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  1. RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE!!! It's about time this movie gets the recognition it deserves as the best Disney Star Wars movie. https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/rogue-trends-fourth-anniversary-release-fans-disney-star-wars-movie/?fbclid=IwAR2jjp8_oxn5ztiPq13oVAnZSodFgUrB5HectZm4d5XrW4QNHYlVqFx7iMg
  2. Figures. 😂 You shouldn't. Without the familiarity from youth you don't get that sweet sweet nostalgia, and without the nostalgia TG16 isn't going to impress. (Duo might, but you're going to have to turn over a lot of rocks.) But I could play Devil's Crush all day and not give a second's notice to the shit physics.
  3. I feel like someone here should have told me that Analogue is coming out with a TurboGrafx 16/Duo FPGA'd console. How am I supposed to sleep knowing this console is coming? Series X, PS5? Meh. Blazing Lazers, son.
  4. Kingdom Death 1.6 dropped for Black Friday, so I held out as long as I could. RIP my self respect. Also, for anyone interested in Too Many Bones, all the promos are up. This is the only time of the year there are available so you might want to check them out. If I may, the Gearloc Child is a neat addition, based on the Mandalorian, it introduces a lootable child that can help you in fights. Looks adorable and adds to the fun. It won't be available until next year if you miss this window.
  5. I've heard nothing but good things about that book.
  6. Marvel Champions has been my first LCG. I can see how these things become a problem. Between monthly releases and Etsy, it can get out of hand pretty damn quick. I can only imagine how this will be when they start producing decks for heroes and villains I actually give a damn about... Been playing this solo game, too. Everything Lost is a very small production run (200 copies) zombie apocalypse survival game out of the Netherlands that uses a very clever action card system. It drips with theme and each of four chapters in the campaign plays in about 45 minutes.
  7. Heads up, Best Buy is clearing out Golden Tee for $249. Not too shabby for a unit with a lighted marquee and custom riser included. Side note: the roller is surprisingly good. If I can find anything resembling a deal, I'd like to replace the Rampage cab with Star Wars. Otherwise, it's going to be some flavor of light gun cab. THEN and only then will the collection be complete.
  8. Dear Diary, The family started the 5E Humblewood campaign after finishing Lost Mine of Phandelver and I think they are sufficiently hooked on D&D. I'm not using Fantasy Grounds for this (and I'm itching to try 4.0 for a campaign!) since there is no Humblewood FG module (though there is one in Roll20, but alas), so I'm going to be doing more theater of the mind for this one and see how they like it. My inclination is that they'll like it a lot. I'll report back. Just look at those cute heroes.
  9. Star Wars Squadrons was a hit with the kids. I, however, am quite old and damn near threw up twice.
  10. Well, well, well, how the turntables. Piping the Rift and Steam catalogs to a wireless Quest 2 looks to be a more than adequate alternative to a wireless Rift setup. Sidequesting Virtual Desktop was fiddly to get going, and I ended up having to replace the TPCast router with a WIFI 6 router to maximize performance, but once you do there's really no reason to go back to the Rift. I wasn't expecting that.
  11. Gloomhaven Helper should fix you right up.
  12. The Too Many Bones Trove Chest came in and it's everything I hoped it would be. Took about 2 hours to load it with everything, but the process was therapeutic. I wish more companies would do this for some of their epic titles - Lookin at you CMON. This thing is Chip Theory Games' love letter to the fans.
  13. I would swap that into my gaming table so fast your head will spin.
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