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  1. Different accounts was my first thought also but I'm signed in with my email address on my phone and on this computer and on my ipad. Some playlists are there but not all. But it's ok I figured out what to do. I connected my phone to this computer, allowed access to my files on the phone and found the files of James that I really wanted. So now I have them on this computer also and can back them up along with everything else. So it's all good in the end. Thank you though. Still would like to know why it doesn't show all my playlists but I can live with that now.
  2. I usually use Google Play on my Samsung phone. I have everything on there, including a playlist with lots of recordings James made. I have a problem when I try to sign in on any other device. Half my playlists are missing, including of course James playlist! I've tried everything and chatted with their help line - no help at all. Anybody else use this and know what to do? I know I could at one time get all this music on James old computer because that's where I made the playlists. My phone is only a year old.
  3. So glad to see you all again! I just had to buy a new computer. It was very traumatic for me. But I had everything transferred to an external hard drive and with Chrome it still looks kinda like James' computer. You guys look awesome.
  4. Cheese and pickle? I'd forgotten that combination too! I love cheese and cucumber though. I'm doing great (seriously, I know no-one asked but what the heck). I actually completed a trail run - as in run, not just walk, last weekend. Extremely hilly and I'm not sure I could have completed it without the workouts I've been doing in the gym. It was also very hot so thank god we ran through a lot of forest area. The heat has really been building here - no rain for 3 or 4 weeks now. It was 32 yesterday and more like 40 with the humidity and I was quite content to stop at 4.2k. Early morning, late evening, it doesn't much matter when you run lately it's hard to escape the relentless sun. I love summer but it is hard on training. I add this next bit hoping that you won't all laugh - I actually dead-lifted 95lbs, 3 times even! That's pretty spectacular for me as I could not even lift the bar by itself last October when I started at the gym. My goal is 150 one day. I still have more fat on me than I would like but I'm trying to eat very healthy and my weight is stable. I just remembered I did a Canada D'eh (yeah I know, kind of corny!) 5k run in the pouring rain on July 1 so we have had some rain lately. I've been outside so much lately there are a ton of games piling up for me to spend time on when the weather gets crappy again (translate - cold). Take care everyone. Sorry about the politics in the UK and the US!
  5. omg. Now I know. Now what do I do?
  6. I agree with most of JFo and Dan have said. Basically I know I prefer linear games but I have no trouble playing the more open world games because I just ignore a lot of the side stuff. I have been known to be obsessive about completing everything in a game, but it is rare. Right now my playing time is way down. I have a list of titles I want to play but every time I think about tying up my time like that I back away. Not really sure why. I am hooked on a lot of physical activity lately and sitting in front of a game severely cuts into my exercise time! Never thought that would happen to me. And, as my grandkids have taken over use of the 360 for Minecraft and Lego Dimensions my time for gaming has diminished. (Can't stand Minecraft - but they love it!)
  7. I just bought this game for my grandson - he is 8. He was hooked on it immediately. At the moment he is just doing what he can and ignoring what he can't do. I bought the Portal pack too as both grandsons love that game and make me play it, or watch them play it every time I visit! (I had forgotten how great it is). Looks like I'll have an endless supply of birthday and Christmas gifts to give and my bedroom at their house is filling up with Lego characters as that is where the 360 is! I think Microsoft will have to keep supporting the 360 for a while longer.
  8. I'm glad you're into it again Dan. I've been trying to keep going 3 or 4 times a week. I'll admit it gets frustrating at times. I improve very slowly! I don't know how you do it on an empty stomach though. Just getting up requires energy for me - if I don't eat breakfast I feel really slow. I'm trying some vegan dishes in my diet, but I don't think I could ever go all vegan. I'm just glad to be running still. My right calf gets sore sometimes, my left hamstring still gives me trouble, my left toes still get incredibly cramped - but nothing bothers me much while running! It's only when I stop. So I gotta keep moving. I'm already planning on another running cruise early next year - 2 weeks this time! Great motivation. My cross training still includes Zumba, and I'm off to do that right now.
  9. Thanks Tom. That's why I bought a Surge. Now I would like a Blaze - just for the color! Have to resist every little upgrade that comes along! It doesn't log steps when I weight train but at least I get credit for my minutes of activity. I love it when I end the day with every line going green.
  10. OK, can't actually add without email or something. So I'll leave it up to you. I'm out there at tlippingwell@gmail.com. Anybody else on Fitbit?
