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  1. I still don't think he is a terrible player like. Confidence even more shattered though. I feel pretty great
  2. Hilariously terrible from Arsenal. Ospina has to save that 3rd goal. Such a simple save.
  3. Thanks mate. My hatred towards Liverpool has mostly kept me away, I don't want to upset you
  4. Mane has been great since I slated him so... Elia will flop in the league. Trouble maker. Shit.
  5. Thing is we had a strong team out. Players just looked like they couldn't give a fuck though.
  6. Lovren's demise is spectacular. There were certainly cracks in his performances for us. Those cracks have turned into full blown chasms in Brendan's system.
  7. Not looking good mate. Don't have any midfielders after Arsenal kicked us off the park/
  8. Spurs tried so hard to make it a great day. Gaston had to go and fuck it up like always.
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