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  1. The Pledge Manager went live for Everdell's latest expansion and they have an upgraded version of the tree, which is probably the most superfluous accessory in all of boardgaming. There is no reason to have the cardboard version of that cumbersome tree on the table, much less a all-wooden one. So naturally I paid extra for the wooden one because I am a sucker for upgraded bits, I don't even try and fight it anymore. I think I'm psyching myself up to get 7th Continent, the KS version, and the expansions. Anyone here have any play time with it? I should just get the expansions right out the gate, there's no real reason to wait, right? Or, is the play to get the Classic Edition currently on pre-order and the What Goes Up expansion and call it a day? I fear that I will regret not getting the version with all the KS bling (extra characters, especially) later.
  2. Downloaded it last night! I was sold the moment I saw that first boss battle footage.
  3. Went through the rules and played a few rounds of Tapestry tonight, too. Looking forward to doing it for real this weekend, but with 3 players. Coincidentally, I'm watching the Mill's playthrough of Tapestry as I write this. (Picked up Charterstone while in Miami, it's sold out everywhere here and online, unless you pay a premium over MSRP, so this has been a Stonemaier themed week over here.) I had a shot at a (relatively) cheap unpunched copy of Kingdom Death: Monster, which on the surface is right up my alley with the darkness and the grandness, but after checking more closely I don't think I'll be fine with the overwrought sexuality. I'm fine with sexiness, it's sleaziness I have a problem with. Why spend all this time to create something epic, and then go that sophomoric route? Ugh. Such a shame, because otherwise, the game looks like something I'd enjoy. Soooo, anyone have a recommendation on a game with a similar level of monumental scope and breadth, but also a bit more, I don't know, dignified? Mind, I'm into the minis, too - the bigger and more ambitious the better. Also, Brian, the Gaming Goat in North Austin has a lot of games at prices that beat a lot of what you can find online. I picked up Western Legends there for $54 and it's not less than $75 everywhere I've looked. They had Everdell in stock while I was there, too, and had I not pledged the all-in Kickstarter I would have picked that up, too. Moral of the story, check that place out if you haven't, it's worth the time, imo.
  4. I run the kids through campaigns using Fantasy Grounds and I don't remember how I used to play before. Sometimes we have friends or relatives join in for stuff, like a quick one-shot, remotely. What a time to be alive.
  5. Fantasy Grounds or Roll20? ­čś«
  6. Kevin Eastman putting together an advanced copy of TMNT. No big deal.
  7. Brian, have you seen these Middara player boards? https://www.etsy.com/listing/693808544/middara-player-board-3-level
  8. Tapestry pre-orders are up: https://stonemaier-games.myshopify.com/products/tapestry
  9. I just clicked on FeedTheWant.com in your profile and it is all a mix of Trump 2020 white supremacy shit, anti-vax propaganda, and a lot of porn.  A LOT of porn.

  10. Got my GenCon score framed and delivered today. I got to talk to Natalia Rojas, art director for Wingspan, and convinced her to sell me the original art for the Ruby Throated Hummingbird, a powerful and popular bird in the game - It's also on the box spine. It's now hanging in the entryway into the game room. I could get used to having original game art on the walls...
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