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  1. If Counter-Strike is a direct port, it's not a matter of if, but when, it'll get hacked. I know nobody around here really plays Wolfenstein anymore, so you may not know that it's been hacked, cracked, attacked and pimp-smacked. There are servers running 32 or 64 players, low-gravity, infinite power meter (health packs, airstrikes, etc.), people have colored nicknames and my favorite :x, people that if you kill them or they kill you, your Xbox FREEZES UP! I also have first-hand experience of what I can only call an aimbot in RTCW. Quick story: I was making the rounds in "Village" with a teammate who was GOOD (I'm no slouch either ) and we come across this person in a hallway who fires TWO SHOTS from an MP40! One kills my teammate , the other kills me. I really don't have a problem with certain hacks as long as everybody can "enjoy" them. Like low-gravity or infinite power meters. But I can't stomach the malicious hacks like having someone's Xbox freeze or aimbots or wall hacks. I just don't even see the point. Oh well, it's like I always say: if there's some way to f*ck up a good time, some asshat will find it. :?
  2. I think basically everyone has to champion there cause. I used to post in this forum about playing Wolfenstein (mostly on Monday nights) and even if just 2 or 3 guys showed up, hey, I did my part. I'd get a little pissed at such a measly turnout, especially when I know more people have/had the game, but maybe it was inconvenient for some or they just didn't wanna play with me :cry: , but I did my part. As far as the games I play, I'm always gonna play the best game online, and the games, IMO, have gotten better. For a LONG while it was Unreal, then it was MechAssault, then it was Wolfenstein and now it's Rainbow Six 3. But I passed on MM3, Top Spin, Amped 2 and Clone Wars (sorry Chris), can't find a copy of Links, couldn't really get into Ghost Recon and as soon as the tourney's over I'll probably never play Crimson Skies again. I don't really concern myself with the "flavor of the month". Right now, EVERY night is R6 3 night. So like I said in the "Old School" thread, if you guys play a game I don't have or like, I'll be playing R6 3. 8)
  3. If I get this game today, I'm willing to embarass myself online. :green: If you see me, send me an invite.
  4. Whatever you guys decide to play, if I have it, I'll play. If not, I'll just play R6 3. :green:
  5. That's an abomination! :shock: I know it's all about personal preference, but damn... IMHO, R6 3 is a MUCH better game than Ghost Recon (never played Island Thunder) and you can't even compare it to Crimson Skies. Man, I think you're screwing the pooch on this one. Maybe you're being a little too hasty. After all if you have played with/against me online, you really haven't played the game. :twisted: But in the end, *shrug* to each his own.
  6. That is THE funniest!!! You just had me LMAO. :lmfao: BTW, I'm in for some R6 3 tonight. See you ladies later. :green:
  7. SWEET! I need all the help I can get.
  8. Quite a conundrum, huh? In actuality, it's very simple. I got my gamertag from the Army's slogan: "AN ARMY OF ONE". So being A Clan of ONE, doesn't mean I can't be in a clan, it means I, by myself, have the destructive capacity of a clan. This is NOT hyperbole, as any of my many online victims would attest to this. :twisted: Just imagine the damage I could inflict in a clan of like-minded badasses... :shock: *shudders*
  9. How does this game differ from BF 1942 or MOH?
  10. I'm REALLY liking this game! It solves one of the main gripes I have with Ghost Recon, I couldn't see who was shooting me half the time. :x With Rainbow6 3, it's mostly Close Quarter Battle and I LOVE it! I like doing my dirty work up-close and personal like. :twisted: One thing though, team work is of utmost importance! I'm not talking about "Wolfenstein" kind of team work. I'm talking about working as a squad. Everytime I lost yesterday, it was a lack of teamwork and everytime we acted like a team, we'd win. This game and the upcoming Counter-Strike might just break me down and force me to join a CLAN. :shock: If the folks around here want to get something started, I'm in!
