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  1. Neat-I'd still be really interested in seeing what the value prop looks like for developers on gamepass. There has to be some sort of "pay per download" or "pay based on time played" or something, right? How that works out with streaming vs console/pc would also be really interesting. I doubt we'll ever find out, unless it makes it out as part of the apple/epic lawsuit. I wonder how similar it is to something like Netflix?
  2. I remember hearing that even some of the stuff they had back at opening got scaled back, like the "bright suns" greetings, and the in-universe food descriptions. I can see the buy-in for the hotel being a little more...aggressive though. Also definitely easier with a smaller group. Given the number of guests trying to get into Galaxy's Edge, the less you have to explain, the better. Hadn't even thought of that. My daughter would lose her mind over that (the park was overload enough last year).
  3. Yeah, I just didn't have time for a lot of the video content. I'd watch the occasional thing over several days (like those Mario Party videos or the E3 shows), but I was content to pay for the premium membership to let those guys keep doing the podcast. For a while I was keeping up with both the Bombcast/Beastcast when I was driving to work and had a 60-90min commute each way, but I stopped listening to the beastcast after Covid (and after they brought the Hot Spot back as a premium thing) because I just fell too far behind.
  4. Yeah, I watched a bit of the first season of Rebels, but then my son lost interest. Same with Clone wars, so I just started going on without him.
  5. I suppose you really need to see all of clone wars first, don't you. I should really get back to that-ended up somewhere in season 2 I think?
  6. Those patents are cool (and definitely fodder for a homebrew version). Have there been any rumblings about what that hotel is actually going to cost? I can't think of a parallel other than a cruise, but that's usually much longer. I have a feeling I'll go eventually (especially if it means actually getting to go on Rise of the Resistance), but we'll see when travel is actually a thing again.
  7. So apparently after getting sold last year, Vinny, Brad and Alex announced that they were leaving on today's bombcast: https://kotaku.com/vinny-caravella-alex-navarro-and-brad-shoemaker-leave-1846822092 Sounds like more to come this week, but this definitely sucks. I followed the whole crew over from Gamespot when GB started, so that podcast has been a constant for a lot of years now.
  8. That lightsaber looks...wrong? The handle seems too long and the blade too thin, but I suppose that some concessions are in order to make it actually retract. I also notice it was held perfectly upright before extending-hopefully there's a way to keep it on a belt or something before extending (or that it can extend at an angle). You might do something like that with a small electromagnet holding the base in (that could reverse polarity to extend the blade perhaps)?
  9. It's really about time Psychonauts landed on there. I think that got an X enhancement, but I never got around to checking it out. Last playthrough was on the PC. Not sure if I'll go back to that before the sequel or not.
  10. More helmets! I really need to clean those shelves too...
  11. Has anyone else run into a strange bug on the Series X where bits of games will be running too quickly? I noticed it in Prey, mostly with the background pulse effect on some of the menu options, but it's much more obvious in Star Wars Squadrons. If I resume in the hangar, all of the background characters seem to be moving at roughly double speed. At first I thought it was specific to the FPS boost in Prey, but Squadrons doesn't list that feature, so it might be something else. Quitting/restarting the game fixes it, but it seems there's something strange going on with game resume (not even
  12. So, that Star Wars pinball collection is...ok? The physics are typical for digital pinball, where things are a little "snappier" than reality. You still have to aim, but a shot will almost always complete in exactly the same way. You won't get rattling around a ramp entrance, a reject, or a random ball flying off a habitrail like you might on a real machine. That aside though, there are some cool "impossible" tricks, like a multiball with the shards of a blown up ball on the Rogue One table, and bits of playfield that swap in and out. It also shows that the screens on the original quest r
  13. I don't think I've ever played any of these Zen tables, but this looks neat: 3d for digital pinball is really cool, so as long as the physics work, it should be neat! Still not the real thing, but Zen has always tried to do things that aren't possible in reality, which I appreciate. I also like the callback to the Special Edition trailer-nice touch.
  14. And finished. It does get significantly easier as you go through and get some more upgrades. I stuck to the human trees, since I had a feeling that taking too many of the Typhon powers would come at a significant cost in the end. Upgraded the shotgun, got the ability to fortify turrets, and blew through the rest of the enemies I ran into. Even that Nightmare typhon didn't end up being too bad most of the time (combat focus plus six or seven shotgun blasts). I ended up getting just about everything in roughly 30 hours, and agreed that it's a few hours too long. Not sure what you'd cut (I
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