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  1. Because of the HUGE turnout we had last week :roll: I'm gonna host some RTCW tonight. I'll be starting up between 8-10PM, depending on how good RAW is or isn't. BTW, thanks to the usual suspects that showed up. It was a BLAST! :lmfao: After you guys left I was on 'til about 2AM. Playing with randoms but we had some good games. See ya online!
  2. I play BF 1942 and Tribes 2 on my monitor and they look great! I have a Samsung SyncMaster 171v 17" LCD.
  3. I'll be getting this game but I'm a little disappointed it's only gonna support 8 players online. Then again, MechAssault (which I like) only supports 8 people, so it might not be too bad... OTOH, how cool would it be if you could play MA 8 vs. 8? Maybe I'm getting a little spoiled and/or jaded playing BF 1942 on 32, 50 or 64 player servers, but I want that kind of action on the Xbox.
  4. I might fire up the old Xbox tonight. Saturday night was cool but there was only a handful of LCVGer's representin'. I know we can do better than that! If I see enough of you guys online, I'll host a room. Otherwise, we could hook up in someone elses server.
  5. I will NOT be getting this one. I'm a BIG fan of this game and think it's one of the best, but I could see it not doing too well on PC since it's "just another" FPS. Let's face it, there's just not many (or any IMHO) games of Halo's caliber on the 'box, but on the PC...? I think it was (and continues to be) such a hit on Xbox because of all the things it does right. Controlling Master Chief with a controller just feels "right" and the thought of fumbling around with a keyboard & mouse makes me ill. Plus, if I wanna get my ass handed to me I'll go play BF 1942 online. Bring on Halo 2 for my mean, green, online killin' machine! :twisted:
  6. Any idea where I could pick one of these up for a good price? I mean this thing is JUST what the (game) doctor ordered! I'm a terrible typist and can't tell you how many times I've died in BF 1942 because I was looking down at the keyboard instead of the action.
  7. OK, no Barn. Maybe Trainyard? An overlooked, underrated map IMO! We'll come to some kind of consensus online.
  8. For those of you that haven't had the pleasure of being in my online presence 8), I'm hosting some RTCW tonight. I figured we could do a little Stopwatch (just no maps from the tourney :x), Checkpoint maybe and, if you're nice, some Elimination. I used to not like Elimination but after playing Stopwatch ALL the time, it's a nice change and a lot of fun. As far as maps I was thinking Barn, Safe, Chateau, Base and Norway. Those are just suggestions, I just want to stay away from Beach Invasion. I've played that level WAY too much and you guys wouldn't stand a chance. :twisted: BTW, for those of you with itchy trigger fingers, friendly fire will be OFF. The festivities should be kicking off around 7PM-ish EDT, but definitely before 8. Anybody and everybody I see online gets an invite. So if you don't have me on your friends list, now's a good time to send me an invite! NOW!
  9. I play ALL the time but the ADF (thanks for the new term R.M.) is going off the charts. But if you find a good server with cool people it's still a blast and my favorite XBL game...for now. The clans, as usual :roll: , are starting to take the fun out of it and you'll find some asshats that think it's hilarious to T.K. But that's the price of doing business. Whaddya gonna do? If there's enough interest, I'll host whenever you guys want. I have a good cable connection and have hosted 16 players with little or no complaints of lag. 8) I haven't been playing too much lately, I'm getting addicted to BF 1942, but I'm always up for a game of RTCW.
  10. I get my war news from this place. It's in stark contrast to the pro-war garbage spewed by most corporate media outlets.
  11. I just finished Splinter Cell (finally :oops: ) and I can't tell you what a let-down the ending was. Talk about anti-climax.
  12. Has anyone picked up the new "Secret Weapons" expansion pack? I'm looking all over for it and I can't find it. :x
  13. Since I don't have GR:IT (and I'm not getting it), I'll probably be playing RTCW. If I see some you guys online maybe I'll host. I got a sweet connection, right Joey? 8)
  14. I'm thinking I'd like to join a clan (hint, hint ). I find myself playing XBL all the time and a lot of the people on my friends list don't seem to play much if at all. So what ends up happening is I have to play with "randoms" and a lot of them suck. Then you got your TKer's, spawn-campers, stat-whores, etc. It'd be nice to play with the same group of "good" players. In squad-based games like RTCW, constantly playing as a group is definitely an asset. Everybody gets familiar with the maps and their roles.
