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  1. Getting an error when trying to grab the free games: Something went wrong. Try again later.
  2. Perhaps unlocking the game to run at 60fps is compromising the game in some way that Sony knows about and we don't. Perhaps they're planning a remake, so keeping it gimped at 30fps will maximize interest in the upgrade. (Please give it to Bluepoint.)
  3. People get tunnel vision in moments of stress, so it's very easy to believe she didn't notice the hose when she got out the car. She was focused on the person following her. 'What are you talking about?' is a perfectly reasonable response to being told there's something hanging out of your car. I would've probably asked that before turning to look, as well.
  4. An HD boost won't improve the gameplay. It's still a crap game, almost as bad as Twilight Princess. The flying between mission points is interminably boring, the dungeons are uninspired, the side characters are dull, the above world activities are tedious, Fi is as annoying and useless as Midna and Navi, the art design is ugly. Nothing redeeming about this one.
  5. Eastern Europe is an under explored region in video games. I'm hoping they do something interesting with it. It certainly looks good.
  6. It's indisputably amazing. It's also comically revealing. Sorry you don't like what it's showing. Don't be upset with the messenger.
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