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  1. Fantastic news! Do we know if the 4:3 versions are remastered HD? I've had Seasons 1-12 on my Plex server with commentary tracks and subtitles for awhile now that regular get watched. If these 4:3 versions are better quality then what I have now, that's make a big difference.
  2. The rumor of Battlefront II being the second game is legit:
  3. Ok, that is precisely my method and I'd wondered if there was an easier way that I was unaware of. Seems like an easy thing to improve for the next iOS version.
  4. I think so, and this is one scenario I'm wondering if there's a better way.
  5. Is there a good video or tutorial that covers all of these? I feel like I know all of them, but wonder if I'm forgetting any and might be nice to refresh myself on the use cases.
  6. They've added so, so, so, much since launch. I've enjoyed getting back to it at times when they do big updates. Ultimately, it's just not a game that hooks me for long periods, and the best way I can describe it is the gameplay loop feels more like work or real life chores and management than a game. The last time I played I enjoyed digging up rare fossils as I found a planet that was full of them, but ultimately I get to the point of thinking, "why am I doing this?".
  7. I didn't comment on that earlier when you were deciding, but I did get 256 on my current one and it basically feels like unlimited space. The main reason I did go for 256 was for the potential to edit photos, but I never did get a workflow down for that. Maybe with the next iOS and Xcode that will start to become more of a reality.
  8. The early reaction system was different in that (if I remember correctly) it was simply an up arrow in the bottom right corner. Almost no one used it.. except for the football guys in that one thread. They used it a lot. It wasn't until the system changed to more of a "Like" system that everyone else gravitated to using it. Those guys are also why we have the custom "real face" emojis.
  9. No joke, I actually questioned on what to do with that reaction when setting up the new system. Reactions can give points or they can remain neutral. The positive reaction give 1 point and the negative ones are 0. For "stunned" I saw it either used in a positive or negative way so I left it as +1.
  10. Holy shit, I've had the code for this since May 7th, but didn't realize it because the email was sent from "The Yetee" and nothing related to Kickstarter
  11. Ecamm has a product I use called iGlasses that helps you modify the webcam output on Macs. I wonder if they're in for a payday.
  12. I think the point is most people are deficient in D. I first had mine tested in 2013 and I was low. I've been taking a supplement ever since and levels are good now. The stat she quoted was somewhere around 98% of people who died or had severe complications from Covid-19 were deficient in Vitamin D. Also that there was a disproportioned amount of people with darker skin getting Covid-19. People with darker skin are also more likely to be deficient in Vitamin D. And since low Vitamin D isn't good overall, if you are low, then you could benefit from supplementation. I didn't interpret her saying everyone should take Vitamin D.
  13. Is there always a big update in November, or is that something they have on the roadmap specifically this year?
  14. I've always liked the reaction system so I can simply say “I saw you posted and here’s what I think about it“ without having to make a reply, which probably didn't warrant a reply anyway. The data shows that's the case in this ranked list of Reaction Givers: 🏆to @Magness Since there's been any type of reaction system in the forum, we've reacted to posts 25,725 times. Here's a breakdown of which reactions were used most going back to 2018: And when you filter out "Like" to see the rest: These are sort of the default ones in the Invision system, but slightly modified. But those choices are limited, and while "Like" will still be the default and the one that's used the most, it's lacking nuance and there's some fun we can have with this. So here's an attempt to flesh that out, big time. The original idea was Smilies, but in testing, the icons end up small enough where they blend in during actual use and look too similar, so I added these alternate non-smilie versions. The alt-icons are the ones that will be used, but here are the originals for posterity. Reaction Icon Non-Smilie icon Notes Haha Will replace the current “Haha" Amazing Excellent Interesting Thanks Alarmed/Shocked Sad Will replace the current “Sad" Annoyed Will replace the current “WTF" Bravo Will replace the current “Epic Post" None of this is set in stone, and this might even be a few too many, but fuck it, let's give it shot and see how we do. What's missing?
  15. The Capture One update is out and it does include a Nikon version. The downside is it's simply a cheaper version of C1 with the base Nikon Picture Profiles replicated. It's good these are there, but nothing is applied automatically to match what you set in-camera, and if you've made any adjustments to the profile in camera (I have), those don't translate to C1 since it only knows the base versions. There's other little stuff like Nikon's Active D-lighting that doesn't come through either. None of this is the fault of C1 as they obviously don't have access to Nikon's SDK but I was hoping for either that or better replication of these settings. I may buy this eventually since the price is better with the brand specific version, and I'd use this for more intensive edits that I plan on changing in post anyway. Right now I'm mainly using Nikon's own software Capture NX-D which isn't the most fun to use, but I love the output, colors, etc I get from it, and it all matches the in-camera JPEG processing.
  16. I love these. Fascinated by how he started talking to himself and making sound effects during the runs. Probably helped stay in flow. Also, he played Ninja Gaiden over 40,000 times. 😦
  17. The only favicon we had before/recently was the default Invision board one which looked like this: We had this new one running for a couple of weeks but it didn't have a transparent background and I waited to make the post before fixing that. The one new thing I did add was a Safari Mask Icon which is really just a cross (can't see the d-pad details) and it was set to a grey color. I just flipped that back to the default white. Not sure if that's what you are seeing. What browser are you using in dark mode?
  18. Now when you bookmark the site, you'll see a D-pad shaped favicon in LCVG colors to go along with it. This will also be the icon shown when saving the site to your mobile device's home screen. This was a contribution by @Robot Monkey. All hail!
  19. Ha, I’d just watched that right after I made the previous post.
  20. @Angry the Clown https://nikonrumors.com/2020/05/15/capture-one-rumored-to-release-a-new-dedicated-version-for-nikon-users.aspx/ 😍
  21. He referenced the '70's and James Dean and he should have just said that!
  22. He looks more like the Joker in that photoshoot.
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