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  1. Yeah, that snuck up on me too. I got to the last hub, and all of a sudden couldn't go back? I guess that's what the "prepare" warning was after the Ford levels. I did appreciate that there was new post-game dialogue with all the characters, so you had a reason to go back beyond finding the last shiny things. I'd forgotten all about the Napoleon level in the original. What the hell, it's back compatible, so let's see how the X enhancements work
  2. Finished this off today, and I think I want to go back and replay the original to see how it holds up. I was thinking about whether or not the gameplay was more varied back then, and I'm not so sure. The lungfishopolis level changed the scale, but even levels like the milkman conspiracy and black velvet (I think) just changed the look and feel, but you were still collecting figments, baggage etc and getting to the end. Could be misremembering though-it's been years since I played it. Psychonauts 2 is a really incredible achievement though, and I hope more people play it. The scale is incredibly ambitious, there is no way that I expected that many levels and hub areas to explore. Ended up getting 100% on it (although I probably spent as long on the last of the collectibles as I did getting to that point), but it was a world that I absolutely wanted to see more of. Only real complaint on the collectibles is that it might have been nice to have a "figment detector" or something to find the last few, or at least having the later, huge, levels broken down a little more (those fucking bananas in the bob level...). The level with the band is probably my favourite looking back on it, but I also thought that last level was a neat concept. Either way, the way they set up the depictions of the different minds and mental problems is just incredible. The game show level is probably the most unique (and gross...), but I did like the way the food was excited to be cooked.
  3. That trailer is getting my hopes up for that Sandman series. Looking forward to it!
  4. Ended up trying to split the difference between buying everything, and something slightly saner: Expensive, but so far everything except splice and dice fits in the standard box if I take out the top tray. Looks like they also have a crowdfunding campaign coming for a third expansion.
  5. That's exactly what I thought. Not only a drip feed of new retro games, but saying that they're going to charge more for them? Look, I'm paying for NSO because my son plays a lot of smash and splatoon online, but no way am I going up to a higher tier for things that I can already play on five different devices that are already in my house.
  6. Isn't that the same port as they did to mobile? Seemed like a bizarre announcement in the direct after the remake being in the news.
  7. Not sure where to grab this honestly. Probably Xbox, although the PC version would also work well on the Steam Deck this fall. DPad on the XB1X controller is probably the best of those though.
  8. Looks like it's a straight up remake? I went back and played ActRaiser a couple of years ago, and it didn't really age well. Hopefully the action sequences aren't as stiff as in the original.
  9. Yeah, that's a far cry from a 10h wait though. But that crowd is big, close, and mostly maskless-they haven't put in a vax mandate there, have they? Seems like an outbreak waiting to happen now.
  10. Too bad that Shang-Chi isn't on there until the 12th, given that Eternals opens the week before. Maybe things will be stable enough here that we could go see that one in a theatre?
  11. That looks kind of neat as far as a themed restaurant goes. I'd certainly check it out, although it'll be impossible to get reservations. Is there any actual elevator at play in there, or is it just a room? I did think the whole group of people walking around filming the whole thing was kind of funny though. Understandably, it's a preview event and they're probably all youtubers, but the cast have to be commended for just taking that kind of thing in stride.
  12. That's going to be telling. Usually, they'll close off a line, but then anyone still in line at the end of the day still gets on. I would have waited in a 4h line to get on that ride if it was an option the last time I was there instead of just losing the BG lottery...
  13. Done: Final tally was 108 attempts, and the last few achievements were just waiting on the right RNG. Getting to the epilogue is neat, and I'm still amazed that I don't think I had a single repeated line of dialogue the whole time. If I were to go back and do anything, it'd probably be to try some of the aspects that I didn't get a chance to try out as much (the alt for the rail seems neat). Last run I did was with the bow, the aspect of hera, and Artemis' cast. I added on boons that took the bloodstone drop time to 1.2s, and then got exit wounds up to 120 damage on drop. This meant: load cast into bow (x3), power shot (bow damage + 3 cast damages), then pick up stones 1.2s later after they've done another 360 damage (assuming the target survives. Definitely the most time I've spent with a Supergiant game yet. I really need to go back and finish Pyre and Transistor, since I barely touched those two.
  14. Mostly because I have several hundred dollars of Assassin's creed sitting there untouched, as well as Middara, and there are still some Gloomhaven scenarios we haven't finished, so spending a pile of money on new TMB expansions that we might not get to seems like a bad idea. Doesn't mean I won't do it, it'll just take some more justification Thanks for the recommendations though. Undertow looks like the best option if you're just getting one thing. Any thoughts on the standalone Gearlocs? I was looking at Ghille and Dart, along with Splice and Dice, Undertow Age of Tyranny and the premium health this morning, which I think got close to $500 CAD.
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