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  1. Thanks! I'll have to spend some time with that. Also means updating my account on BGG with an up to date collection for easier search I suppose. I ordered some of those magnets to try making at least a set of resource card trays, and I have an idea for a score tracker that does something similar to replace the piece of paper with old Trivial Pursuit pies that we're using now.
  2. For boardgame inserts, is there a good resource that lists which ones are any good? Thingiverse seems to have no shortage of organizers, but it seems like finding something that's the exact right edition for a game may be a challenge. I have an old Catan edition that might have slightly different sized cards than the ones in the pictures, so not sure what would fit. May just use some as inspiration and design my own. I do really like this idea though (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2945049) and those magnets are cheap, so I may start with something like that and see what I can come up w
  3. I wanted to try making something with gears, since I think the idea of 3d printing mechanical stuff is neat. I also saw this posted on Thingiverse, and thought it looked pretty awesome, so I made one: There's 25 or 30 gears in this thing, as well as the planet arms etc. Turn the wheel at the bottom and all the planets (plus the moon) orbit at the correct relative speeds. Very neat to be able to make something like this from spools of plastic, even if I can't claim any credit for the design. I did learn a few things along the way though: -Elephant foot is a real
  4. I saw a post that Amazon had them in stock here, and 20 minutes later they were still available. Gone now though.
  5. Hadn't gotten around to this one yet, so may just wait for the upgrade.
  6. I saw the mention of the corded connection, but that doesn't preclude a hybrid. I don't think they'd do it, but it'd be an interesting path for a console maker to take (using a console to drive higher fidelity VR experiences, while still allowing mobile VR at lower quality). Glad to see that they're interested in more VR though!
  7. Presumably this would be inside-out tracking as well? Given that they're talking up a new controller, what are the odds that it's possible to run this standalone for wireless games, and tethered for higher end stuff? Basically, a Sony-branded Oculus Quest with Link capability?
  8. Gotcha-I was able to import all the 1 content into 2 and start over there (which I probably would have done anyway). Strangely, it said I needed to buy the GOTY upgdate in-game, but when I went out to manage content, all the legacy packs were there. Looks like it has HDR support, and I went for quality + unlocked framerate on the series X, since I'm pretty sure that the extra horsepower will be able to handle both. I'll probably get to the 3 content in a few months at this rate
  9. So it looks like they're selling refurb Quest 1s for $199, which is a good deal if you're thinking about trying one out. On the other hand, for $100 more you can get the more capable Quest 2, but $100 is still $100. If you're looking for a Beat Saber machine, it's not a bad deal. They also announced that Multi-account support is coming in preview. Looks like multiple accounts on the same headset for now, with family sharing to multiple headsets coming soon. Of course, you need a facebook account for each person using it, which kind of negates my kids getting their own accounts
  10. Wasn't that the whole plot of the episode? The way I remember it, the whole thing was Fozzie becoming an official "cool guy" because he booked that song for the band (I think Don Knots played upright bass on it). I have no idea why I remember that...
  11. Gotta hand it to them-that was something I didn't expect. I had to look the character up in the wikis (since the name sounded familiar), and yeah, that was definitely a pull. Might have seen something in passing (I'm sure I have an issue around that mentions the character), but not something I remembered. It's good to still be surprised by something.
  12. Next up-messing with mechanical stuff on the 3d printer. I found this (https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/home/print-in-place-spring-loaded-box) online, and thought it was a really cool idea: End result wasn't quite as good as the sample, and it took a bunch of force to free the moving parts. Ended up breaking one of the hinges on mine. I think the wall behind the main spring was also sticky, since that's a pretty large bridge. There are some clever ideas in there though, like the back wall that tapers inwards so it can print without supports (mostly). I've got
  13. Tell me about it-my son wanted to try it the other day, and it looks like crap. Interested in seeing how it ages, and whether the motion controls are better/worse than on the Wii.
  14. So after this weekend's CNC fun, I wanted to finally get a webcam set up to monitor what's going on with the snapmaker. I had a spare NUC PC that I set up with Octoprint and used a spare webcam on, and then modified this mount design (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4716778) with a new top that fit my camera: I'm just using the basic timelapse in octoprint, and it works OK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCH1A6ffjs8 Took some doing to get everything up and running on octoprint, and I may not use it to start jobs anymore because it means the filament runou
  15. I'd give Skyward Sword another chance. Didn't realize that was 10 years old though, but I suppose that checks out. It looks like the new controls are mapping the sword to the right stick in "button mode", which makes sense. It'll be interesting to see if the motion controls are better than on the Wii or not. Splatoon 3 will probably get a lot of interest from my son.
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