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  1. Really, there was no reason to buy this today, but 11am rolled around and I figured I'd see if I could get one. MS store was the only site that was loading, and after a couple of tries I got an X preordered. Better load times and multi-game resume are the killer features I guess? I'm also interested in AC Valhalla, so that'll be there, and I'm sure there's some new goodies coming on GamePass for launch. Wonder if there'll be a XSX enhanced version of Doom Eternal on there to fill the Halo void now?
  2. Right-I wonder if that means we'll see a Viv character show up at some point?
  3. So I've had this on PC for a while now, but hadn't gotten around to it until this past weekend. I kind of wanted to try playing through it in one shot because of the amount of information I knew was in there. Started yesterday afternoon and finished late last night. Wow this game is something. It reminds me a little of the Fool's Errand, but much more straightforward. It seems designed to make it so that you basically fill out the pages first, and then start to fill in the connections. The way you discover the story, and even the order the story is revealed in is brilliant, a
  4. I hadn't even thought about Obsidian and Bethesda being under the same parent now... crazy stuff. I'm also wondering what's up with that Carmack tweet. Probably nothing, since he's working on AI and Oculus stuff now, but it'd be neat to see him come back to work on Id stuff to at least some degree. As for the PS5 exclusives/publishing? Given how readily they've done things like put games on Switch, it wouldn't surprise me at all to see things like Elder Scrolls 6 on playstation (as well as day 1 on gamepass). After all-it still makes money, and if they can tie an XBL service l
  5. That looks wonderfully weird. Was that the Family Ties set in there at one point?
  6. This, except with an 8 year old. I also download a bunch of gamepass stuff just because it's there, and I might want to play it. I'd rather have something downloaded, patched, and ready to go instead of thinking I'd like to play something, then having to pull a 75GB download. I have good unlimited internet, but that still takes a while. Typically I'm only playing one or two "main" games at once, but the kid jumps around a lot more (literally-he jumps around the room when he's playing stuff...)
  7. Well that's a thing... Microsoft just picked up a shitload of IP, and some really talented devs. Now they can finally make the game that shows that Gears of War and Fallout are in the same universe?
  8. I also saw that the Saturn V and Ship in a bottle are getting re-releases this fall, so if you missed out on those, this might be the last chance to get them. Honestly, that's probably the biggest issue with the big ass lego sets-they're only available for what...18 months before they're out of print? Means that if you snooze on anything the odds of ever getting it are slim.
  9. Started in on 64, and I think it holds up as a curiosity, but I'd be really interested in what someone coming at it fresh would think. It's still astounding that this was the first stab Nintendo had at making a 3d platformer, and how much they absolutely nailed. The camera works better than it has any right to, the level design is fun, and movement just works (in most cases). Looking at 64 next to Odyssey it's also pretty obvious that the template is still intact, and for the most part that's just fine. It did strike me how small the levels in 64 are, and how crappy the draw distance is.
  10. And ANOTHER direct/18+ set for this year. A 1989 Batwing to go with the Batmobile: Looks kind of neat, and I like the option for wall mounting, but this is getting a little ridiculous. I suppose I shouldn't complain about too many cool lego sets being released in a given year, but the pace of 2 or 3 interesting ones a year fit well within space/budget constraints. I can't see anywhere I could put this one right now, so I'll probably pass. I have the 89 Batmobile and the Tumbler next to each other, and no more space.
  11. So just to confirm-the only difference between the two versions is that one has a UHD drive, and the other doesn't, right? Same guts otherwise? I was actually thinking about getting the digital one, given that there are basically no series X launch games. I can still play all the gamepass content on my Xb1X, but this would let me get spider-man, and any of the other PS4 exclusives that I missed out on not having one. It's a moot point, because nothing is available on any of the Canadian sites anymore.
  12. I was wondering the same thing, but for me it was FFX that was the last one. FF XV is on gamepass though... This new one looks like it's trying to be Game of Thrones.
  13. Yeah, tell me about it. I don't think anything is really using UWP per se anymore, but it looks like it's at least the msix format that's supposed to be able to install "regular" windows apps via the store. It's still deploying to the hidden \windowsApps folder, which is pretty difficult to navigate. I haven't really looked into it that much honestly-anything we build deploys onto end user machines using standard MSI, which works just fine. Nobody, strangely enough, has been clambering to get our stuff in the windows store
  14. Kotaku was saying an open world game? The trailer makes it look mmo-ish, but if it's closer to the witcher... Can't imagine it'd be that good though. Still, looks promising, and there's a ton of lore to draw on. Interested for sure.
  15. Well, that was a process. I had it narrowed down to the games failing all being ones that said "administrator approval required for install", which made me waste a whole bunch of time looking at admin rights. I thought the issue was that I was logged on using a domain account (onprem), and then adding my MSA to the profile, but because the store was running under the MSA, that account didn't have admin rights. Turns out that wasn't the issue at all, but it was likely the Cisco Umbrella software that my company rolled out for encrypted DNS. This is the second thing that's just black holed o
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