-capable apps on Windows for things like Amazon and Netflix, so I can just use a HT mouse/keyboard, but I'd like to have everything in one place. I've also got a bunch of extra PCs around (including a couple of intel NUCs), and I was looking at trying to install Android TV on them to try out, but that seems to be harder than it sounds. There's an unofficial build floating around that I started trying to mess with in a VM, but I couldn't get networking to work with the virtual ethernet adapter. Not sure if it's worth it or not. Main reason I'm looking is that my Dad wanted a device that could access amazon, netflix, and ideally Disney+ later in the year. Tried an amazon fire stick, but it was garbage (couldn't keep a connection). He's got a Kodi PC that I built him, and you can set stuff up on there through browser shortcuts, but it's far from ideal. Could go buy something new, but if I can repurpose some existing hardware, that would be ideal.
  12. I've stayed at both Cabana and Aventura for work, and both are walkable to the parks/citywalk (maybe 15 mins) if you don't want to wait for the shuttle. Endless Summer looks like much more of a hike. Aventura is the nicer of the two hotels just because it's more compact (Cabana is very wide), but Cabana has a bigger pool area and in-resort activities for kids etc that look neat.
  13. Never been to that one, but even the less expensive hotels are a short walk. Looking at Cabana bay, since I know that place has a good onsite pool as well, and it's still close, but strange that it's cheaper to get 2 interconnecting rooms than a 2 bedroom unit, although booking 2 rooms doesn't guarantee that you're going to get connecting ones.
  14. That looks...ok? The animatronics seem decent now, but I've never been to the Hollywood version of JP. Is it basically the same as the one at IoA? Actually looking at taking the kids down to do Universal next Feb. One really wants to see Harry Potter, and the onsite hotels are a pretty good deal. Might try to take a day in there to go see SW at DHS if it's all up and running, but doing a single day at any Disney park is really pricey (up to $109).
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