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  1. Its like a weird feeling because of the virus I feel and also because we were so far ahead. I still got slightly upset when the Chelsea final whistle happened (and I know friends who went the ground haha) tons of fireworks went off around my house but it still felt muted and I just kept thinking like town would still be jumping now.
  2. My gf loves gogglebox haha, I stick with Soccer Saturday for my talking about watching something. I'm okay, working from home until September at the earliest. I keep trying to stick to a schedule.
  3. If you read Zonal Marking its pretty good at explaining obviously the different tactics of the strongest teams in that "era" of country domination but Barcelona's press is what inspired Klopp (I can't remember if it was Rijkaard's or Guardiola's but I'm sure it was Rijkaard's) but while Barcelona aggressively fought to get the ball back to control the ball again. Klopp's ideas also being inspired by Rangnick's fast transitions. Bundesliga already being heavily counter-attacking Klopp's press is counter-press basically its countering the counter attack exploiting the transition from defence to
  4. I've been reading Zonal Marking and its a fantastic book I highly recommend.
  5. Chelsea just need to fix their second half performances. Spurs miss Ericson.
  6. Yeah it pretty much signified to me that Lampard has much more sway than people thought.
  7. Courtois is a bad snake though. Thought it was hilarious he was getting shit in the press so immediately ran out and was like BALE DOESN'T SPEAK SPANISH THAT MUCH AND LIKES TO GO TO SLEEP AT 10:30/11PM to distract attention from him.
  8. I'm going to be very sad when Hazard goes to Madrid. He's a wonderful player probably the best in the prem.
  9. I was in the Kop for a game when he scored and this guy shouted so loud BIG COCK ORIGI, I am sure I mentioned it here because I nearly died laughing.
  10. Can't do anything against 13 straight wins. Right thunderbastard from Kompany though. Barca game was weird because Liverpool dominated but lost 3-0 (only one goal was flukey) it really felt like the 5-0 loss to City when Mane got sent off to me. Can see the game at Anfield finishing with a Barcelona victory on the night, team isn't scoring without Salah and Firmino as Batong said.
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