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  1. So fucking close, Seattle. Break the ice, jesus.
  2. Portscum's D will be nothing for the Great Montero.
  3. Well, might be in for a long season. Thanks Nkufo, fucking twat leaving on opening day.
  4. Pretty stunned by NY's possession. The Swede has them in good form. Playing our swede on the wing is just weird though, he's CM through and through. Bring in Estrada/Montano, Sigi.
  5. You were the better squad LA. I admit to ragging on LA a lot for playing ugly fucking football, but they were all over us in this series. We played just plain terrible. Ball watching, standing over the ball trying to be fancy, long ball over the top again and again. Shut us down on the wings and you destroy our movement, and Eddie Old Man Lewis worked Nyassi like a dude half his age. Though we only lost each match by 1 goal, there's no doubt over who deserved it more. Good football LA, you're looking damn good. Now come on 'Quakes, keep playing that beautiful ball like you did against NY in the second leg, and I'll be rooting for you if you face the Empire in the final.
  6. Happy birthday batong! And my god... Buddle... what the fuck.
  7. What?! Who will avail us with instant scathing retorts from the middle of fucking nowhere? I am still morning the old site. The exodus from gaf led to a magnificent creation.
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