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  1. We got European football by qualifying on the pitch. Also what you said isn't really true. We were penalized so heavily because UEFA had zero faith in the Chinese ownership. Their initial decision was based on that. Right before the appeal, the hedge fund took over the club, kicked out the Chinese, and UEFA found we now have solid financial backing.
  2. It's been a while. Are you all ready for Milan to return as the king of football with our new hedge fund owners?
  3. Dre we sent one of our top guys to scout Leander Dendoncker, tell me something about him
  4. I'm glad Adidas dropped Milan. Looking forward to see what Puma comes up with. Tbf Argentina's kit is pretty nice tho.
  5. The defending on the Perrotti goal was just hilarious. We yell at people who do that shit in our Sunday pickup games.
  6. I finally caved and bought a Switch. Mario bundle. The red and black theme sold me (I wonder why . . . ). Pretty solid console, and the game is just phenomenal.
  7. I got banned at GAF for making a thread asking, "Would you buy a game if you found out the developer is a sexual predator?" I was banned within two minutes of posting. Insecure pussies. It's for the best, ResetEra is the shit.
  8. Seriously And not only is it an interlull, the only country that matters isn't even going to be there. ZzZzZzZz
  9. Gotta admit, ResetEra is pretty nice. Impressive that they put it together so quickly. Now I gotta think of a creative way to account suicide on GAF.
  10. They write their own software apparently. I think it's pretty easy to read. Dark theme is disgusting though.
  11. I don't know how it was created, but since the recent events way more GAF folks migrated, including PoliGAF.
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