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  1. This game didn't click with me, but I'd like to see a Viewtiful Joe remaster.
  2. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is today's offering.
  3. I vividly remembering buying this game at Toys-R-Us when it came out. Had a hankering for something new and different to play, and the cover art and description on the rear intrigued me. Had not even heard of the game before seeing it in the store. Upon playing it, the atmosphere sucked me in right away. It's still one of the most scary and creepy videogame experiences. SH2 is a better game, but the original remains more horrific and frightening. Still disgusted over what Konami allowed to happen to the series.
  4. I'm one of the few weirdos who's always preferred PS to Xbox controllers, so this is good news. Making it a little bigger is an improvement.
  5. Early reviews indicate this turned out as I hoped. It retains the feel of the original and the gameplay wasn't changed to appeal to newcomers or younger players.
  6. Verizon DSL, ladies and gentlemen. This is why I can't stream movies, download games, or play anything online.
  7. I find it difficult to part with physical media, so I have stacks of discs going back 25 years. It's nice to not have re-buy digital copies and mess around downloading and storing games.
  8. I approve of anything that keeps him out of the recording studio.
  9. Eager to hear learn backwards compatibility. Please play PS4 games. at the very least.
  10. This is a good one. The impotent rage and lack of self-awareness in those comments is something to behold.
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