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  1. we did relay for life a couple years ago with my best friend who was diagnosed with testicular cancer. great event, some very moving moments experienced. donation sent.
  2. I can't stay signed into PSN even if I wanted.
  3. Well I just went to two FS and one BB to try to track down more for other interested parties and came up empty. So it's probably for the best.
  4. Mark, this game is 14.99 used at BB/FS right now in Canada-land. Bestbuy has a 20% off used games sale on now so ya...probably worth grabbing if you can find it.
  5. i ended up with two FFXIII's pre-orders so I swapped one of them into resonance of fate. Just got a call that it was in stock (got delayed from tuesday) and I was gonna go grab it. Anyone have it? I can't even find many reviews...not sure if I really want this considering I'm 6hrs into Final Fantasy and have DA:Awakenings to get through.
  6. Dallas Clark has been ridiculous lately. let's hope he comes down to earth for my sake! good luck
  7. ya. that was denying me but no one else was complaining so I chalked it up to me being a moron.
  8. a better solution would be to bug other lcvg'ers until we find one more member...or three...or five...
  9. "Your Head-to-Head league will not be able to start the season if it contains an odd number of teams." i got hooped on this rule tonight. maybe setup a dummy team if we're uneven still?
  10. bertuzzi was unbearable to watch last year. i know he'll put up good numbers in detroit, but i woudlnt' have wanted him back in cgy at 1mil. If keenan didn't have a crush on him and had only played him against soft opponents and pp2 he wouldn't have been so dissapointing.
  11. ya I wasn't super interested as I've got a backlog of games to get through. but at this price i'll throw it into the pile of "to-be-played"
  12. i heard a rumour the first episode of season 4 had leaked. I don't really want to find it, or i'll just be drooling for ep.2. S1>S2>S3, imo. I hope the trend doesn't continue
  13. i'm in. hopefully i don't miss any weeks
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