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  1. Yeah, I'm sure the timing relative to the end of GoT was no accident I may have to check out Barry too.
  2. Chernobyl. Outstanding. Crushing, but also subtly inspiring. It feels like one of the more important things I've watched in a while. I've basically been running around my office the past few weeks telling everyone to watch it.
  3. It's funny, my wife in particular had a hard time getting back into it for the first couple of episodes, but episodes 3 & 4 have us both all in again. We're looking forward to seeing how nutty this all gets!
  4. Yup, things are going to get pretty messy for a while. Interesting that piracy is going back up. I didn't realize that, but it makes perfect sense as the market gets fragmented.
  5. It sometimes feels like they read all the forums, see that people have figured out how things should end for all of the characters and just changed everything, avoiding the top few theories for each character just so they can say "haha internet, didn't see that coming, did ya?!" I'm getting really good at parking my rage until after the episodes. I can enjoy the ride, then turn into a pillar of rage afterwards. I probably would have preferred the show just, you know, be good though. I've tried really hard to cut the show some slack, but it's way out of rope. Someone online put it pretty well a week or two ago. We used to hate characters and get mad at them. Now we just get mad at the writers. I'm not mad at Dany this morning, that wasn't her last night. If they wanted to turn her into that they needed another season or so to do it. Reminding us that Targaryens sometimes just crack at the start of the episode (hmm maybe they just flipped a coin on every decision this season...) sure is grasping at straws for me. OK, can't waste too much time being mad, there's no point breaking down each and every thing they could/should have done better, I'd be here all day.
  6. I'm enjoying the season, mostly because I'm allowing myself to get distracted from all of the weak writing. How do you let yourselves get ambushed at sea again? Anyways, so much fan payload coming all the time that I've decided to just let stuff slide and enjoy the good stuff.
  7. It may not have been perfect, but I loved the final episode and really put a cherry on top of the season. Looking forward to next season either way.
  8. Well put Romier, I just got caught up again last night and wanted to post about how much I'm enjoying the season but it looks like you've said pretty much everything I was thinking of posting. One other thing I'll say is how much the Spock/Michael relationship has grown on me. I didn't love that they brought Spock in at first as it felt like a cheat code, but Micheal's character has been strong enough to still 'own the show'. The show has also gone out of its way to make sure we all know she's the most important character in the narrative, so that probably helps. It's a show/season with heavy time travel elements. It's likely never going to be perfect, but I'm really enjoying the ride.
  9. I actually enjoyed last season, warts and all. I've been looking for a show to fill this void for a while so any Star Trek has been a welcome addition to the rotation. I agree though, I'm enjoying this season much more. I'm worried that they're using Spock as a bit of a crutch, but it's working well enough so far for me.
  10. Well my brain just exploded inside my hea....
  11. Great to hear, we've definitely had our eye on Betrayal Legacy.
  12. I loved Haunting and loved the way they wrapped it up. My wife was soundly in the 'it dragged on a bit at the end' camp though. I really loved how so many little things were sprinkled through the early episodes that came together in the later episodes.
  13. Hi Chris, I played through Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle with some friends about a year ago and really enjoyed it. It sounds like you will be playing with 2 Players. If you do play with four, or each control two characters you may want to watch out for some balancing issues. In general we found that the game is significantly harder the more characters you play with as their decks each ramp up relatively slower than the enemies and most abilities (such as healing) don't apply to everyone where the enemies generally harm everyone. We found the second last year (6?) essentially unbeatable with four and the internet seemed to agree. Anyways, really great game, very cool mechanics and super fun. Just a friendly heads-up for something that could frustrate you guys. There are some tweaks we made so we could clear it with four, if you get to the point where you're curious what we did just let me know. Enjoy! Roy
  14. We're two episodes into Ozark S2 and loving it so far too.
  15. 100%. I think this is a big part of what makes the whole show work. That those in charge (or at least most of them) believe that what they are doing is truly necessary. They go to such great lengths, do such unimaginable things, but the leaps of logic necessary to go from having a crisis and forcing everyone to change their lifestyles to a simpler, more reproductive time are something you can follow, if not understand. It also explains the instability in the country necessary to successfully implement such a plan over time.
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