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  1. Mother Earth did everything she could to stop people from having to witness this day. It's just rotten luck for all of us that are still here.
  2. Jose Mourinho will get Manchester United relegated and Footballthread will be ghost town.
  3. Chelsea's strikers are decent. Giroud is not as bad as he looks. Morata just needs to get out of a funk. What they need to focus on is keeping Rob Green away from the starting XI.
  4. Classic Mourinho squad-building of replacing your young talented players with older, slightly less talented players that he is yet to bully.
  5. This is the kind of uplifting, romantic story that only the world of elite-level football can provide.
  6. Lol España. How did they not win though? They passed the ball sideways so many times
  7. He'll be immortalised like all the other great european cup winning coaches at Real Madrid that we always hear so much about.
  8. Not like Arsenal to mess it up like that. The players must really be upset about Wenger leaving.
  9. Senility and collecting unique items of something seems like a suboptimal combination.
  10. Why is Mourinho upset by the WBA-loss when it means he got the screw City out of having a title celebration?
  11. I don’t understand football. Real Madrid are so bad but they keep winning the Champions League.
  12. PEP's city had a good run. They should still have enough to secure the title.
  13. Those possession stats were part of the plan as Mourinho figured out Klopp's Kryptonite: having the ball. Liverpool were impotent.
  14. At first it might seem puzzling why the official club twitter account would make a comment on tactics for the first time. As an expert MUFC kremlinologist, allow me to explain. Mourinho has set everything up so that his team will lose playing with the system that everyone has been telling him is the obvious solution to his problems. He will then be able to make petty I-told-you-so remarks after the game.
  15. It's tradition to give Jose Mourinho a new contract just before you sack him
  16. So what you're saying is, all United need is for an Icelandic volcano to erupt and make the City bus ride ~12 hours? That 2010 CL semi aside, has Mourinho actually got the better of Pep? One Copa del Rey final?
  17. I always knew Moyes was a coaching genius. 1-0 up at halftime against the legendary all-conquering Pep City side. He'll be talking about this for years.
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