  15. I think on the tech side of things, the medium will probably be HD-DVD. Meaning 1080i/p and/or 720p, plus (for the "commoners" :wink: ) 480i/p. Probably a DVI and/or 1394 connection. Plus, DVD-A and/or SACD soundtracks. But for all the hi-tech marvels I'm sure we'll see, they mean NOTHING if the games suck. They need to make games fun. I still haven't finished Zelda: WindWaker on GC, but have fond memories of Zelda on the NES. IMHO, Super Mario Sunshine sucks, but Super Mario Bros. on the NES is one of my all-time favorites. I just unlocked Wolfenstein 3D after beating RTCW, and I'm having more fun playing 3D than RTCW. My point is the games of old were just more fun to me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy some current games. Games like Rallisport Challenge and Conflict: Desert Storm. But I think too many games rely on pretty graphics. They're all sizzle and no steak. The industry needs to get back to the basics: FUN, FUN, FUN!
  16. Name: A CLAN OF ONE Games: RTCW, MA, UC, GR, SOF2
  17. This is the first I hear about this. I couldn't be more excited. :shock: I can't tell you guys what a BIG fan I am of the first 2. I'm a Grand Master, baby. :wink: I was ready to buy a PS2 when I heard Tenchu 3 was coming out (glad I didn't :twisted: ) and now I won't have to. Yet another reason 2004 can't get here fast enough!
  18. I think delayed respawns work in games like BF1942 and RTCW because it gives you a "breather" and a chance to change classes. In games like Unreal Championship, since you can't change classes, an instant respawn works much better IMO.
  19. It's been too long since I had a good on-line session with you guys and gal :wink: . I'm up for anything, but you know I love me some RTCW. BTW, does anybody here play Unreal Championship? I NEVER play it any more, but a couple of weeks ago, my nephew was over and we were playing on-line and that game is still alot of mindless, fragging fun. Funny thing is, IMHO, it's the game I'm best at 8). I pwn on this game. It was the first XBL game I had and I played it religiously for days at a time for like 2-3 months. I was ranked in the mid 60's overall. Then the clans started coming in and fucking it ALL up. I was still kicking their collective ass (and still can :wink: ) but they took the fun out of it. Then I got MechAssault and that was that. Anyway, see ya on-line.
  20. Funny stuff, Jay. Very well done. For this part, though: I'd add that your "Power bar" meter, on the lower right-hand corner, needs to be full. Also, technically, when you do it this way, you call in an artillery strike. When you throw the canister, you're calling in an air-strike. Also, instead of naming Dean "Supreme Ruler of the Universe in Trash Talking", I have quite a few more "titles" I'd like to bestow on him. I think I'll start another thread on that. :twisted:
  21. You guys just KNOW I'm there tonight! 8) I guess I'll have to send my invite to Chris right away. Good luck to both teams and I hate you both. :wink:
  22. You got me, Joey. I think I was very helpful. And I KNOW my gamertag's on that list you're compiling, so I'm not even gonna ask. 8) So what's everybody think about SOF2? :?:
  23. I was trying to be a gentleman, but now I gotta get into some gangsta shit. 8) Now, I just KNOW you couldn't have typed that with a straight face. In the wee hours of the night, when all's quiet and you have a moment or two to reflect on things, you know, in your heart of hearts, you bitches got lucky. I could see it now, you guys were probably rubbing a Buddha's belly, carrying a rabbit (four rabbits feet :shock: ) and a three-leaf clover, wearing rosary beads and I KNOW, after you'd run up against me and LIVED :roll: , you'd make the sign of the Cross and start singing When The Saints Come Marching In... Anyway, let me stop drinking my Hate-orade and thank you all for crushing my dreams of winning TWO HTF tourneys. That's why I'm rooting for my ex-Taco teammate Scar. Plus, as his bitch I have to root for him. Damn, I hate Scar, but I love him so. :wink: Plus, like I said, there's no shame in losing to you if you turn out to be the champs. I almost forgot to comment on that little situation. It got so bad, at one point I snuck up on one of those "Simple" punks, lined up my sights and started pumping hot lead into his brain-case, only to have him TURN AROUND AND KILL ME!!! And let us not forget the 2-SECOND respawns Team Simple Cheat was getting. But it's all good! I could take my loss like a man. :evil:
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