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  1. It's too early to talk about final, Croats are very formidable opponents, but they do lack a WC striker... Belgium - France should be quite tasty...
  2. Oh, I can't wait... Should be a feisty game, especially since Brighton are fighting relegation.
  3. Jeremy Corbyn is an Arsenal fan? I guess that's another reason to dislike that club...
  4. Spain '82 was my first, I also had Euro '84, Mexico '86, and Euro '88 was the last one. It's funny looking back how Gullit, Van Basten and the rest of that dutch team are household names now, but back then when I was collecting, they just looked funny.
  5. Shame about Wenger, I have really grown fond of him lately... Godhand, as I promised:
  6. Call me megalomaniac, but I've burnt through 5 50-pack boxes already, and I have enough duplicates to complete another album. I'm going to post 2 pages from the album tomorrow, and I think you're going to like it...
  7. Yeah, you get codes (for the app) on the stickers as well, it's on the back of team pictures and FA crests. I gave away like 40-50 different codes, but I still have some, if you want.
  8. He's just playing 4D Chess. In other news, I'm collecting Panini stickers for the first time since 1988, must be going senile, but it's good fun...
  9. The way spanish mafia dominates football you'd be excused to think they're the most powerful country in the EU... the world.
  10. Yeah, they can, although I think both Stoke and Soton are close to capitulation. Arsenal were horrible, though, the last time I have banker on them...
  11. It's quite unfortunate that we play them next, PEP will probably go all gung ho to redeem himself.
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