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  1. I managed to get the magically screen crack on my Xperia when i was busy beering it up celebrating big vic's winner when i was in Swansea Going to bbc watchdog they asses.
  2. Tadic running the show. Clyne with a #Banger. Schneiderlin showing what Arsenal are missing. What a time to be alive.
  3. Sounds like the perfect Gaston replacement! Nothing to say he won't improve with us obviously, in fact i'd say we're probably banking on it.
  4. 10m mate. He looks sick on Youtube, leave it. You paid 16m for fucking Welbz. I'm happy with our window. Replaced like for like and strong in some areas. Bring on the league cup.
  5. IZZY U ALRITE M8 -60? Why am I the only one with my real name . Yesterdays football 1) Lol United, LGV 2) Arsenal lucky, Alexis was poor 3) Fucking Spurs wanted to lol at Poch so bad. Todays football 1) Fuck you Liverpool cunts. 2) We have Yoshida at the back
  6. 1. Chelsea 2. Manchester City 3. Arsenal 4. Manchester United 5. Liverpool 6. Tottenham 7. Saints init
  7. In fairness they even changed it on the big screen, that takes commitment.
  8. Good luck mate. I've put on some fat over the last year or so since i stopped working out. My eating habbits are so bad at the moment.
  9. Text her telling her to listen to I'VE BEEN WAITING FOOOOORRRR A GIRL LIKE YOU TOO COME INTO MY LIIIIIIFFFEEE It's not too subtle.
  10. No doubt. Will be a building season for sure. Then kick on from there I guess. Players like Lovren etc... were obviously sold some cock and bull story from Cortese about breaking into the top 4. Which is impossible. The younger players leaving is disappointing. These are kids that have been at the club since they were 8 and they jump ship first chance? God football is a fucking misery init.
  11. Chambers is good business for us. We seem happy to let anyone go who wants to leave. I'm fine with that.
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