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  1. Dark Tower I get, but no love for Oath or Apex? 😲
  2. The cable comes out of the top? No way. Not on my watch.
  3. The fam loves Wingspan. In fact, yesterday I received my 4 month old KS pledge of upgraded character markers from Meeple Source because now the culture is all about ordering even normal everyday products through Kickstarter. Zzzz
  4. Working our way through the new games, we first jumped on the one I was most anticipating playing, Edge of Darkness. Having never played Mystic Vale, this is my first foray into John D. Clair's card crafting system - and it's a very difficult game to get a demo of or chance to play. (I saw it once in a store in Anaheim, but they wanted crazy money.) We love it. It's a fascinating system with a lot of uniqueness and depth. It's fun at 2 players and the bog down at 4 is minimal - if only because the downtime between turns gives you time to plan, which is welcome. Side note, I've instituted a policy to speed paint the army-like sets (here, the nameless guild agents), but will continue to take time on player characters or named minis. I'm amazed at how much time it takes to properly paint a game and marvel at people's collections of painted minis. My goal is to not play a game until the minis are painted and the table presence is as pow as practical. Yolo, fam. Also, I may have gone too small for my gaming table! This game, and others, crowd a 4'x4' gaming area. Next up, Cthulhu: Death May Die
  5. But them 36 inches tho. (I still have my 36 WEGA from college sitting in the garage, but that's where it's going to have to stay because gravity.)
  6. The wife and I decided to make this the "Board Game Christmas." I've had worse ideas. Looking forward to finally getting to see what all the fuss is about with Gloomhaven. I received Nemesis as an early gift, so I painted it up and brought it over to the in-laws. We played until 4:30 in the morning. Some died, but all had a great time. Understand, these people think of Monopoly as the height of board game technology and know little else on the subject. Minds were blown.
  7. Give me an NBA Jam cab and I'll fix the roster issue.
  8. Quest, imo. PSVR is for tourists and Rift's modest performance increase over Quest doesn't justify the advantage of being tetherless and mobile.
  9. Snap. I thought I was doing good keeping my (X)A1 in storage, but homeboy still has his hooked up. Props! (A3 is there so the Beast™ doesn't get lonely.)
  10. So I guess trying to get us to stand our consoles vertically is still a thing. Regardless, come to Butthead.
  11. I have the Villainous and Rebellion inserts from Meeple Realty and they are great. Wish I would have got the one for Tapestry instead of the Broken Token one as I like their solution to some of issues with that game better. The only company who's disappointed me yet has been TowerRex, but that was just for one of their inserts, Wingspan, the rest have been perfectly fine. PSA - Zombicide: Black Plague is $61 Prime, with instant $10 checkout savings, on Amazon right now.
  12. So I went to pick up a 64GB Oculus Quest at Best Buy... What the hell happened?!?! Three Best Buys later and no stock whatsoever.
  13. SIAP This guy aggregates local stock DBs and filters for Arcade1Up cabs, so if you're looking for one of those $75 deals near you, this is how you do it. https://deals.consolekits.com/ I found Space Invaders for $75 and TMNT for $200, but I also drove 45 mins one-way for a $125 Final Fight cab that was mis-priced in this database and actually still full price, so use with caution.
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