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  1. Good luck mate, I think Saints in the FA Cup final is one of the few things i would subject myself to Wembley for.
  2. WHy you gotta be like that bro? Suarez to Madrid, Sterling to Prison, Brendon to Middle manage an accountancy firm.
  3. I gave up after about 5 weeks. Still not last Supah, I know you address (Well i did) so i will come and shank you up if you lot sign Lallana.
  4. Great atmosphere tonight. Slight contrast to last nights game.
  5. Caught 2nd half of Saints game. Shaw, Lallana, JRod, Lambert. Get them on the plane.
  6. I like him. He won't really be involed with the football so his lack of background in it doesn't really bother me. Neither did Cortese and he did alright.
  7. Lol my mate was at the Milan game tonight. The prick
  8. Turns out I can get 22 of March off. Fellas talk to me.
  9. But you left it too long! Its already been double booked by others I'll see what i can do though!
  10. I really want to come but i can't book it off work
  11. Feel sorry for anyone who has to play us until the end of the season. ENGLISH LIONHEART FC.
  12. 1 of those was against England though. So you may as well discount that one.
  13. pls. He is better than Oscar and Azard combined.
  14. Das my captain. Good game to watch. Feel like we should have won though. Still happy with the point considering missing Lovren and having to start a lanky 18 year old Scot up front.
  15. Speaking of board games i was invited to a game of Ticket to ride with the creator himself as he is a friend of a friend.
  16. Cortese is/was the greatest Chairman in the world. He won't work at Milan with gold tie/ Berlacunt. It's all bad news boys. But i'll live, no one bigger than the club and all that. Disappointed though obviously.
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