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  1. I approve of anything that keeps him out of the recording studio.
  2. Eager to hear learn backwards compatibility. Please play PS4 games. at the very least.
  3. This is a good one. The impotent rage and lack of self-awareness in those comments is something to behold.
  4. That's exactly what I've been wanting. It's glorious.
  5. Is there a deal anywhere on PS+ subscriptions? Mine expires soon.
  6. No, it isn't. I've been watching several let's plays and streams of the game, trying hard to like it, hoping to find something compelling about it. But it's mostly shallow, hack and slash gameplay, with a thoroughly uninteresting story. Sure, there are upgrades to the prosthetic arm and gimmicky tools like the confetti, but the fundamental experience is block/hack/dodge/slash. It's nowhere near as complex as Bloodborne.
  7. There was a remake underway and abandoned not long ago. I'm assuming the people responsible for that aren't involved in this latest attempt?
  8. It's shocking to log into the PSN+ free games page and see only two items. I knew it was going to happen, but my first thought was the page loaded incompletely, and I was tempted to press F5.
  9. It just doesn't feel that long since the PS4 came out. I haven't finished, or even started, most of the games I've bought. It's a wonderful machine with a solid catalogue, but I just don't have as much time to play of late. PS5 may be the first Sony console I don't buy at launch. It would be a dream if it were backwards compatible to several generations, so I can clear some shelf space.
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