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  1. Hernandez/Gronkowski could end up being big parts of our offense for this game too. Haven't seen the tackle but having seen Wilshere try and tackle before im not shocked.
  2. I'm kind of expecting a repeat of last years play off game
  3. Word. Also. Lolchester Lolited. Chamakh is a bitch.
  4. Ok. I'll do this too. Real Name: Kane. Favorite current games or fav games this gen so far: Uncharted 2, MLB The Show Series Systems you own: Xbox 360, PS3, DS, PC (ish). I love Southampton FC (Who), New England Patriots (F the haters), New York Mets (Urgh) and obviously video games and ish too.
  5. I picked up Fallout 3:GOTY last week, managed to get about 16 hours out of it so far, think i'll hold of on New Vegas 'till i finished FO3 (2014 seems likely).
  6. Finished work, can't sleep have to be up in 5 hours fml. :
  7. Got offered a ticket to arse-bham tomorrow . My selfish sister is getting married though. Phone skin is cool btw
  8. DO IT! Where are you going. I have work tonight .
  9. War has changed. Woah woah, where is my biden. I WAS PROMISED BIDEN.
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