  11. Hi Tom, Great job and keep going. I'm a Fitbit fanatic. I run, hike, weight train at the gym and I would love at least one friend on Fitbit. I also sync with MFP. I average more than 10,000 steps a day. If you think you can keep up with an old lady I'll add you to my friend's list! Best thing for you is you'll eventually outdo me easily! Carlos, Dan - hope you both get out there again and stay healthy!
  12. I'm still hanging in there. I just came back from another running cruise. Oh, they are so motivating and it is so lovely to go run and hike in the warmth when we are in a deep freeze here! My times are slow - it takes more than a few days to get used to the heat. But it doesn't matter. The people are so friendly everywhere and the ship experience is pretty amazing in itself. My favourite part is the hike on the Waitukubuli trail in Dominica. It would be so awesome to do that whole trail one year. It would probably take me a year! I've maintained my weight for over a year now, sometimes slightly up but always correct quickly. I had some health issues and I think some medication the doctor tried on me did not agree with me. I'm trying something new for osteoporosis now and I'm gradually getting my energy back. It warmed up to -8c yesterday evening so I went for a run and had an awesome run for a change! I go to the gym at least 3 times a week for weight training. I am slowly getting stronger. I know it takes a longer time for someone my age to build muscle so I have to be patient. Plus I have a nagging pain in the top back of my left leg - hamstring I think, but it just isn't getting better. I can run, sometimes takes 5 minutes to loosen up. I've tried stretching, foam rolling, resting (for a week) but it doesn't change appreciably. Actually my whole left side is slightly weaker than my right side. Working on it. My preferred distances are still 5K to 10K. I admire people training for longer but I don't think I want to do it - not yet anyway. I don't know what would motivate me to try a marathon, or even a half marathon. Maybe a trip somewhere exotic. I'm definitely working a running cruise into next winter's schedule. And I noticed there is a running cruise in the south of France, one of my favourite places. It's been said a lot but I need the exercise, the running for my sanity, for my well-being. I know that and I'm very thankful I'm healthy enough at my age to continue doing what I enjoy. My mom keeps telling me I'm ruining my knees, but quite the contrary I think. I'm off to NY again next week as it is Evan's 5th birthday. I've never missed a birthday and I don't want to as I don't see my grandchildren enough. I think it will be a little milder in NY so I should be able to run outside. I have only done a few runs on the treadmill this year - and the week in the Caribbean - braving the cold for most runs. I hope Spring comes soon and we all feel a bit brighter. I forgot to mention I did get a Fitbit Surge for Christmas and it hasn't burned a hole in my wrist yet! I actually find it quite motivating and wear it all the time now. I even went out and bought their scale. The weekly reports are great. Funny, the only time I've greatly exceeded all my goals was when I was on the cruise! Regularly went over 20,000 steps in a day, 2 days over 25,000 and one day climbed 200 floors! What a vacation. No rest for the wicked. I'm much lazier in my day to day existence.
  13. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the best bunch of on-line friends anyone could have - and Keith of course. I hope 2016 is a good year for everyone.
  14. I was right. I couldn't resist playing it again - on Legendary this time and in some places it was a real bitch and others it was easier than on Normal. I finally "cheated" in Mission 14. It was bloody impossible as far as I was concerned. The Wardens were all over me 2 on 1 even 3 on 1 no matter where I went or how I tried it. My team was useless, usually killed almost immediately. I tried the jump to the platform from the right side many times and could not make it work. I was almost in despair. I tried many times to kill the Wardens, alternating between fighting them and trying the jump. Finally I tried the jump from the left side - and voila! Worked first time - then a warden struck me dead!!! Just a couple of more tried though and I was past them. Thank bloody god! And I don't really consider that a cheat. Whenever I can avoid fighting I do. There were at least 3 missions that had parts that you didn't need to kill all the enemies. One great big battlefield that opened up before you when you were trying to reach the Arbiter could be avoided. I just ran right around it into the building and up the stairs to the Arbiter. Felt great. And I just ran up and up and up in one part - only had to kill the elites at the top to complete that part. Taking out the power plants near the end I just killed the fewest enemies I could, then hid behind a rock or something and kept shooting til the energy orbs were gone. The last battle with Osiris gave me a workout. All I can say is keep moving. Take a shot, try to make it count and keep moving. And it was worth it to get 200 extra points in the end! I don't know why I love Halo. I just do. And it was very satisfying getting it done on Legendary. Okay, Okay, I may have to go back and try to defeat those Wardens in Mission 14. It does bug me a little that I couldn't figure out a way to get it done. But first, Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone.
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