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  1. Ok, I didn't know what you meant by shitty 😀 I didn't realize WWE still pays for their own production but not like they are hurting in their deals. Overall, based on everything I've seen so far, I am really optimistic that this is going to work. Let's see.
  2. Dave Meltzer reported recently they were making money from the TV deal and getting all of their production paid for, and that was alternative to what some others had said, which was AEW was paying for their TV time.
  3. Due to rights issues, doesn't this take place in the alternate Bad Robot timeline? If so, doesn't that mean Vulcan was destroyed before Picard's time and the Enterprise D adventures never happened?
  4. If you're like me, you've been frustrated or annoyed with WWE for quite a while now. I just checked and the last time someone posted to our WWE thread was late 2017, and that was regarding NXT. WWE's also currently not in the best shape as ratings are down and it seems like most people are generally down on it even if they do watch. I'd been hoping someone like Billy Corgan could get something bigger going, and TNA or Ring of Honor just never seemed that interesting enough to grab me either. When Cody and the Bucks got their All In show going last year, that was the closest thing to what I thought could be the next big wrestling promotion. Tony Khan agreed, he was already thinking about getting one off the ground, and they came together to form AEW. The things they're talking about doing, being more sports centric, making wins and losses actually matter, prestigious titles, have me more excited about pro wrestling than I have been in a long, long, time. This Saturday is really the big turning point with their Double or Nothing pay per view. It's the first official AEW show, and will lead into a couple more smaller events this summer, and then 2 hour live show on TNT this fall. This will catch you all up if interested: Also, an excellent interview with Tony Khan that going into what AEW will be like:
  5. I was thinking the same. Could only explain it away with the killing of Dany making it a non-starter due to the conflict it’d bring? Also wondering why they even needed a Nights Watch anymore, but I think they had that even before the white walkers. Loved a bunch of shots in this episode, that one of Dany spreading her dragon wings, the three Starks walking in the same direction at the end, but on separate paths, Drogon coming out of the snow, Sansa being crowned, lots of good visuals. But it still more logic defying moments like Jaime’s hand being visible and Tyrian moving like 3 bricks to uncover their bodies. Overall I was surprised how ok I was with how the remaining characters were wrapped up.
  6. After the last few episodes, I think my expectations were set so low, I actually liked the last one much more than I thought I would.
  7. A good friend of mine worked on this show, and is also in one episode as a thief or something. I haven't watched it yet and just came out today.
  8. Aww yiss. Illfonic as dev, so it will likely be fun, and hopeully less buggy than F13.
  9. After getting distracted with Apex Legends and other real life duties, I finally picked back up on this and finished Claire B on Hardcore. Also that
  10. I bought one of the Nonary Games. $50 had been little more than I wanted to pay for a visual novel game, and then the sale is a no-brainer.
  11. Yep, what a great combo of gameplay, style, and music.
  12. @Romier S I think this was early access on Steam, but just about to launch on PS4 and Switch.
  13. This may have been mentioned already, but the latest rumor is that iOS 13 will allow you to import photos directly from an external hard drive to the app of your choice, bypassing the Photos app. I'm really excited about the iPad improvements in this new version. I've not been this interested in an Apple keynote (WWDC) in a long time.
  14. Probably not everyone's cup of tea, but the show "I Think You Should Leave" is hilarious.
  15. For some reason, we had a setting turned on where only moderators could reply to threads in this forum. That has been fixed. Post away!
  16. It goes through PayPal, so if you have an account and you are logged in, it will try to use that. If you aren't logged in though, there's a selection at the bottom where you can use a credit/debit card (and easy to miss). If you are logged out of a PayPal account, this is what you'd eventually see:
  17. If you can believe it, it's been over 4 years since we last raised any money for the forum. To put it into perspective, the last time we ran a fundraiser, Fifty Shades of Grey and the first Kingsman movie were topping the box office The Order: 1886 and Evolve were just released Age of Ultron was the most current Marvel movie The Walking Dead topped TV ratings Barack Obama was the President of the United States Actually, the last time it was predicted that we'd raise enough get to a point where: At least two of those came true! About a month ago, you probably noticed the great outage of March the 22nd when the forum was down for almost the entire day due to depletion of funds. And then the other outage of Two Days Ago because my slack ass hadn't put up the fundraising post yet 😆 We've gotten to a point with our setup where the features we have are close to everything we need, and the software we now use is stable. Pretty much all we need coverage for is hosting. I'm also working on getting those costs lowered a bit to $45 a month. Think we can pre-pay keeping the lights on for at least another 2 years? If so, that'd put our goal close to an even $1000. Last time, 23 of us stepped up to contribute. If you can, consider contributing a month! But really, anything and everything helps. We can even take payments directly within the forum now! This month starts our 16th year together here on LCVG. So here's to many more, with discussions on PlayStation 5, Xbox Next, and everything else in between. To donate, click the Donation Goal Progress Bar at the bottom of this thread!
  18. 👌 Fantastic artwork as well
  19. I watched this the other night, and felt the same. McAvoy stole the show big time, and it felt the movie should have been called "Beast" instead of "Glass" because it was so uneven in relation to the characters.
  20. I interpreted it as higher than $399, but not too high, so $499 confirmed! 😄
  21. Pretty sure I will be getting this at launch.
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