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  1. They need a service like that for Porn. If anything bad happens to you, they go in before your folks or kids and clean out all the dirty little secrets you have hiding around. I saw a TV show where friends were "Porn buddies" like that. I bet with some of the people I know on here, there could be a small fortune to be made with a service like that. :lol
  2. Even though Gary has been missing in action on X Box Live, I wanted to wish him a very, happy birthday! :hyper:hbday
  3. Wishing my wonderful video game addicted husband a very happy birthday!:ohyeah
  4. Ummmmm.... I thought this was a safe place from people like you? :eh
  5. It's only fair that I get to start this since we share a birthday! Someday we will have to celebrate together.
  6. Is anyone still playing? Do any of you have the Wii game City Folks? Someone gave me one for Christmas and I just started playing it. As for the DS, I still play mine all the time. I love it.
  7. I just saw this thread... don't get on line much lately, hard to sit at the PC all day and then night after the leg incident. Glad your wife is ok, but I agree with Secret on this one.... fight your insurance company. And make sure your wife is still ok in a week or so. Soft tissue aches and pains can come later after the shock wears off. Hope things all are going well ..... Calvin and Leslie
  8. Pure evil that feels soooooooooooo great! I have a few pairs of them. No strange colors though. Dark blue and black for me works great. I compare the feel of them to the foam rubber mats some places have for kids to play on in place of a concrete floor. One of our malls in MA has a play area lined with the stuff. I used to have to stand on my feet for 8 hours a night. These shoes were life savers. Nurses love them, some places even nicknamed them "Nurse Clogs" because so many nurses buy them. I give mine two whole: :tu :tu
  9. I actually enjoyed sitting back and letting Nightwing play this for me. I was able to put my focus on the minions in the background and I laughed so hard at them I darn near had an accident. I found them more hysterical than anything else in the game. The "sheepies", things they found to wear as armor...man, the pumpkin helmet the little guy carved into a jack o lantern and stuck on his head was just funny. I cant' wait for these games to come out. Now if I could just talk Silicone Knights into another Eternal Darkness I would be so happy! Maybe I should send some minions over to convince them?
  10. Cal signed me up last night. So the Steamrollers and the WeeMadBeasties are ready to go! Gimmie a second to call Troy Brown and ask him to play again this year though.
  11. Yeah. That will work. Joey, you come up with some of the best ideas!!!! :eh (not!)
  12. Thanks Joey, but I'm good with that. But I will sadly miss Troy this year. He was my secret weapon.... with Troy Brown on my team, I could not lose the 2 times I won. So.... I am ready to defend my crown again this year. It does kind of suck I can't have my own team again due to there not being enuff spots open by the time I saw the message. You should have saved room for the defending champ!
  13. Ha! The only reason the hospital let me go Tuesday was I assured them my loving hubby would be home off work and able to assist me. Guess who got called into work?!? :eh Actually, it never ceases to amaze me the wealth of caring and concern that is expressed by our friends we play video games with. It is with much reflection that I think of how many people I actually have met face to face, and spend a lot of time with, that took the time to visit or even take 1 minute to call me while I was in the hospital. Three people came to visit, and of those three, two of them we play video games with. (no one called btw) I have come to the conclusion I prefer the company of the people I know by their gamertags and they know me as Batgirl. You guys= :rock Your posts of concern and caring made me cry. Thanks guys. You are the reason my friends list is so short. I prefer quality over quantity, and you all are the cream of the crop! :ohyeah
  14. Yep, Nightwing is quickly climbing that slippery hill called "Turning 40!". He is 39 this year, so next year will have to be a big bash. He got some nice swag for his happy day though. He got the iPod Nano Video, Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Chicago pizza shipped to New England, and some MicroSoft points. Yep... he's a happy boy! Happy Birthday !
  15. If we can get a decent group going,I'll join in.
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