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  1. I quite liked Wilkins, mostly because he had always reminded me of Del Boy. But he used to be a proper player as well.
  2. I dunno, maybe I really am a sociopath, but the whole performance was really funny, I mean they made Ben Yedder look like bloody Maradona ffs...
  3. I think it's a great deal, Miki has been horrible for us (except for a stretch in EL), and just getting him off the books is good enough, but getting Sanchez as well is amazing. Gotta hand it to Raiola, apparently he proposed that swap to Arsenal, and (allegedly) he got them to increase his wages as well... Who said swap deals don't happen anymore?
  4. 40th Anniversary? But they formed in 1976... Should be a nice concert, though, IIRC they even have Slowdive on the bill. I do wonder if Tolhurst is playing... probably not.
  5. You have to feel sorry for Arsenal fans, the manager and the players have been stuck in their own ways for more than a decade, even last week (against Chelsea), had Morata been more composed, they would have lost by a considerable margin.
  6. He's definitely an Iniesta replacement, although I'm not sure he has that kind of range of passing in him. Kicking meself for not watching the Arsenal game...
  7. £50m, Liverpool tax - I'd wager he would have more a of a impact than Coutinho had during his stay. I do wonder what kinds of expectations Barca have for Coutinho, as he has always struck me as a glorified luxury player, kinda like Mata.
  8. I hear Romero wants a move, and he's comfortably better than both of your keepers.
  9. I think his mistake was he set us up (too) offensively this time, when he could have saved the likes of Martial and Rashford for the 2nd half. But without Pogba (and to an extent, Fellaini), we didn't have enough quality in midfield (or indeed, quantity) to cope anyway, so it's moot.
  10. Mourinho's biggest mistake was his team selection, he played right into Guardiola's hands. And I thought what he did (after the game) was quite undignified, so what if they were celebrating (or even rubbing it in), go in there, congratulate them, and buzz off.
  11. Some traitors left, but the nucleus is still here. So, how about that CL draw?
  12. To stand chance against teams like City, you have got to have midfielders capable of fast transition from defence to attack, and we only have Pogba (who's not playing). Not saying it's impossible, but is not very likely. I have to say one thing, though - teams are not exploiting City's weakness, namely the lack of proper midfielders and a large number of physically weak players.
  13. You have to adapt tactics to suit the team at your disposal, and Everton's squad is rubbish.
  14. Funny you should mention that, I thought it was completely unintentional, basically Ballerin made a reckless challenge and got in the way. Hopefully, the red will be rescinded, but I'm not holding my breath. In other news, Allardicci is working his magic at Everton, and for the first time in a decade, I'm looking forward to a Merseyside derby...
  15. Martinez is a prick, Fellaini still hasn't recovered from playing on that dire, bumpy pitch in Bosnia, in a meaningless game to boot.
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