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  1. Nope, you're not the only loser. :green: I'll probably be online at some point tonight.
  2. It's very, VERY dusty, but I still have the game. I'm in. Let's stick it to 'em with our WaD Uf GuM. 8)
  3. I guess a tourney will be the only way I'll find myself playing this (crappy) game, so, if someone sets it up, I'm in.
  4. Whenever I offer an opinion, the only one I can give is my own. That's why I refer to things as I see them. Like: and It's MY opinion, folks.Truth be told, I envy the people (especially the ones getting them now) that are enjoying the hell out of their GC's. If you just spent a C-note for a console and you're having as much fun as I have with my Xbox, more power to you. Do your thing! 8) But the GC is not doing "it" FOR ME... In a similar vein, Half-Life is a game that's garnered MANY awards (GOTY) and MANY believe it (and it's mods) to be the best game EVER. But guess what? I really don't care what happens to Gordon Freeman. I bought the game a while ago and haven't finished it yet. These days, when I play on PC, I end up playing BF 1942 instead. I guess I can "see" why people feel the way they do about it, but HL doesn't do "it" for me. I hope that's OK. :green:
  5. First things first. I like Nintendo, a lot! I'm not anti-Nintendo by any means. My girlfriend bought me a GBA SP for Xmas and I'm falling in love with some older Nintendo titles again. Plus, SMB and Zelda on the NES are two of my favorite games of all time. Having said that, let me fan the flames... Being a big fan of Nintendo, I just feel that the Gamecube has brought nothing to the table, at least not for me. MY biggest disappointment has to be Wind Waker. That game is the ONLY reason I bought a GC. I played it for a while and enjoyed it for the most part, but it got WAY too repetitive. Never finished it. Then there's Super Mario Sunshine (which came bundled) and THANK GOD I didn't pay for that crap. The Big N should be ashamed putting Mario in a game like that. I WANT good games I can enjoy, after all I did pay $160 for my GC, but the goods have not been delivered. Then there's the whole online thing. I have such a blast playing Xbox Live, I'm not missing anything by not playing my dust-collecting GC. BTW, here's what I said: Last console. In other words, I NEED them to keep making games and other hardware (did I tell you I love my SP), but I don't give a HOT damn if they don't come out with another console. I definitely need to talk about this: Wow, my "fanboy alert" is going off the charts. So, Allen, what you're telling me is that if I don't enjoy playing an exclusive on my GC, I'm not worthy of playing videogames? Never thought I'd see stuff like that in this forum...
  6. The article did touch on one thing, that I've thought for a little while now, and that's Nintendo leaving the console market. Sure, Gamecube is making them money now, but who's to say GC2 will? Plus, I get the feeling that Nintendo wants to be #1 (who doesn't right?) and doesn't wanna be fighting the Xbox here for the #3 spot or #2 worldwide behind the PS2. But they ARE #1 in the handheld market and will, IMO, stay there for a long time. The GBA has sold more than all three consoles combined and that's saying something. With the PSP on the horizon, they may have to put all their eggs in one basket and hope for the best. I wouldn't at all be surprised (or disappointed) if the big N decided to call it quits and make the GC it's last console.
  7. Ditto.I'm going on record right now as saying, if this thing turns out as good as I hope it will be, it'll give Halo 2 a run for it's money. At least as far as being the most played online in '04. For me (and I'm sure many others) it'll be the first MMORPG I've ever played. While Halo 2 will be (I can't believe I'm about to say this :?) "just another FPS." It hurt to type that. I think TFLO has the potential to seduce gamers like many MMORPG's have done on the PC. I can't wait.
  8. My girlfriend got me a (SWEET!) cobalt blue GBA SP bundle which includes: a bag, a magnifying screen, a lens cleaner, a USB cable (to recharge off your PC) and Tiger Woods golf. Along with D.K. Country, LoZ: A Link to the Past and Arcade Advanced. I think I'm in LOVE... Oh, yeah, my girlfriend's nice too. BTW, I got her a nice Fendi handbag and some cold, hard cash (the gift that keeps on giving). Merry Christmas everyone!
  9. Today's my last day of work, then I'm off for a week. :green: YAY! So look for me to be online pretty much constantly.
  10. This is great news even though I'd heard they were holding off 'til the new year. I wonder if they also patched the M82A1 (.50 cal sniper rifle)? There was also word they were fixing the "join friend, server full" bug. Here's a bit of news: I'll be on later. :green: Shocking, I know!
  11. You, my friend, are TRULY blessed. Congratulations!!!!!!
  12. I think the silence on this game is deafening... Looked real promising, but I guessed they dropped the ball.
  13. If I save the life of just ONE controller, it will have been worth it.
  14. As of right now, I'm FIRMLY in last place. I shot a +9. That's right, NINE OVER!!! Oh well, I'll try to do much better rounds 2 & 3. :roll: Man, I might have to start a tourney for us beginners...
