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  1. The fact that the license plate isn't blurred out bothers me the most I think.
  2. Yup, live in Canada as well. Definitely appreciate the ability to set a PIN on Star-enabled profiles.
  3. Waterloo Math alum here. Shout out! Might have to warn the Tie guard in case you're working up to printing tech that will allow you steal the tie.
  4. Man, I loved the original games and that trailer hooked me. If I had the time to give these I'd be all over it. #nerdboner
  5. My wife and I really enjoyed it. I thought it started and finished particularly strong. There were some stretches through the middle that weren't my favourite, but overall I'm glad I watched it.
  6. It held it together, we really like it. It got a little over the top at times, but it was loads of fun with some strong emotional beats as well.
  7. Hold on... I just recklessly looked up Uwe Boll... They made two MORE Dungeon Siege movies??? In the Name of the King wasn't enough? I can't even.
  8. The first off-the wall example I came up with was the Virtual Boy. Only saw one once. But the scale likely pales in compared to AAA titles these days.
  9. Two episodes into The Flight Attendant and we're really liking it. Hoping it holds up.
  10. That was amazing. I didn't spend much time thinking about who that was going to be... but my brain seemed to have thought that wasn't, how do I put this...allowed. It started as more of a stand-alone story and it's been cool as 'old' characters have shown up, but damn! That was crazy. I really love this show.
  11. This is pretty remarkable. Delisted from the store... would have been hard to believe a couple of weeks ago. I know this is an extreme case, but this is an industry that is slowly teaching its customers that being an early adopter may not be worth it. The forces of wanting to be first / "Playing since day one!" are always going to be strong for many, but knowing you can wait to get something actually ready and usually for less money is going to be a strong consideration for more and more people if these situations keep occurring.
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