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  1. Given that they're leaving the actual olympics as "Tokyo 2020" (just held in 2021), I don't think there's much they need to change. I actually grabbed this last week for my son (who tried the demo and wanted to spend his birthday money on it). It's not bad-a little like the old Summer/Winter games on the c64 really.
  2. Modelling here is showing anywhere between 3000 and 15000 deaths over the next 18-24 months. Scary numbers for sure, but they could have been a lot worse. Someone said the other day that this whole thing is like a group project in school-we all get dragged down by that one asshole who doesn't do their part of it. Given the lack of consistency between different jurisdictions, there's no telling how this goes long term. Consider that the other day I heard that 4 billion people are under some level of social distancing right now, which is all well and good, but what about the other 3B (not to mention the ones who are doing things half-assed right now)? This is probably only round one... The warmer it gets here, the harder this is going to be to enforce... They're ticketing people for ignoring the restrictions though, including trying to use closed city facilities. Yes, it sucks, but if that's what it takes to get past this, then so be it. On the plus side, when I went to the grocery store last night, stocks seemed much better. Not 100%, but fewer things that were completely unavailable. Could be luck of the draw though. People are generally in decent humour about the situation, and were just trying to get their stuff. I'm good to not leave the house for another week I think.
  3. OK, that side angle makes those bumpers look a little more reasonable. Dead on it looked like they stuck up way too much. Built in mic is a good idea. It likely won't be very good for serious use, but if there are cases where voice chat/control are required, then it would make sense. Wonder if they'd try to do a deal with Amazon for Alexa integration or something like that?
  4. Finally started this one (thanks gamepass!) the other day, and it's...OK? I still think the original was the best of the games, but I can appreciate the desire to make each of the games a unique genre, kind of like what Oddworld Inhabitants was always meaning to do. That being said, I've never actually played a Dark Souls game, so not sure how this compares. With the different elemental hollows, I was actually thinking it reminded me of Azurik on the original Xbox (especially how the elements match the button colours) So far I've been relying mostly on the range of the main whip, but I've been changing it up with the two elemental bits I've picked up so far. I don't think you can switch between them on the fly (I know you can't in midair), and I haven't found any indication in-world of elemental weaknesses for certain enemy classes. I've also noticed that all of the upgrades (like the armor upgrades) are super expensive. I managed to grab one of them, but I think the next one is 10k souls, and I think I'd rather spend those on stat boosts? I'll probably keep at it, and we'll see if the traversal starts to make a little more sense. There's a little metroid there, but with no map, I still don't have a good sense of how the world fits together. Might just mean more time with it.
  5. Yeah, I've been down to the last few series of singles that are still wrapping up. East of West is done, as is Wicked and the Divine, so I think it's just Sex Criminals and Saga left (if that ever comes back from hiatus), plus whatever I feel like in trades. It's nice not having to commit to something, and to be able to read things in bigger batches. Highest I think I ever hit was 45 monthlies (maybe 50 given how many things were shipping 2x/month at that point). Needless to say that I'm now sitting in a room with at least 11000 bagged singles, in a combination of fining cabinets (legal filing cabinets can store 2 comics side by side) and longboxes. I didn't realize that retailers were paying for the books they gave out-was it always like that? Seems like they get the short end of the stick on just about everything.
  6. That whole thing is one of the best quests in the game
  7. Is it? I don't know much about how much they're selling these days, but I suppose breakdown would be DM singles, DM/Mass market trades, and digital, right? I wonder what the sales and profit breakdowns on those are? Also, the "sales" in singles are helped by the fact that retailers can't return unsold books, which means it's hard to find books on the shelves if retailers don't REALLY know their customers/area and order carefully. FCBD helped people get into stores (which isn't happening this year), but I kind of wonder how many new regulars that spawned. I'd bet that the majority of singles are sold to guys in their late 20s-mid 40s, many of whom are buying out of momentum. I don't think you have near as many 15 year olds with a 25 book a month habit as when I was 15 (not to mention that would be what-well over 100 bucks a month at this point?).
