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  1. Alright, let me jump right in here and talk some shit. Hats off (literally :oops: ) to Simple Chat. You beat us fair and square. I will say IMO luck was on your side. But alas, it's better to be lucky than good. I mean, you weren't carrying a rabbit's-foot, you were carrying the whole damn rabbit. I do hope you guys win though, that means we got beat by the champs. If you lose to the Toothpastetasters, that means we got beat by chumps. :shock: And that would be bad. Dolemite did the best he could, but the rest of us were playing like stir-fried shit! The lack of a Jesus pep talk was a bad start and it only got worse from there. Dean, I hate to say it, but you were sorely missed. Anyway, I, personally, would LOVE a rematch against you guys. Good luck and kick ass! :twisted:
  2. I'd lke there to be a Ghost Recon tourney. My reasons: 1) I don't remember there being a GR tourney, if there was, I definitely wasn't in it; 2) I don't play this game much at all anymore and a tourney would be a great excuse to play; 3) I'm an average GR player, for the better players, this would be the perfect opportunity for some revenge for the numerous times I HAVE or WILL own you during the RTCW touney. :twisted:
  3. I shall call it the soggy-bag! :twisted: How sweet would it have been if after turning you into chop-suey with a knife underwater, I swim down while you sink down, then I lay my scrot on the bridge of your nose? With one family jewel per eye, so you can see where I'm COMING from... Maybe next time. :evil: Since I couldn't get Team Matrix, maybe I'll turn the Facepasterwasters into the Soggy-ball-sac-tasters. :shock: Assuming, of course, you make it to the finals. I know we'll be there. As far as the "Clownz" :roll: , their name pretty much says it all. The slaughter we'll unleash on those boys is not gonna be cute.
  4. Tonight's the night, girls. All you ladies get to live (for now) save for Team Matrons...I mean, Matrix. Team Matrix, huh? :roll: How cute. We'll see if they can dodge bullets like Neo. My guess is they can't. :twisted:
  5. Now you see Pudweedwacker, I was trying to leave you alone... But I understand, you're sticking up for your girlfriend. It's all very honorable. :shock: INDEED. I find you amusing Buttwacker. Maybe, if you're nice, after we destroy Team Sample Crack you could be our mascot or something. Just think about it. :wink:
  6. I just KNOW Team Simple Chumps don't want it with us. I mean Rainfaykr, PoisonHam and Crudwacker I really don't have a problem with, you're just victims of circumstance. But Scar... Let's just say when I'm done with you, you're gonna have to change your gamertag to Scarred4Life. :twisted:
  7. I say cut the tourney in half. Teams "WDUGM", Men with Hats and Facepasterwasters are definitely gonna be there, along with a half-dozen individuals. I'm thinking Scar, saurav, Poison Jam, etc. In other words people who have been on Live more than once. :evil: Like I said elsewhere, it's really pissing me off 'cause I know we're gonna win. I think the only thing that needs deciding is who gets second place? woMen with Hats or the Disgracepasterwasters? :wink: And before you start with your witty retorts, just remember: don't hate the player, hate the game! :!: I can't help that I'm good. So stop drinking your Hate-orade and let's get this tourney going! Ladies!
  8. This thread has been dormant for a while, so I figured I'd stir it up again. Anybody up for some Wolfie tonight? I know my opponents fear my wrath, and I can't guarantee I won't destroy you, but I'll try to take it easy. I really enjoy beating :oops:...I mean, playing with you folks.
  9. I'm a little upset we haven't played a SINGLE game yet. I mean, I know no one is in any rush to meet Team "WDUGM" but come on. There are ten teams and nothing yet? :?:
  10. Team Men With Hats is off the hook! You guys are funny as hell. It's a shame what Team "WDUGM" is gonna have to do to you, though. All I'm saying is your asses will be hairless 'cause we're gonna wax 'em THOROUGHLY. We're gonna beat you like a western omelette. Anyway, when's our team gonna get together for some practice? Not that we need it. :roll: Our team is sharp! We just need to hone it. :wink:
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