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  1. I'm the Microsoft Band 2 of posters. More fully featured than anyone else even 2 years down the line, but fragile and ultimately forgotten.
  2. I doubt it makes much of a difference. I suspect most of the people that made the place bearable are gone for good. And most of them also won't show up on any of the replacement forums.
  3. I'll miss the Windows Phone thread on GAF. It was made up of good people, much like the Football Thread was all those years ago. I haven't even been reading the gaming forum for years, really. It was far too fast moving for me and let's be honest, most people were cunts. Still, it was a good place to get tech news and some very decent info in general.
  4. I'll help you out, Frank: We're fucked and soon we're completely fucked. If we survive it, we might be slightly less fucked after that for a while.
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