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  1. Wondering if it has anything to do with this rumor from before: The rumor was taken to be Microsoft and Sony both had some sort of exclusive, money hat, etc with Konami or Capcom (one had the other). If the rumor is related I guess that mean Microsoft might have something with Capcom. The person who started it still seems to be trusted.
  2. Been hearing this is a tough decision because, in a way it makes sense to leave schools open since kids aren't as affected which in turn wouldn't hinder nurses, etc from working and having to deal with their own day care.
  3. Uncle Phil confirming their digital event:
  4. Yeah. And if you turn audio on, he’s crying. Even if this was fake, there’s enough of this going around to give you pause.
  5. if this is real.. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Between stuff like this and politics, I feel like I understand human nature less and less as I get older.
  6. @Romier S what do you think about this de-yellowing method? Seems easier than putting everything outside like I’ve seen on other tutorials. I watched this with headphones and bonus points for being surprisingly calming and borderline ASMR
  7. I don't have an Oculus, but wanted to plug my favorite game on PSVR because I just started playing it again and reminded how fantastic it is. It's a game where you parkour through levels with Spider-man leaping abilities. Levels are fun to replay because you can go through as fast as you can to meet a time goal, or go through slowly to pick up collectibles hidden throughout the level. There's also 1 hidden collectible in each level that's off the beaten path to hunt down. I have NO idea why Facebook rejected this game (they're idiots if they did for anything other than technical reasons), because this has been one of the best VR experiences for me. It's on SideQuest though. https://vrscout.com/news/to-the-top-oculus-quest-sidequest/
  8. Pretty much what I was thinking.
  9. My first impressions are that I love it.
  10. @Angry the Clown From right before Christmas.. A silent office with hills in the background.
  11. That video pointed out the audio notes for the game said: What a great way to describe it. I knew exactly what he meant.
  12. I'm sure some of you had the same experience, but Nintendo Power was a huge part of my childhood, and was essentially where I got all of my video game news from besides possible a random GamePro or EGM here and there. If so, follow this account now: https://twitter.com/ArtofNP Seeing some this art again and the clay models they used for the covers from different angles is fucking wild.
  13. Close. The one and only Stacy Keibler And then the meme without the Xbox related text was to show how Vince loves roided bodybuilder physiques.
  14. What's your go-to toolkit for cleaning everything? I see Goo Gone. Any other staples?
  15. I think I missed this completely when it was talked about last year, but I saw this new video on Fall Guys with the developers, and this game looks great!
  16. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-02-14/sony-is-struggling-with-playstation-5-price-due-to-costly-parts
  17. Actually, my iPad is what I used when trying it out last night. Overall it works fine, but I was thinking it'd be a little better than the competition but it was not. The only game available right now is Halo Master Chief Collection, and I jumped into Combat Evolved with my 12.9" iPad over Wi-Fi and the DS4. There's pixellation when there's a lot going on visually, which is to be expected, but it was more than I thought. The latency of streaming can be felt in input lag, but that's to be expected as well. This always stands out to me most when streaming a first person shooter since aiming seems to make lag stand out the most to me. My biggest takeaway was that it felt on par but no better than PS Now, Share Play, and the little I played of Stadia. Granted I'd tested PS Now over a wired ethernet, but I played a good bit of Death Stranding on my iPad via remote connection to my PS4 Pro over Christmas and the quality of that stream was better and that was using my own Wi-Fi. It's worth remembering this is a beta, but I don't have a lot of faith in game streaming being anything other than supplemental way to play video games, at least for the near future.
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