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  1. Not sure, but I doubt it. Everything Hickman is doing is so new it feels like it's not established enough for a big screen adaptation.
  2. They're filming this not far from me and there was an extras casting call a friend of mine sent me that we contemplating trying to do if we had the time πŸ˜†. It was like a 5 day shoot.
  3. As soon as they reminded me that the SSD is proprietary in the way it's implemented, I started thinking we'll probably see pricing tiers for the next gen consoles based on storage space. I sure we'll be able to use external storage, but only as "overflow" where the data will need to be shuffled back to the SSD.
  4. Dynamite was really great tonight. There's so much good wrestling to pick from now, you can pretty much ignore WWE completely and have enough to watch and follow. Great time to be a fan.
  5. Yeah, the weakest point of the current gen consoles was the Jaguar CPU which I think was more of a laptop oriented chip. This should be a huge leap comparatively.
  6. I can’t believe I’m making another thread about another wrestling promotion, but this was fantastic. They nailed the old school studio wrestling feel with tons of promos and classic wrestling:
  7. Doom 64 is a nice consolation for the delay, but they should release it earlier.
  8. You can do this with the V2 DS4s as well. The interesting thing is the input lag is actually slightly worse than Bluetooth! It's an incredibly small difference, but you'd expect it to be better wired.
  9. I was glad to see the speaker was still in the controller and that it's improved. It's a subtle thing that really adds to the depth and immersion for me. Early on I always remember Resogun's use of it and even just picking up blocks in Knack are good examples. Combining this with haptic feedback will be interesting to try out and experience.
  10. Looks great! So far I'd say it's exceeding my expectations. We had a convention here locally in August and I was able to meet Jonathan Frakes. Nice guy who you can tell he plows through it for the fans.
  11. I’ve not laughed this hard at South Park in a long time πŸ˜‚
  12. I saw this remaster in the theater last night. Not sure how much the sound was improved for it, but the score sounded amazing. Is there an International Version release for this? I discovered somewhat recently I like that version better than the US one.
  13. Re-recorded intro due to licensing. Sounds pretty good, maybe too vocal heavy compared to the original.
  14. I can't imagine the economics of this. I bet they hold off as long as they competitively can. I wonder what the numbers look like giving up the chance to sell Death Stranding and The Last of Us Part II at $60.
  15. Shawn Layden is out: As far as a public persona and presenter, he wasn't my favorite. But he's been with Playstation since the beginning if I remember correctly.
  16. I'd also like to echo what you said on Facebook, in that I want The Last of Us Part II more than any other piece of entertainment. I pretty much skipped over your post above. I just want to go in clean.
  17. I'm fine with that as well. But the multiplayer on The Last of Us was really, really good. I normally don't play multiplayer components of single player games, but got all the trophies in that one.
  18. This was a real PSA?? 🀣 Not real, but hilarious.
  19. The marquee in these new versions is actually too bright and needs modding anyway: I actually got a chance to see one of these quickly yesterday and I remember the marquee seemed to bright to me as well.
  20. Not trying to hype this up too much, but House of X and Powers of X have been the most interested I've been in a superhero comic since I was maybe 13 years old. I rarely read stuff on release date, but I'm doing it with these titles. It's also extremely rare that I'll re-read a comic so soon after my first time through it, but these issues are so dense with information and ideas that your mind goes wild thinking about where this may lead. Hickman is changing everything. I'm so on board for this. Not much can be said without spoiling anything though, but I can't recommend it enough if you're in any way an X-Men fan.
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