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  1. Kind of relieved that the new Switch doesn't have more improvements, as it makes it easier to stick with the original and wait for a more substantial upgrade later on.
  2. Those are good ones you chose. I've only bought the Fellini box set so far, but will likely pick up a few others before the sale ends. B&N is also having a 50% off sale on Arrow titles. Amazon is price matching many of the Criterion and Arrow titles.
  3. What a shame. It was a great time when Adam Boyes and the indie support team were there. It seemed to be a situation that worked for everyone: the developers, Sony, and the player base. So many cool games were made. Not sure why Sony wouldn't want to keep fostering that.
  4. My most anticipated title announced over the last week. These are still the best games of the series, and it's probably best to have these released with a fresh coat of paint than get what would likely be another disappointing sequel. Pleased to see it's coming to every console.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised to see Nextlander and GB collaborating, providing GB's new parent company allows it. Vinny said on yesterday's stream that they're going to be playing with Waypoint soon, which is unsurprising.
  6. Dan Ryckert and Danny O'Dwyer are returning to contribute to Giant Bomb, and Jeff Grubb is coming on board. Other people yet to be announced will be providing periodic/seasonal content. The bigger news is Alex, Brad, and Vinny have a new project called Nextlander, consisting of a weekly podcast and daily gaming streams on Twitch (later uploaded to YT). It feels like traditional Giant Bomb, which is good.
  7. This is depressing. Giant Bomb is the only gaming site I care about, and the people leaving are a big reason why. Sounds like it's going to be a radically different going forward, but I hope they evolve in a way that's still worth watching.
  8. Mark Mothersbaugh providing the soundtrack increases my interest in the game. His film scores are stupendously good.
  9. Getting an error when trying to grab the free games: Something went wrong. Try again later.
  10. Perhaps unlocking the game to run at 60fps is compromising the game in some way that Sony knows about and we don't. Perhaps they're planning a remake, so keeping it gimped at 30fps will maximize interest in the upgrade. (Please give it to Bluepoint.)
  11. People get tunnel vision in moments of stress, so it's very easy to believe she didn't notice the hose when she got out the car. She was focused on the person following her. 'What are you talking about?' is a perfectly reasonable response to being told there's something hanging out of your car. I would've probably asked that before turning to look, as well.
  12. An HD boost won't improve the gameplay. It's still a crap game, almost as bad as Twilight Princess. The flying between mission points is interminably boring, the dungeons are uninspired, the side characters are dull, the above world activities are tedious, Fi is as annoying and useless as Midna and Navi, the art design is ugly. Nothing redeeming about this one.
  13. Eastern Europe is an under explored region in video games. I'm hoping they do something interesting with it. It certainly looks good.
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