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  1. Standing in line for hours to buy furniture that begins to fall apart after hours of use.
  2. My sister got her test result yesterday: negative. That means it's likely no one else in the family has it either, since we're in frequent contact. We'd all be wiped out if one of us had it. Sorry to hear about your relative, Daniel.
  3. Should have the results in two days. She went for the test a couple of hours ago, and they checked her lungs while she was there; her lungs sounded normal, so they don't think she has the virus. So, that's promising.
  4. My sister has been showing symptoms of the virus and will be tested soon. She works as a caretaker who bathes and changes the elderly in their homes. She has two young daughters, and they all visit me often, and they visit our parents who are already in ill health with COPD.
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