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  1. Hi Kelley! Everything good? Hi as well to you rossonero. Everything good? Where in Sweden did you live now again? I've moved a bit south now, probably a bit close to you and the danish now. Apparently Klopp really really like Mignolet according to reports. Some newspapers saying Chelsea are after Pato, they've been trying to get rid of Remy as well apparently. But I haven't followed the whole Pato deal too close.
  2. I am I don't write on any forums anymore but I read some here every now and then. How's everything, still in Denmark?
  3. The thing is that he's so frustratnegly stubborn to play 2 strikers and 2 man midfield with Yaya there. As Yaya is a lazy piece of crap this season, even more than he used to be, it just doesn't work, City can't get hold of the ball when losing it and everyone has to run back (except Yaya who walks). Dzeko and Aguero walk up top and Fernando is more or less alone in midfield to try and reclaim the ball, Silva tries his best but he's not a defense master mind. Navas or Milner do their best. But it's Fernando alone in the middle area, I really hate Yaya. I think he has reverted to a 4-2-3-1 from 4-4-2 in 5 of the last 6 matches after ~60 minutes, subbing out Dzeko. But still he refuse to start with it and every match start the same, with the other team owning the midfield. It started to look like the other teams got the hang of it last spring, now they've completely run his tactics down (by flooding City's midfield) and everyone is now waiting for a plan B. Which he refuses to try I guess.
  4. He's in China now, apparently making €2m a year and up for a raise: http://www.expressen.se/sport/fotboll/sven-goran-eriksson-pa-vag-mot-ny-klubb/ When you look back, I gotta wonder where City would be now if they just didn't fire Sven and hired Hughes. Sven could've made at least as good job and he was used to working with big-money signings and pressure after Lazio. Though Hughes took City to CL, it seemed like no foreigners ever understood him or his persona.
  5. Mancini was overly defensively minded, Pellegrini is insanely offensively minded. Someone who isn't as extreme would be welcome. But Txiki/Ferran talk about how City needs a playing style, same every match, beautiful football. Pellegrini however is taking it to the extreme and refuse to do any changes, puts out the same tactics against Bayern as against QPR or Leicester.
  6. Naive Pellegrini. Yesterday was tense, sucks that you got banned. The GAF football thread is out of control and they seem to monitor it more these days.
  7. I haven't been to forums or gaming all spring long, had to move and be working on my master thesis. Back home now though and thesis is rolling on, so I've picked up things again. Finished an important chapter yesterday so I bought Far Cry 3 as a reward, seems like a great game so far. :not bad: Pissing on the employees of MCFC that clean his boots everyday, cook his food.
  8. Speaking of Manchester and America, apparently City had that 12 year old American Chivas wonderkid on trial. John 'Xuxuh' Hilton. Got Brazilian blood in him too. Is he a name in America, á la Freddy? Been at Barca too. The new City academy is waiting for him:
  9. Read some of the reviews of the book Hadareud mentioned, notably: "In swift and sly prose, Hitchens relates his personal observations of Mother Teresa's clinics in Calcutta. He tells one story of a nursery full of starving, sick babies crying in insufficient cribs, which M. Teresa describes as the way "we fight abortion." He writes of men dying of AIDS, denied pain medicine, because according to M. Teresa, their suffering will assure them of ultimate salvation. Paitients too weak to object are baptized in their final hours." (While the donated money sits on the bank)
  10. Pellegrini decided that the game was won in the 75th minute and put Javi Garcia, Milner and Rodwell on together with already playing Dzeko. It was basically playing with 8 men or so. He admitted the mistake after the match, hopefully he'll keep learning. Seems a bit like he was criminally underestimating the bottom-teams when he arrived and still do to some degree. A bit late, but congratulations! There's people named Bodil below age 70? .... I can't really say anything, as badass my first name seems to be in English according to some, it really is a really old mans name in Scandinavian. edit My grandfathers unbeaten name: Ragnar.
  11. Many reviews claim the menus are horrible on that model (painfully slow), and from what I've seen it hasn't gotten much praise for the picture quality (except for the fact that it supports 4k). Some complained about clouding. You seen it IRL? How was it? I saw an early prototype of Toshiba's 4K models at an expo, back then they were way behind the others like LG. Anyway, except for the price, it doesn't seem to have much going for it. Considering how far 4K content is, you could spend the same money on a very good 1080p model that will give much more enjoyment in the upcoming years, but I think I said that last time. Or have you planned to play some PC games in 4k? Have never seen that IRL but I bet it's glorious.
  12. Where you serious before when you talked about getting a current-gen Toshiba 4k screen a few days ago? Why Toshiba of all brands? Price?
  13. Apparently you can enable Force Mobile site version view when snapped in the settings, smart decision from the devs.
  14. Can't wait to join you, as soon as us lesser tiers can Apparently Swedes can't speak English and have to wait. They managed to insult the whole country while also lying about the reasons. In Microsoft's mind:
  15. Tuuuurn10!!!! Every photo of these cars will look ridiculous now. Apparently 5-year-olds drive Formula cars. Surely the costs of losing out ad revenue gotta be larger than investing in even more powerful servers? Guess they can't keep up with the growth...
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