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  1. Check out this video of Mark Cerny and the DualSens....
  2. Vertigo grew on me over time after subsequent viewings, and I'd say it's at the top of my Hitchcock list.
  3. Wow, they completely removed it from the store and I heard they were issuing refunds.
  4. My guess is the PSVR 2 will use a completely different tracking system, and they’ll probably say you have to use your DS4s and old Move controllers on the PS5 for PSVR backwards compatibility.
  5. Striking design. No mention of back buttons 🤔 Wondering if the console will be white.
  6. There's been a few Summoning Salt videos that have come across my feed that I started and then suddenly found myself on the other end of the video an hour later. They're all pretty great. I'm partial to watching the Mario runs:
  7. One thing I'd thought about recently was discovery. How does a new reader even discover a monthly issue? There are no more spinner racks at the grocery store. To walk into a comic store, you already have intent to buy or at least browse. The closest thing I can think of would be wandering upon the trades in Barnes and Noble. As far as I know, they don't advertise any comic books around Marvel movie releases. Comixology's site is so bad, I can barely find what I'm looking for. There's no guidance. There's so much opportunity for improvement.
  8. Some free Marvel Collections: https://www.comixology.com/Marvel-Free-Comics/page/23611
  9. I'd been thinking about that too. I'm also only one small trophy away from the Platinum and it's been like that for few years now. Once I get to the first workbench I think that challenge will be complete. Wondering about trying Grounded difficulty.. 🤔 Survivor wasn't easy. But that...
  10. My biggest disappointment with this game: There's a pretty sweet photo mode added after I put over 100 hours into it.
  11. Outside of expiration dates, are there any types of digital codes that no longer work for any reason?
  12. Rise.. thread!! Ghosts V-VI out now. https://www.nin.com/
  13. Welp, I'll have to watch this soon then.
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