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  1. I certainly believe Charisma Carpenter. Not so sure I believe nearly as much by Fisher, who has ridden some pretty nebulous claims for months now, which boils down to “JL was going to be my movie” and mean Joss cut my stuff out and was a jerk about it. Which I am certain is true, but I’m also certain that’s the business. I’ll be happy to change my tune when provides some specifics. As for Whedon’s behavior on Buffy and Angel...lots of bad stories, with plenty of details and corroboration.
  2. I was this thread a few times in the past few weeks. I’ve got a hankering, and reminiscing about this game made me realize it’s one of my top five all time. Just spectacular in every way. May do a replay in March when the Reddit community for the game celebrates their annual Return to Yharnam. Fortuitous bump as well, because I had a good postal day yesterday...my barely remembered “all in” KS for the board game arrived. Wife was thrilled...
  3. I finally nutted up to this last week. Purchased the SE digitally on my schway PS5, and frankly I’m having a real blast. Feels a bit more forgiving than previous titles, but it has tremendous combat depth and variety across the characters. Hadn’t really played the series since DMC4, and this is absolutely thr whole package. CAPCOM continues to dazzle on a technical level, with possible the best character models in video game cutscenes. I skipped the ray tracing to optimize performance, and it’s been smooth and lovely the whole time. Each of the three base characters are a real treat, and
  4. I don’t care about getting Fantastic Four...they need to get DOOM right. Start with Mads...
  5. I didn’t know Patty was a Gold Star daughter. She’s a fine director, and I’m ready to be excited for a new Star Wars movie.
  6. I think Bond belongs in November. I’m excited to see it, but I’m also content to wait. I’d much prefer a theater for Bond, even if I have to rent one out.
  7. I have zero notifications (Target or Amazon), so I expect disappointment. But that’s ok. I’m playing the long game.
  8. I didn’t practice. But I did download the DLC and played through the first mission (UAC Atalantica). I was (and am) out of practice, so this really beat my ass. The waves of enemies feels about 40% longer, and some of the arenas are little less forgiving. To really toss a dagger in there, the first time you fight a Marauder, it’s in a fucking shoebox. I died a lot. Yes, you deal with two later, but that is in a big area. The tight quarters fight was a lot tricker. As with Eternal, this is a beautiful game, with art direction to kill for. I got it as Part of the Deluxe Digit
  9. I wonder if that better consumer experience prioritizes XBOX recommendations by the store staff.
  10. I’m also really excited about playing some last gen games at peak efficiency. I scrolled through the (very, very) long list of BC games and saw a LARGE number I’d like to revisit.
  11. Got a gaming buddy that didn’t get that email (and he ordered after me). He must be the One
  12. Hoping to get kid digital. Took a 10 minute break and missed it. Got him a disc version. But happy, not complaining. I’ll get subsidized by my parents and siblings...Christmas sorted.
  13. Not you, Romier...the GS website. It literally said Pre-Order on the webpage, and then switched to Not Available. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. I’m not even sure I love my son this much.
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