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  1. I was at the time, really disappointed. But Raiola's and Donnarumma's antics have made me indifferent to whether or not he stays. That's one of the most ugly and ill sitting suits I've ever seen. Why the hell do they have a third place game in the CC? At least I can see if André Silva is any good.
  2. Hi guys! Long time no see. Have you been following the two great sagas these past week: Ronaldo and Donnarumma?
  3. Preach! I hate that they got friendlies after the qualification games which makes the wait for proper football even worse.
  4. Yes indeed and considering the games this weekend it's as if the football gods understand our struggle.
  5. I never understood that reasoning. The team is shit, it has been shit for a long time and people still talk about how shit they are despite Mourinho's shitty antics. The pressure is still there on the team and now they have to play Man City in the cup.
  6. Yes indeed he is. But he has been that for a long time, what's enjoyable for me to see is how much worse as a coach he is ever since he joined Real Madrid.
  7. Exactly, it was 4 years ago since we last managed to do that. Milan has had 7 consecutive losses against Juve, so it feels awesome to stop that shitty record. A 18 year old scored and a 17 year old keeper saved us. That's so great.
  8. The PL is quite exciting this season. Now to the day's highlight: MILAN-juventus!
  9. Hmm I'm surprised that the numbers are lower. This season has been pretty entertaining and even so far. What was h0pper's nickname on Steam? Will remove him as well. Thoughts about tonight?
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