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  1. Pep is shook. He is questioning his style. Liverpool will win it. They should focus on getting the golden trophy.
  2. What a goal by Messi against Atlético. It is insane that such a legend is surrounded by players of the quality of Junior Firpo, the guy was an open road, and almost scored two own goals. Simeone needs to go. He is always tiring his players by forcing them to make such an effort. His idea of high pressure is flawed. The last 15 minutes Barcelona knew they were going for the dagger in a counter.
  3. Today’s comfortable victory over City, corroborates that Liverpool are the strongest team in Europe and the ones to beat in the UCL. I think that Klopp’s high pressure/high work rate game has evolved as the perfect counter to the high possession idea of the perfect game that Barcelona and Pep showcase. The high pressure is revolutionizing the game; you see it now everywhere including La Liga teams that in prior years never gave Barcelona any trouble. Fuck, it is the most common strategy in FIFA among anybody with a clue, and as sick as I am of it, I can’t deny how effective it is.
  4. Seeing Barcelona play makes me miserable lately. Messi is out of form, and nobody else is at the level they need to be. It seems like the césped was shit today, but that’s not a excuse. We got fucked by a second division team.
  5. I liked what I saw from Barcelona during the Joan Gamper trophy vs Arsenal. I am optimistic about this season. I am also playing a lot of FIFA 19 UT nowadays. Life is chill lately.
  6. So happy to see my country in a final. I never thought I would see that during my life. Also, the way it happened, defeating Chile, who were so arrogant during the past decade. I think we can ruin Brazil’s party this time. I am confident it won’t be the same kind of match it was during the group stage. I have historically despised Brazil’s national team, and the opportunity to ruin their party is a dream come true.
  7. The team just did not change from the one that lost in Roma. Dembele and Coutinho were investments that did not bring anything for us this season, and Arthur is still too green to handle the responsibility during these matches. It's too early to make an analysis regarding Valverde. Anyway, congratulations guys. Liverpool is a cool team, and I have never met a Liverpool fan who is a true cunt (unlike Arsenal, Man U, and Chelsea), so good to see them in the final.
  8. Congratulations, I haven't seen the match, but I am not that surprised; the warnings were all there.
  9. Without Salah and Firminho, I feel it is a massive advantage for us, but don't discount Mane/Shakiri. Regardless, Ajax is still the favorite for winning it all. That is a real team. We are still overly dependent on Messi and Ter Stegen magic.
  10. Weird match. Messi and Ter Stegen made the difference for us. Also, you could argue that Valverde had an amazing strategy giving Liverpool the ball, but perhaps we just lost it and had to make the most out of the counter. It is very clear that Liverpool can score 3 goals or more in Anfield, so we'll see how it goes.
  11. I have stopped giving a shit about how much a club spends tbh. The biggest part of being a winning club is managing well the financial aspect. As long as financial fair rules are abided by, there is no problem.
  12. Klopp doesn't buy FUT coins in the black market, but he does buy FUT player packs.
  13. Madrid's version of Tiki-Taka, with the almighty Isco at the head. ROFL. What a sad Spain was that one.
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