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  1. Looking forward to watching blind let's plays of Sunshine. It's amazing how many haven't played the game.
  2. I'm resisting it so far. The only launch game I want is Demon's Souls. Will wait until there's at least another desired release before buying the console. I don't anticipate it being sold out for long stretches of time.
  3. I bought a code off of eBay in June for $33.95. It's currently $34.95 from the same seller. The code was legit and emailed quickly.
  4. Stick it to the Man is fun. It was a PSN freebie a few years ago.
  5. I actually tried replaying Sands of Time recently, but stopped because the controls were more clunky than I remembered. Very interested in seeing how the remake handles.
  6. Into the Breach must be a repeat free offering, because Epic is telling me I already own it.
  7. Nice. They had only been offering in-game loot for games for the longest time.
  8. The absurdity of existence summarized in 28 seconds.
  9. Glad I didn't preorder it. I hope they listen to complaints and patch the thing.
  10. That one guy is representative of far too many other guys. Being packed tightly in a plane with other people with recirculated air isn't the same as being outside, where exhaled breath gets dissipated instantly. Not that protestors shouldn't be wearing masks just to be safe. They absolutely need to be reminded that participating in a good cause doesn't make them immune. ...... This season of Jersey Shore looks like shit:
  11. ^^^ 'Don't Tread on Me' types like that have started printing fake ADA face mask exemption cards:
  12. It doesn't concern me. I just wash my hands or use sanitizer after handling cash. Most businesses around here have bottles of hand sanitizer at the register or near the exit.
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