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  1. Happy Birthday Batong! Great start to your Birthday with Liverpool beating Chelsea at Stamford Bridge Oh, and even though Klopp is the saviour of Liverpool Football Club and with myself being a Man Utd fan, I'm finding it incredibly difficult not to like the bloke.
  2. All signed up for the predictions league, cheers for posting all the info up, Had. If you haven't already, then would be grand to see some more sign-ups!! DO IT!!
  3. So the Predictions League comes down to the final round between Had and myself. I've yet to win over over the past 3-4 seasons, but hoping I can scrape over the line to be the victor! Apologies for my lack of presence over the past couple of months, life's just been extremely busy of recent once again. Hope you're all well ...oh, and also, I want Newcastle to get relegated today, even if it means Hull beating Man Utd.
  4. Happy New Year all. Quick question - Would any of you guys ever find it difficult to date a girl who has the same name as one of your sisters? I've yet to make my mind up on the issue, but going out for a second date with this girl today, ice skating at Somerset House (or rather falling over for an hr and getting hurt in a hilarious fashion). May as well start my year here with a slightly amusing odd question post!
  5. Congratulations, Frank. Hope you and your future Mrs have a fantastic day. And Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. My Christmas Eve drinking plans fell through, as people started bailing earlier this afternoon on the planned evening out. So I'm currently necking back Jim Beam on my lonesome in my apartment, as can't handle sitting round my parents house casually watching TV and doing not a lot else. Meh!
  6. Some lovely results today! :not bad: Apologies for my massive absence once again of recent, a weekend in Manchester, moving to new apartment, and work xmas party last weekend (which ended up taking most of the weekend to recover) all taking up my weekends. And Happy Birthday also Had.
  7. Ha. Got my keys for my new apartment yesterday morning, so I've been particularly busy all weekend. Only just managed to catch the second half of the Arsenal v Utd game, which was worth it. Been a good weekend for us so far, and the icing on the cake would be Spurs slipping up at Hull in a few hrs.
  8. Spurs grab a goal back with Chadli scoring, was a peach of a volley. Stoke threw away a two goal lead against West Ham last week, they may just end up doing the same here.
  9. Got my new phone delivered on Friday, upgraded from an iPhone 4s to an iPhone 6. Not a fan of the curved corner design and how light weight the thing is, feels like it could fall out of your hands at any minute, so maybe a case is needed. The size of the phone along with that makes it extremely difficult to use with one hand, always having trouble reaching across the screen with my thumb to hit a back button that tends to be located in the top left corner. I'm sure it'll grow on me over time though. It does make me think that the iPhone 4 and 4s shell design really was brilliant.
  10. Been watching the Spurs game also, and they even have a worse defense than Utd....only just mind, but I can't help but be pleased about that. Felt like Stoke could get a result there today, and put them down for a 1-2 away win in the Predictions League. They should be able to hold on.
  11. You've started well so far, and there's a part of me that hopes I have to eat my words on that team selection. I guess this is a test then for those involved tonight to stake a claim and their futures going by your post.
  12. It's laughable, that's what. Taken five years or so to get back into the Champions League, go to Real Madrid and he holds up a white flag before the game even kicks off. I'm surprised...this is Liverpool football club after all. I'm shocked that you aren't even venting any anger either.
  13. Brendan Rodgers. Truthfully though, the writing is on the wall for this clown at the moment. And I actually feel sorry for Liverpool fans, especially those who made the trip out to Spain for the match.
  14. Heh, damn.....nice work. And this wasn't even you Batong? Apologies for darting off last night in a mad rush. At one stage it was 10pm, then checked the time on what felt like half hr later and I was at risk of missing my train home. Living outside London sucks in that respect. Was great meeting up once again with you guys along with meeting Kelley also for the first time....the food and drinks weren't bad either!
  15. This is a horror show at present. Pretty funny how the score is still 0-0. Expect City to win it comfortably in the end though, by a few goals now. Pure stupidity from Smalling for both yellows.
  16. I can't really get involved until late afternoon-early evening, but I'll be there. Batong, although you're most likely out on the birthday-lash right now (hope you're not throwing up somewhere already), could you send over your planned time for Jet Lag Bar. Going on Had's arrival time, I'll most likely aim for around 6ish or so.
  17. Great call, I thought that place was a blast last time, and the Bayern v Dortmund game kicks off at 17:30 along with that. Any idea of a time estimate? Guessing people will be grabbing something to eat there also.
  18. Happy Birthday, Batong! Tempted to venture up London tomorrow to meet yourself, Had and Kelley for some drinks....umm'n and ahh'n on it currently. What time are you guys planning on meeting up and what area of London?
  19. There is indeed a distinct possibility that this could happen. Are Batong and Had due to meet up with you Kelley? I have a friends birthday drinks on that weekend up London (the Sunday), but I'm sure I can make another trip up there if it's the Saturday. Tempted to book the Monday off work now on that weekend to recharge some potentially drained batteries. And great stuff, Cappa, especially on the job front. With regards to the girl though, considering she's got a little'n with her other-half, I'd just try and remain friends and take out the sexual element if at all possible (though that
  20. Just caught up with the last ten pages or so - mind, most of it was just laughing at Man Utd, while the rest was Cappa trying to possibly tap some ex of his. I did quite enjoy reading through it all though. Hope the career stuff in Spain starts to pan out for you Cappa. As for me, my absence is is in part to being away in Italy for a holiday (the Rome area to be exact), and also viewing apartment shares (my last life issue which I discussed here). So yes, I took that option in the end. Currently waiting for my potential housemate to get back to me tomorrow, and hopefully she'll then
  21. Di Maria with a hat-trick of assists and a goal against Germany. :not bad:
  22. Really pleased with how we've nabbed Falcao from Real Madrid, and also took arguably one of their most important players throughout last season while they make a downgrade with Rodriguez for that position. Great transfer window, and long overdue. Sucks big-time that there's an international break now though.
  23. Seeing quite a few comments that Welbeck has signed for Arsenal in the last 5-10 minutes. No idea if it's a perm or loan deal though. Cleverley being a little shit and not lowering his wage demands, so Everton currently aren't biting. Will go all the way to the deadline that one.
  24. That's not really a fair opinion though. We built our club up through the years and then even more so into the millennia, it's not like the money just one day turned up - ie, oil money. Reason why I can't really fault clubs like Arsenal and Liverpool in that regard, because they've done the same over the years. Can't say the same for either City or Chelsea though.
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