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  1. My son lost his mind playing Hot Wheels last night. Scored some big daddy points on that one I should note that the kid not only plays with his Hot Wheels tracks in the normal way a fair bit, but also spends a lot of time walking around the house with two lengths of track pretending they are various parts of things, usually Transformers (think Wheeljack's shoulder rocket), so he's squarely in the target market to put it lightly. I thought it was pretty damn awesome too and looking forward to playing it some more. Also, I've invested quite a bit of time into FH4 but had to play a bit of 3 (for the first time) to unlock the Hot Wheels area... I must say some areas in FH3 (Australia) are quite breathtaking. I had no intention of playing FH3 outside of the Lego area beyond unlocking HW. I still can't see myself investing anywhere close to the kind of time I have in 4... but I can see myself firing up 3 (regular area) once in a while just to spend some time in that environment.
  2. Sweeet... the expansion pass is on cheap. I've been hoping to pick up Hot Wheels for my son, he likes the Lego expansion a bit in FH4, but I've heard the Hot Wheels one is more fun and I think he'll really dig it. I'm sure I'll have a blast with it too. Kinda funny both expansions are half the price of buying just the Hot Wheels one since they didn't put that on sale on its own.
  3. XBox console naming has always been unnecessarily complicated. This is getting silly.
  4. Over 70% so far haven't used cash. I know we're a bunch of tech-loving nerds in a global pandemic, but still... wow! Love the stories of tipping hairdressers too, good on you guys.
  5. Haha, there are all kinds of important services spawning from all of this. Some more important than others.
  6. I try to avoid using cash for the most part already, but early in the Covid-19 lock-down I remember looking at the bills in my wallet and thinking they were going to be there for a long time... and they still are, the exact same ones. Anyone else in the same boat?
  7. I've only seen one of the three episodes, but Middleditch & Schwartz had us busting a gut the other night. Two guys doing improv is not something I would usually seek out but a friend said it was funny and they were very much correct. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. It's amazing how much fun the two of them seem to be having up there, truly infectious. Highly recommend checking it out.
  8. We're enjoying our Pathfinder rompin' as well. Our second session last night was a typical dungeon crawl with a funny escape at the end. We ended up using MapTool. It's a little CPU-heavy at times dealing with lighting/fog of war, but our DM seems mostly happy with what he can do. He's dropped in all of our actions, so combat is fairly easy for us from a UI perspective. Seems like he invested some work getting everything set up though.
  9. What virtual tabletops and tools would you recommend? About to start an online Pathfinder campaign. Thanks, Roy
  10. I really enjoyed this and boy, the father/brother stuff sure took advantage of the gaps in my emotional armour for some deeeep crits.
  11. Oh, man, shows how much attention I'm paying. 😵
  12. Well your video just got retweeted by James Duthie from TSN, so you're officially famous as far as I'm concerned 😜
  13. Anyone else watch The Outsider? Very good ten episode mini series based on the Steven King book. My wife almost bailed when things got scary in the middle but stuck it out. Definitely a bit disturbing at times, but I really enjoyed it.
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