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  1. Don't really think they are picking on Arsenal. They were 2 of the outstanding and shocking games of the season and they both happened on BT Sport. They could do one with our Draw at Sunderland but wouldn't have the same effect. Also saw a post on GAF from jamessinclair still beating his South American football drum, the cretin.
  2. Lallana is a massive cunt and i hope Wanyama smashes him in the first min at Afield. If he starts that is...
  3. Oh mate no doubt. I hope they both break their legs opening day. That's standard.
  4. Lallana is quality and a much better signing than Shaw.
  5. I'm sure he didn't actually bite him. Must be the British press singling him out.
  6. Suarez clearly a victim of the mean british press. It's not like a bit someone on the pitch and called someone a racial slur. Brilliant.
  7. So are lots of players. You don't have to steal my hero.
  8. Would be very happy for Lambo if he moved to Liverpool. But would also cry inconsolably into my pillow.
  9. Can't believe how much he has kicked on this season. Bale esque.
  10. Congrats had. Happy for Wenger. Legend in the game.
  11. Arsenal trying to throw it away. THEY DON'T WANT TO WIN
  12. Glad it was Ramsey. Only player that looked like he fancied it today.
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