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  1. I've binned off many "friends" in the last few months. Feels good man.
  2. For me, Waymana's a bargin. Ossie? Well the jury is still out.
  3. Do it mate. I'd love to live in different country. Where abouts you thinking of going? Madrid?
  4. Shame to only get a point against a poor mid table team.
  5. Following an MLS team seems cool, access to players seems quite high from your stories I've seen. Reminds me when Saints weren't in the prem. I mean, i still see a few players out and about town but I'll never see Jos Hooivled outside a night club at 4am with a kebab again.
  6. Never seen so many skinheads, stone island coats and neck tattoos in my life. Happy Birthday Curt. I'm 24 tomorrow!
  7. England fans really are fucking dredges of society. Never go to an England game.
  8. Me too! http://www.itv.com/news/meridian/story/2013-09-22/southamptonpowercut/
  9. Another example of playing well against better teams. If only we could figure out how to play the shit in the league we'd have it cracked.
  10. Evening boys. Seen some extended highlights. Decent away performance from us (Almost perfect?) 2 goals conceded from 5 games. Lovren big part of that and chipping in with the goal today, Boruc rolling back the years. Impressed with both full backs as ever, especially as they were the only 2 on the pitch. Need more goals though. Not 100% Lambert & Osvaldo works but need more time to judge.
  11. I should be in Liverpool right now. Fucking work.
  12. Yes lots of Eastern European's and polish specifically in Southampton. Personally if lots of beautiful woman and polish delicatessen's keep popping up I'm happy. Also have sizable South and East asian communities, which is great for dinner time.
  13. Nope. Although i am taking a Polish girl out at the weekend. #Multiculturallover
  14. Made out with a Slovakian girl Saturday. The Orange would be so proud.
  15. Not sure we should be playing Wanyama & Schneiderlin at home against shit teams. We always struggle against teams who sit back play for the point.
  16. I work all the time Getting a night of the doors not a problem. But work weekends on day job too
  17. Do it in the New year? No holiday left this year . THink we should take in abit of Neutral football. Orient? Then get smashed.
  18. Show on Channel 4 called Bouncers. Not watched it but means im guarantied to get grief from some bellend tomorrow night.
  19. Seriously. Someone must have it. Also United crack me up.
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