  8. Hard to say. I'd stopped buying just about all the monthly titles I used to get, and even trying to dip back into things wasn't really working. I grabbed that big house of X/Powers of X HC, and other than a couple of really cool ideas around Moira McTaggert, I wasn't super impressed. As someone who had read a LOT of X-Men over the years, but then been out of it for maybe the past three, nothing really made much sense. I've had a comics pull list at one LCS or another for 30 years now, but I think this is the first time that things have shut down this far. I think Marvel and DC are probably fine to continue in some form, since their characters are valuable, but is this when Disney finally decides to pull the plug on publishing? They'd still own the IP, and would continue to make movies, games, attractions etc, but do they really need to keep a monthly spider-man comic in print to keep people interested in the character? More positively, I wonder if this could lead to a change in the way that comics publishing approaches things. Right now it's running on inertia of a monthly schedule. Books like Avengers, Batman, X-Men, etc have to ship once a month (or maybe 14 times a year in some cases), at 22 pages, on into eternity. Titles come and go, but basically it's a monthly grind in a lot of cases. What if things took a more story-focused approach? Continuity could still be a thing, but start publishing things as novels instead of periodicals, and don't feel the need to solicit/publish/create stories where there isn't a desire to. You can tell that in the past, there's been a lot of "fill in" work where writer X doesn't have a great Spider-Man story to tell, or worse that they need a delay to get from event X to event Y so they just have to run in place for a month. Sure, you get the occasional gem out of that stuff, but more often than not it's filler. I guess the point is, treat the characters as a toybox, let people pitch ideas, and use them when you have to, but don't feel the need to play with everything all the time. Note that it also doesn't mean that you couldn't have 10 people working on an X-Men book for 6 months, but then nobody in the 6 months after. More creators could get the chance to write the books that they wanted to, and you could get some more interesting stories and perspectives out of it. Either way, things are going to change in comics. I just hope that the people who make them get to keep doing so.
  9. So no split tunnel VPN I take it? That's the way around something like this, but some VPN services are set up that once the tunnel is up, it funnels everything through it. Second device might be the only way around that. It has been interesting these past couple of weeks how much quieter it's been. Email and Teams traffic is down, which is odd because a-we're busy, and b-we're just as effective as in the office. Maybe some people are more reticent to reach out online than in person, but I don't think very much so. I'm just going to write it off to more where we're at in a dev cycle than anything else. Everyone on my team has their bits they're working on cleaning up right now, and I'm neck deep in next release research and planning, which is nice to be able to focus on anyway. Part of the advantage to working from home is that nobody looks at you funny if you're talking to yourself to work through a problem
  10. Well, that was certainly something. Much more experimental than I'd expect from something at that scale. It looked and sounded like a AAA game, but had the vibe of a small indie project, which isn't something you see a lot of. It's also a great gamepass game, and hopefully that means more people will check it out.
  11. Neat-I just noticed that Reaper offers free shipping over $75 to Canada, so maybe I'll give that a shot. Got through the last of the town records stuff in Gloomhaven last night, and while we've still got a bunch of other scenarios that we could run in the main game, decided to open up forgotten circles since I wanted to start a Diviner and see what she could do. Got as far as choosing cards/perks, so will probably try the first expansion scenario this weekend. It is a little strange to unlock a new class, and then immediately have to level them up to 7 to be able to match the other characters-it just means having to guess at which of the upgraded cards you really want to use.
  12. Once everything gets back to normal, I wonder how long it'll be before everyone forgets all of this? I was reading this article about how asymptomatic carriers are driving the spread of this thing, and one of the things that struck me was the comment that even if governments had tried to lock things down earlier, compliance would have been incredibly difficult (even moreso than now). Now that the shit has most definitely hit the fan, I'd hazard a guess that the general public now knows way more about epidemiology than they did two months ago, and many understand why things are the way they are now. That means that if things go as predicted, and we see a second wave starting, it should be easier to start another distancing period later in the year because everyone knows that a-it's serious, and b-what to expect. Now fast forward 10 years-if there's another outbreak of something new, we'll probably still be prepared to react to it a little faster than this time around since the memory is still more fresh. But in 20 or 30 years? Who knows... As for the asymptomatic carriers, it definitely sounds like this virus is a different animal than the other coronaviruses that we've dealt with in the past, so I can see why the initial models were what they were. You can't fault a doctor for using the data they have to make a prediction. In this case, new data may prove things differently, but that's why scientists are all willing to admit when they're wrong. I did like the comment to the likes of "everyone should act like they're infected with this thing", which is probably the best we can do right now.
  13. I think a lot of people looked at the reports of "you're not ready for a viral pandemic", "you're not ready for massive climate change" and "you're not ready for an alien invasion" with about the same degree of certainty. Nobody thought it would really happen. The fallout from this could very well be taking it seriously for another 10, 15, even 30 years? I know Toronto may have fared slightly better because of the experience with SARS (at least that's still recent enough that people remember it), but, as someone once said "nobody expects the Spanish inquisition!" Also, remember how we were talking about using location data: https://www.blog.google/technology/health/covid-19-community-mobility-reports/
  14. So playing Gloomhaven the other night, I noticed that our minis were looking very, very plain. Given that we can't go outside, if I wanted to start trying to paint some of those, what did you guys find helpful starting out?
  15. That's pretty eye opening. Now, the question is, do things rebound almost as fast as they dropped? Not sure about the US, but up here, I know that there are government wage subsidies in place to try to keep people employed, but also cases where people needed to be laid off in order to be able to collect unemployment benefits, which have seen record numbers of applications as expected. Assuming this shutdown period lasts in its current state until September, then is it too optimistic to think that half of those who were laid off might be re-hired by October (or perhaps the end of the year)? Some industries will take way longer to recover (if ever), but maybe some will be able to bounce back? I really have no idea.... For now, just focusing on staying put, staying employed, and staying busy...
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