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  1. Original PS3 Fat remains essential. That and a PS5 will cover the entire PS library.
  2. It makes no sense for them not to have done that from the beginning. At least we have the PS5 upgrade coming.
  3. It didn't take long for the LittleBig Planet games to make it to PS+.
  4. While I do want this game, I'm anticipating it being one of the first PS5 titles to be free on PS+. Will wait.
  5. https://twitter.com/cushbomb/status/1309158404544442374?s=20 Roll him down to the changing station.
  6. Looking forward to watching blind let's plays of Sunshine. It's amazing how many haven't played the game.
  7. I'm resisting it so far. The only launch game I want is Demon's Souls. Will wait until there's at least another desired release before buying the console. I don't anticipate it being sold out for long stretches of time.
  8. I bought a code off of eBay in June for $33.95. It's currently $34.95 from the same seller. The code was legit and emailed quickly.
  9. Stick it to the Man is fun. It was a PSN freebie a few years ago.
  10. I actually tried replaying Sands of Time recently, but stopped because the controls were more clunky than I remembered. Very interested in seeing how the remake handles.
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