  15. Michael, the SAME EXACT thing happened to me. I had to play that level at least a half-dozen times. I don't know what I did different, but finally I killed the guy with the RPG and the rest of the tangos and that garage door opened up. BTW, there's a couple of tangos in there. Piece of advice: equip a couple of tear gas grenades and when you get to that last room (with the RPG guy), crack the door, throw 'em to the far side of the room, have your team follow you, aim high to take the tango out on that higher level, your team should engage the other tangos (who should be feeling the effects of the tear gas), turn the corner and pop the RPG totin' fool in the melon. Hopefully, at this point that big door will open up, take out the bad guys in there, rescue the hostage and get ready for your next mission. Good luck!
  16. Enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone! Now where's that damn gravy...
  17. I'm not trying to convince ANYONE of ANYTHING. I'm just offering my POV and seeing how everybody else feels about this.But I guess the crux of my "argument" can be found here: So not only does this person have the time, skill, patience, whatever to unlock everything, in doing so, they've most likely become rather proficient at the game. Again, Some have made the argument for me. Like saying someone who "unlocked" everything using A.R. would get their ass handed to them by somebody who unlocked half the stuff the old-fashioned way. Why? Because the person that "actually" unlocked things has more skill than the person who used A.R. Let me come at this from a different angle. Let's use Rainbow Six 3 (which I've finished) as an example, which BTW has no unlockables. What if the grenade launcher was an unlockable? The G.L. is so unbalanced that if you host, you decide whether you can use them or not. So I'm pretty good at the game, I've finished it and now I'm rewarded with a weapon that will DESTROY people online. How is that making the game more fun for ANYBODY (me or my victims :twisted:)? Hell, if anything, I'd rather give a n00b the G.L. since 9 out of 10, I'm still gonna pwn. As far as: Of course not, because you're talking about SKILL and I have no problem with that. Plus, I have lots of it. :green:
  18. First off, I don't have Action Replay. I really don't need it. I saw ant1's thread about using A.R. to unlock stuff and saw a similar thread over at the Xbox.com forums. I just wanted everyone's take on the whole thing. I feel that having "unlockables" is cool in that it gives you incentive to finish a game. BUT, once the gaming goes online, "unlockables" blow and here's why: In order for things to stay competitive, the playing field MUST be level and the person(s) with the unlocked item(s) has a CLEAR advantage. Actually, a DOUBLE advantage. In order to unlock things (let's forget about A.R. for the time being) you have to play the game pretty good. Maybe the person's got nothing better to do than play this game ALL DAY LONG. Here we have the first advantage: SKILL. On top of that, now they have access to faster cars, more powerful mechs (Ragnarok), better guns, better players (Links & Top Spin), etc. Advantage number 2: ITEMS. So now, everything being EQUAL, this person could probably wipe the floor with you, but everything's NOT equal 'cause they have better stuff. Basically, unlockables only reward the better players. It'd be like giving Mike Tyson (in his prime) brass knuckles to use in his next fight, 'cause he's the better fighter. :roll: The way I see it, all Action Replay does (in this instance) is level the playing field.
  19. I got a v2.0 Live kit for $50 , but that's still better than getting NOTHING. If you auto-renew you get NOTHING for $50. If you buy a renewal card you get, IMHO, a crappy carrying case you really don't need (at least I don't) for $50. At least I got a new communicator (which I don't need and haven't used) and the Tetris Worlds/MechAssault disc. It just seemed to me that being an early XBL adopter, I was getting "penalized". I feel anybody who was a beta tester or signed-up on Nov. 15th, should've been able to renew for LESS than $50, as a way of saying thanks. Instead, as a one-year veteran of the Xbox LIve wars, I'm getting NOTHING while new recruits are getting the same deal I was getting a year ago. :? Rant over...
  20. Another vote for the HTM MX-500. It's a great remote. I got mine from bluedo.com, with no problem. Definitely check out remotecentral.com, though. A lot of good info.
  21. I'm up in this tourney, YEAH! I will be battling for last place. If ANYONE comes near the basement, your asshat's mine. :twisted:
  22. I just got the game and my first impression is... disappointment. Counter-Strike strikes me ( :green:) as very "Soldier of Fortune"-ish, which IMHO is a BAD thing. It seems like the game SOF2 wanted to be. It's mostly a run & gun game with people jumping around shooting everything that moves. :roll: I think of it as a mix of SOF2 & Wolfenstein. With Wolfenstein being more interesting AND more fun. This game is a BIG let-down. If you're on the fence about this title, RENT IT FIRST!
  23. There's a whole mess of IF in that statement. But time will tell...Personally, I like going head-up with people to have fun and to compete to see how good I am compared to others. Cheating or using bugs/glitches/exploits pretty much negates the reason I play online, so I can't stand it. Let's put everybody on (more or less ) equal ground and may the best person win. But alas, in VideogameLand, people will use ANY means to win. What's the point? I want to know I beat you fair and square, not because I'm using some kind of cheat or exploit. It just takes the fun out of it. I'll take it one step further and say that I don't like the "unbalanced" weapons in most games. Right now it's the M82A1 .50 cal. sniper rifle in R6 3, which people run around with ALL day long 'cause it's easy to get ONE SHOT kills. Before that it was the Panzer in RTCW. Before that it was the Mad Cat in MechAssault. And before that the lightning gun in Unreal, even though I liked using it :oops:. Sure, they're part of the game, and as such you're free to use them, but I think they're CHEAP.
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