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  1. I must say, Chelsea are quite the party pooper for the chasing teams of the league! Kudos for that.
  2. How's my favourite footy people doing, how's everyone's mood in these special circumstances (where a lot of us are still stuck at home or barely going out)? It's definitely taking a toll mentally but I'm trying to stay positive.
  3. Cheers mate And Supah, time to change your ava. How can you dislike this guy.
  4. Wow, to turn that around without Salah and Firmino. Supah, Origi clearly has a bigger cock than Ngog now? And Godhand, another poor away performance (what else can I say). You clearly must change this Valverde dude??
  5. Not without Salah and Firmino we aint. Had to be the cunt Kompany putting the final dagger in the coffin as well. Oh well, maybe I should go for another sport, we seem to be the almost team nowadays and not even good at sucking (ie Supah's avatar)
  6. Our best ever league season in terms of points and we'll probably all likely finish second lmao. Hello btw.
  7. His remark about not spending that big on one player has come back to bite him in the arse twice in a year. Oh well. Still feel like we're an injury away on that front forward line to mount a full title challenge, but we should definitely be up there. Carling cup win it is (or whatever it is called now)
  8. Even lightning strikes twice at times, Izzy Good luck in the final mate.
  9. Ingerland in the quarters. Not bad. They are being cocky again, usually a good sign of hubris on their part.
  10. Don't worry, Liverpool Roma to the rescue. But once again, we will be standing together watching RM in a CL final. I hope to be a better omen this time around..
  11. Still have my '90 world cup stickers in a box somewhere. David Platt is my England triumph card.
  12. If you didn't have Martinez as coach, Dre, I would put you up as one of the favourites at the WC
  13. What dates man? Hopefully I can support my foot then and at least walk on it so we're not stationary
  14. Can only echo what someone said about the motion control stuff, doesn't need to be there, but besides from that - sensational game. Just bought the Switch as well and I must say I like the hardware, less plastic than the POS that was WiiU. This and Zelda obviously makes the system purchase already a more worthy system but also has other games I will probably download (like Steamworld Dig 2 and Golf Story)
  15. Heh, did the same yesterday, same day shipment from Amazon (not the Mario bundle though) and had a real nerd evening with Stranger things and Mario. Great show, Great game.
  16. Now we just need Kara back. Where is he? Spoken to him recently, Godhand? Would love to get his unbiased view of what happened to GAF
  17. nba-gaf created it first, but yes that's where second generation football thread went. Neogaf is like The Borg and Football thread keep on fighting it and refuses to be assimilated.
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