  11. Hate to admit it, but I'd much rather play Rainbow 6 3 than Cri Skies. I can't stay up too late, so I'll probably ONLY be playing R6 3 tonight. :oops: If anybody else wants to get some in R6 3, holla! 8)
  12. I just finished going through the first couple of levels in the campaign. So far, I really like this game. I'll be trying my luck online in a lil' bit. Hope to see some of you there.
  13. Count me in to host whenever you need me Joey. The tourney's you've put together in the past have been the most fun I've had on XBL. Plus as a champion, of the 4-man MechAssault tourney :green:, I'll defend the title if need be.
  14. In my mind, I've already started calling this thing the MAD CAT. :roll: This is destined to be the NOOB plane. I think that gun should either freeze you OR cause damage. NOT BOTH! Especially since that lightning lasts for a lil' while AND it seems to track! I couldn't agree more. Especially when you play with asshat randoms, that way you know who to mute or, if you're hosting, who to kick.
  15. Sorry I left so abruptly but I got booted and since I had to get up early this morning, I called it a night. This game rocks but it's buggy as HELL :evil: Hopefully they'll fix some of the bugs 'cause this game has the potential to be a hit WITH some longevity. Meaning I can see myself coming back to this game over and over. Anyway, I'll be on later. See ya then!
  16. I picked up my copy today! I was playing the single-player and it's pretty fun. Gonna try my hand online as soon as I get off this damn computer. Whoever's got the game, see ya online tonight.
  17. Too bad I'm not as picky when it comes to teammates. :green: I've had the TV for a couple of months and the rainbows have become slightly more tolerable, but I see them all the time.
  18. I guess I'm alone here but... I can't aim with the trackball on my PC for anything!!! On top of that, I'm constantly fumbling around with the movement keys. So I can't shoot AND I can't move. :shock: It's really quite a sight. :lmfao: You don't know how many times I die 'cause I'm ducking instead of jumping or vice-versa. Let's not even talk about what happens online... The ONLY thing that keeps me gaming on my PC is the quality of the games involved. Games like BF 1942 and Half-Life HAVE to be played at all costs. But, ergonomically, I HATE PC GAMING. I even broke down and bought a game-pad (actually 2 :oops:) and ended up returning them 'cause I couldn't program them to "look" left & right. On the flipside, as any of my XBL victims can verify :twisted:, I'm pretty good with a controller. Sure, auto-aim helps, but even with AA available to everyone, why are some people better "shots" than others? I think it's because I can "feel" things a LOT better with a controller. But not only is shooting easier for me, NOT getting shot is much simpler. Dodging, ducking, jumping are all easier for me with a controller. If I could use my Xbox's controller S on my PC, I'd have the best of both worlds.
  19. Saw it this weekend with my GF and we both loved it! She said: " I CAN"T WAIT FOR PART 2!!!". I'm a big Tarantino fan, so I expected I was gonna like it, but my girlfriend loved it. Definitely a good flick and highly recommended. We'll see how Vol. 2 is, but as it stands Kill Bill might replace Reservoir Dogs as my favorite QT film. And that's saying a lot 'cause I LOVE Reservoir Dogs. I can't wait to get Vol. 1 in my HT. :shock:
  20. Anyone got their hands on this yet? (pun intended) I was looking at a bunch of websites and it's either not out yet or has sold-out. Which is it?
  21. Thanks for the compliments! (keep 'em coming) :green: That Samsung looks a lot better in pictures than it does in person (to me). :? I see rainbows, internal reflections, motion dithering and dead people. Oh no wait, that's The Sixth Sense. :oops: OK, other than dead people, I see it all. That TV's a huge source of buyer's remorse. But it sure is purrty, ain't it?
  22. I had some pics floatin' around here of my HT but I've since lost my webspace and got a new TV so... This pic HERE is with the flash, so you can see my system. This one HERE is dark so you can get a better look at the PQ of the TV. BTW, yes that's RTCW. :green:
  23. If I'm playing it's usually between around 6-10PM. Send me an invite if you see me or I'll do the same. I've been playing Elimination a lot and pwning! 8) I really am a clan of one. :twisted:
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